End Users Take Advantage of Special Offer on Crane Specs | 2016-09-30 | DC Velocity

End users of material handling equipment are taking advantage of a special offer on the widely acclaimed specifications of the leading authority on overhead lifting—Crane Manufacturers Association of America (CMAA). CMAA, an independent incorporated trade association affiliated with Material Handling Industry (MHI), is offering users the chance to get Specification No. 78 free of charge when placing an order for Specification Nos. 70 or 74. Given the subject matter of each document, industry is finding Spec 78, which is also available as a standalone product, a useful supplement to the other documents. Specification No. 70-2015 covers top running bridge and gantry type multiple girder electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes, while 74-2015 covers top running and under running single girder EOT cranes utilizing under running trolley hoist. Specification No. 78, meanwhile, is titled Standards and Guidelines for Professional Services Performed on Overhead and Traveling Cranes and Associated Hoisting Equipment. Pete Kerrick, vice president of engineering for CMAA, said: "All design specifications [70-74] are proving very popular with our target audiences, but we have noted that uptake has been slower for Spec 78. We wanted to take an opportunity to give Spec 78, which is an important document in its own right, more market exposure by offering it alongside the more popular specifications." Kerrick observed that the services documentation has proved less appealing than practical product guidance as a standalone offering. He added: "An important consumer of the product specs are engineering consultants, who assist their clients with specifying the right crane to buy. These consultants have little or no involvement in the inspection and service of cranes after they are installed." It is CMAA's intention that single end users continue to consume multiple specifications. Kerrick said: "As crane manufacturers and service providers, we offer our customers lifetime support of their cranes.? Our specifications help to differentiate CMAA members from non-members because our cranes meet the technical requirements of Specs 70 and / or 74 and our service personnel meet the qualifications outlined in Spec 78." CMAA also publishes Specification No. 79, a booklet of recommendations prepared by its Engineering Committee as a supplement to the original Crane Manufacturer's Operation and Maintenance Manual; and the Overhead Crane Inspection and Maintenance Checklist, which aids owners of overhead cranes when conducting periodic maintenance inspections. Spec 79 is available in the Spanish language. For more information visit

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End Users Take Advantage of Special Offer on Crane Specs | 2016-09-30  | DC Velocity