Vassel Vape Pen Battery: Cartridges Review

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Vassel Vape Pen Battery: Cartridges Review

In a world where vape pens seem to fall apart after a couple months, Vessel provides us with something we can celebrate for the long haul.

A quick look through Vessel’s website reveals their intentions: they want to be the craftsmen behind elevated smoking experiences. The brand seeks to surprise you with something beyond the standards of other vape pen manufacturers that never seem to impress.

Founded in 2018, Vessel continues to ride the wave of positive reviews garnered by their initial product line-up by improving their original designs and offering a wider range of variants that cater specifically to each consumer.

Vessel’s vape pens come in a variety of styles adapted to specific use cases, but the specs and technology that make the brand special stay the same throughout all their offerings.

Made to fit 510 threaded cartridges, this line of pens has two major draws in functionality:

The combination of visuals and functions is what continues to set Vessel’s batteries apart from the competition.

With an exclusive machined metal finish, the Expedition from Vessel comes in orange/stone and black, featuring Vessel’s sleek design language, this time optimized for durability.

Owing to its anodized aluminum construction and 4.3″ length, this pen has some heft to it, which adds to the premium feel. The knurled knobs will give you a good grip on it while vaping. The magnetic USB charging port was designed for maximum convenience.

The Expedition includes Vessel’s protected cartridge drop-in design, which should fit most 510 threaded cartridges. Being powered by a 300mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core, this pen, like others made by Vessel, stands out for its battery life: from 1 to 2 weeks on a single charge.

Three LED lights will help you keep track of battery life as well as the voltage settings, and there are 4 to choose from:

This combination of design elements makes the Expedition the ideal choice for any vaper.

Vessel’s challenge with the Compass was to condense their satisfying airflow systems and outstanding battery life in a tight, compact package.

As with their other offerings, the feel of this battery cannot be described as anything other than premium: the large power button, the weight of it as it rests in your palm, and the smooth finish all add to the experience.

The device weighs around 80 grams with the cartridge installed and measures a measly 2.6″ in length with a thickness of only 0.75″, making it fit snugly in your pockets.

The Compass also features a magnetic charging port, this time with a USB-C connection. The cherry on top is the swivel mouthpiece, which allows you to adjust the cartridge to the angle you prefer.

The Compass features Vessel’s protected cartridge drop-in system, which again is made to fit most 510-threaded cartridges. For this model, Vessel jacked up the battery capacity. The 550mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core is the largest in their catalogue, allowing for around two weeks of vaping on a single charge.

You also get LED indicators to signal battery life and voltage settings. Once again, there are four voltage options to choose from:

It’s a beautiful and functional device that’s ready whenever and wherever you need it.

For the straightforward but still discerning vaper, Vessel has The Core, a baseline offering that takes their signature look and feels and puts it into a package that should suit just about anyone.

The matte finish is finely crafted and comes in your choice of seven colors:

The Core is 3.3″ long and weighs only 23 grams with a cartridge loaded. It is a superb design that fits the bill for what you would expect in a premium, entry-level vape pen. The 260mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core is incredibly reliable, ensuring you can use it whenever and wherever.

As is standard with Vessel, The Core offers 4 voltage settings ranging from 2.4V to 3.6V, 3 LED indicators to help monitor charge and voltage, and a USB-C charging port with an included cable.

Just like other Vessel batteries, operating The Core is deceptively simple. Adjust the cartridge by giving it a careful clockwise turn, boot it up, and get to puffing.

Vassel Vape Pen Battery: Cartridges Review

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