40 Best Gag Gifts That Are Also Cheap 2023

Inappropriate (but also kind of useful) ideas that are all on the cheaper side.

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40 Best Gag Gifts That Are Also Cheap 2023

You're here. That means you picked your hilarious cousin out of the hat, and now you're looking for the best White Elephant Gift for them. Or, one of your favorite co-workers is leaving the company, and you need a retirement keepsake that will make them laugh all the way out the door. On the flip side, you might be clicking around because you think popular Christmas presents and sweet gifts for couples are a bit lame. Regardless, welcome — here you'll find the best gag gifts out there.


Gag gifts shouldn't really cost you much, so everything here is on the cheaper side, but there are a few that go a little over $20, but that's really only for the many things that are, in addition to being funny, also very practical. (Please note how we said many, not all.)

But for the holidays, if you're looking for a great gift for a woman or are in need of a good Christmas present for your man, it's best to pair these gag gifts with something that's also very thoughtful. Unless of course you're just in need of a last-minute Secret Santa gift, then it's totally fine to go all out inappropriate (just kidding ... sorta).

The next time they want to diss their friend or partner (lovingly, of course), they can turn to this poster with burns inspired by one of literature's most influential wordsmiths. Find insults straight from Shakespeare's work like "stuffed cloak-bag of guts."

It's only natural to chuckle when you see a red tube guy waving in the wind. This mini version will bring the laughs in any home office.

The Coddies fish flip flops had a big year on social media — they might just be the most popular (and useful) gag gift we can think of. They come in seven colors, fit everyone in the family and have over 7,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. It's hard to go wrong.

This book is actually a best-seller on Amazon, the name is really the only "gag" part about it. People love the information and trivia that's inside. It covers entertainment, politics, art and so much more, so they come off as very well-read.

OK, so let's say you actually bought them something they wanted. Up the fun factor by putting it in this gift box, which displays a totally wild fact product that will throw them off.

They won't know just how much they need this gift ... until they do. Each tin comes with five pairs of disposable underpants that fit most adults.

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We get a little nauseous when we look at this, but that's probably a good thing right? They'll open the box to find the most realistic poop we've ever seen, but will be delighted with the vanilla smell.

Why would you get them a piggy bank when you can get them this extremely disturbing face bank that actually moves its mouth to "eat" your money? Exactly, you wouldn't.

If midnight bathroom runs are part of their evening routine, then light their way to the throne with this motion-activated night light. That way they can go to the bathroom in peace without turning on the bright overhead light.

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Take standard loafers to a literal level — loaf of bread ... get it? — with these pun-worthy slippers. (They're almost as fun as the fish flip flops.)

Good for kids, teenagers, your stubborn spouse — it is what it is, just an empty box filed with what they wanted: nothing.

When it came to White Elephant gifts last year, Good Housekeeping readers bought this novelty game in droves. It's completely functional to play, and you can actually drink from the glasses.

This Pictionary game isn't for the faint of heart: Once a player picks a card, they'll have to draw whatever it says — no matter how cringe-worthy it may be.

You know, spending too much time on the toilet isn't good at all, so you're actually doing them a favor here by gifting them this best-selling gadget.

Parents will appreciate this one: When kids start whining, they can pull out this three-inch violin and start playing to offer their deepest sympathies. It'll drive the kids up the wall.

Whether they're back at the office or still WFH, your best work friend will find solace in these "inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards." They'll encourage them to think beyond their cubicle (or bedroom-turned-office) while still giving a good laugh.

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This fanny pack changes the definition of beer belly, because a can of beer can literally fit inside of it. The hair looks so real, it's scary.

It'll be hilarious how made they get while trying to solve the puzzle to get to their favorite bottle of wine. But don't worry, there is a way to get to it, so in the end, they'll be happy.

If they've been a little naughty this year, teach 'em a lesson. Instead of finding coal in the morning, they'll get this giant piece of bread, which is actually a very comfy pillow, which they will love once you give 'em their real present.

Chafing is real, so while you'll get a couple of laughs thanks to the name, he can actually use to it to get relief from sweat, itchiness and whatever else is happening down there.

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40 Best Gag Gifts That Are Also Cheap 2023

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