Taking security seriously: Hiplock Anti-Angle Grinder ground anchor and u-lock

Security matters when you own a dirt bike. It’s a reality we wish we could live without, but the fact is bikes get stolen everywhere from events, the back of vans, trucks and trailers, workshops, garages and dealer showrooms.

On a personal level we’ve literally seen walls knocked down to steal a bike, had prized machines lifted from back of a vehicle while in a store (I was only in there for two minutes, etc…), found nothing but a front wheel left behind (still locked), had hefty chains bust like they were children’s toys, seen people kicked off their bike and ridden away, and witnessed a truck cruising the streets basically vacuuming up any easy pickings they could find. air pump for bicycle tires

Trust us, we know what it means to have you pride and joy vanish. Streets bikes, mountain bikes and off-road bikes of all types need locking down whether you live in a city or out in the sticks. And don’t talk to us about reporting it to the Police…

For all the above, we take locking our bike seriously which is why the words “anti-angle grinder” caught our eye about Hiplock and their 1000 Series security range.

Claiming to be the “world’s first anti-angle grinder anchors” Hiplock point to independent reviews hailing the DX1000 U lock 'the toughest motorcycle lock' 

The industry standard ‘Sold Secure’ Powered Cycle Diamond and with ART 4 Star ratings, this security system is a versatile one designed for motorcycles, e-bikes, and bicycles.

The 1000 Series actually caught our eye at a motorcycle show in the UK, Motorcycle Live, where people were going at them with angle grinders and proving the graphene composite technology does indeed take the grinder disc an absolute age to cut. Time and noise is a deterrent to crime.  

“Security is only as strong as the weakest link,” says Ben Smith, Hiplok’s Co-Founder, adding, “the 1000 Series allows riders to customise their security set-up, so there's no weak link.” 

The facts were impressive, which is why Enduro21 got in touch with Hiplock to test this new security system. We wanted better security for our bike(s) and felt it was long overdue we got some real world bike security tried and tested on our own bikes, fitted and rated it.

With care to choose the correct place, some faffing with photographs as ever, the process took under an hour. We used a drill, marker pen, 2 x allen keys and a rubber mallet.

Fitted to the back and one side of our workshop to be out the way, we made sure the Hiplock ground anchor was free to rotate and sit at different angles (it locks in place) but still close enough to the wall to make life as awkward as possible for anyone keen steal the bike.

Weighing up exactly where the lock would sit is important. It’s going to be there a long time so you need to get it right, plus there’s no point putting it in the way in a workshop. You also want to make sure it is in the correct position to lock to the right part of your bike.

For us, with an enduro bike, that is the front of the swingarm or mid-frame area where a lock can loop around to a really solid, hard to remove place.

Why this part of the bike? Simply because it is the hardest part to remove. As we mentioned at the top, we know only too well that a lock through a wheel, fork or swingarm ‘leg’, can mean the thieves just undo the wheel.

So we always try to use locks and chains in and around the bits which aren’t easily removed, especially in an environment where tools are readily available. The PDS or no-linkage suspension on a KTM EXC is particularly useful in this way with the readymade hole in front of the shock.

D1000 – D/U lock 

DX1000 – larger D/U lock 

AX1000 – anchor with arm 

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