New Spreader Beams with Trunnion Ends Make Rigging Easier | Construction News | Lift and Access

Modulift, a manufacturer of spreader beams, lifting beams, and other below-the-hook equipment, has launched the product primarily to ease the attachment of slings when rigging heavy lifts.

The Trunnion Modular Spreader Beam offers myriad benefits to high-capacity lifting operations, including cutting rigging time by up to half, compared to similar applications using standard rigs below the hook. Mechanical Container Spreader

New Spreader Beams with Trunnion Ends Make Rigging Easier | Construction News | Lift and Access

A trunnion is one of a pair of projections attached to opposite sides of a structure to provide a support about which it can turn. The trunnions on the ends of the Modulift spreader allows slings to be connected directly to the spreader beam, eliminating the need for a drop link.

The trunnion spreader will initially be launched in four sizes—MOD110, MOD250, MOD400 and MOD600—covering a range of capacities from 110t to 1,000t. The shackle-less solution is in essence a standard modular spreader, using the same struts and bolting configurations, and is, thus, fully compatible with current and legacy equipment.

Sarah Spivey, managing director, Modulift, said: “The difference is apparent when looking at the end unit, the focal point of the product that will enable us to appeal to customers who are primarily concerned with ease of assembly and currently use drop link and shackle configurations.”

Spivey pointed to other features of the Trunnion Modular Spreader Beam, including improved safety, given there are no heavy shackles and drop links to maneuver; time saved due to more efficient rigging; cost efficiency over standard spreader rigs; and the Modulift hallmark of modular design.

At the capacity in which the larger trunnion spreaders will operate, removal of shackles and drop links from the design can vastly improve user safety. Shackles and drop links of that size can weigh up to 2,204 lbs. (1,000kg), meaning they are difficult to handle and incidents can occur.

The three higher capacity models are anticipated to generate the highest demand. The MOD250 reaches 440 tons (400 tonnes) capacity at 26 ft. (8m) and de-rated up to 65'7" (20m); the 400 reaches up to 660 tons (600 tonnes) at 40 ft. (12m) and de-rated up to 75'6" (23m); and the 600 can be used to 1,100 tons (1,000 tonnes) at 49 ft. (15m) and de-rated up to 85'4" (26m), per the manufacturer’s standard 600XB/1000 spreader.

The current range has been developed according to BS EN 1993-1. Further sizes can be designed on a custom basis and additions to the range may be manufactured in future if demand is sufficient.

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New Spreader Beams with Trunnion Ends Make Rigging Easier | Construction News | Lift and Access

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