Klipsch Launches Residential and Pro Surface Mount Speakers

Klipsch has completed a full re-engineering of its all-weather surface mount speakers with the all-new Residential Surface Mount and Professional Surface Mount lines. These products will replace longstanding AW/CA/CP models, adding new features for improved sound quality and durability. 

All models are now available in black or white for pre-order with shipping expected later this month. Power Supply

Klipsch Launches Residential and Pro Surface Mount Speakers

The new RSM and PSM lines deliver vastly improved sound performance and dispersion thanks, in part, to Klipsch’s new Tractrix Hyperfold Port and new compression driver innovations, plus better durability for outdoor performance now with an IPX6 rating. The PSM series offers convenient multi-tap transformers for 70-volt or 100-volt audio systems with a bypass mode that allows regular 8-ohm operation for installations that do not require a transformer.

The RSM and PSM lines also feature a sleek new look with a smaller footprint than previous generations. They are offered in black and white finishes (with paintable grilles), making these ultra-durable speakers perfectly suitable for a wide range of installations without sacrificing sound quality, indoors or out. 

“We are excited to bring the all-new RSM and PSM Surface Mount speakers to market,” said Trevor Gibson, national sales manager, CI/professional for Klipsch. “Our integrators asked for a great sounding, easy-to-install solution, and we delivered. The Hyperfold port combined with the 1” Titanium compression driver delivers impressive coverage at full bandwidth with incredible intelligibility.”

The RSM Surface Mount Series

Klipsch is all about high efficiency and low distortion. Building upon that legacy, the company is introducing the all-new patented Tractrix Hyperfold Port, which was engineered to extend port length for maximum bass power via proprietary five-step folded design. Its increased airflow eliminates chuffing and port noise while providing a greater dispersion pattern for larger coverage areas.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor residential installations, the Klipsch RSM Series is IPX6 Rated. Also, the included set screws on each grille ensure a secure fit between the speaker and grille while making sure the grilles stay on the enclosures regardless of the environment. 

Klipsch also includes an all-new 1″ Titanium-loaded floating driver bridge with a wide dispersion phase plug. Using their patented mumps technology, the RSM Series gives any space extra-wide coverage while providing even and consistent energy for your project. All RSM speakers employ dual 5-way binding posts for versatile connection.

The PSM Surface Mount Series

The Professional Surface Mount Series offers all the new features found in the Residential Surface Mounts like the Tractrix Hyperfold port, set screws on the grille, titanium compression driver, and an IPX6 rating. Klipsch also has included a multi-tap transformer and employed a phoenix connector for quick and intuitive connection.

PSM Series products include a multi-tap transformer for 70- or 100-volt installations. A bypass position also allows normal 8-ohm operation for installations that do not require a transformer.

The PSM Series are an ideal fit for commercial installations in hospitality, government, retail, universities, medical, and bar/restaurant environments — both indoors and outside.

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Klipsch Launches Residential and Pro Surface Mount Speakers

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