15 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors of 2024, Tested by Experts

These vanity mirrors with lights will help you put your best face forward.

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15 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors  of 2024, Tested by Experts

A makeup mirror with lights can illuminate those stray brow hairs to nab with tweezers and ensure no stitch of foundation is left unblended. Helping you zero in on small details, a vanity with proper lighting allows you to see the colors of your makeup more accurately, says celebrity makeup artist Allison Kaye. “The main importance of a lighted makeup mirror would be for color matching purposes,” she says.

Mirrors on the market today offer a wide range of lighting features, and it can be tough to know what's worth your money. To help you make the best choice, we compiled a list of the best lighted makeup mirrors, which includes picks tested by our Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab experts as well as recommendations from professional makeup artists.

In our search, the GH Institute Beauty Lab vetted a total of 17 vanity mirrors with a range of features and price points. We first evaluated their construction quality and durability in the Lab, and 12 mirrors moved on to be tested by consumer testers at the Institute. Each tester applied makeup in the mirrors while paying special attention to their lighting features. Testers then responded to a survey, rating their satisfaction with different aspects of the mirrors on a five-point scale. After tallying up the data points, we narrowed it down to our top recommendations.

Find out more about the top lighted cosmetic mirrors, and hear from makeup artists about what to look for in a vanity mirror at the end of this guide. Want to peruse more of our top-tested beauty tools? Check out our roundups of the best hairdryer brushes, the best makeup sponges and the best red light therapy devices.

Rising to the top of the list, this mirror earned high marks for its elegant appearance, perfect size and easy-to-use lighting controls. The Vera’s polished metal construction impressed testers who complimented its sleek, chic design as "something I wouldn’t mind having displayed in my home.” Its rechargeable power source means it can be moved across your vanity cord-free.

Our testers appreciated this mirror’s long oval shape, noting that it’s “great for seeing your whole face when applying makeup.” For trying out your makeup in different lighting, the mirror features LED lighting in three color temperatures — a cool daylight, a neutral white and a warmer soft white — which are switched by touch controls on the mirror’s surface.

Best of all, the Vera’s lighting boasts a CRI (color rendering index) of 95 out of 100. Translation: It allows you to see the colors of your makeup accurately. No more mismatched foundation!

At an excellent value of under $60, the Conair Unbound Rechargeable mirror features a cordless and clean design, sturdy construction and great lighting options.

One tester raved that it’s “the perfect size to keep on my dresser at home — it’s not too large or too small, and I’m able to see all parts of my face clearly.” This mirror’s lights had testers in awe with its three color temperatures: cool, neutral and warm, plus three brightness settings each. "I love the light surrounding the mirror! It’s vibrant, and the controls are so easy to use,” praised one tester.

Not to mention, this Conair model also comes with a 10x magnifying mini mirror that clicks magnetically to the center to help you with close-up tasks like tweezing eyebrows.

No more hunching over to do your makeup. Heavy and sturdy, the Ilios ring light mirror is much bigger and taller (21 inches, to be precise!) than other makeup mirrors on this list, a fact our GH beauty experts appreciate.

We found that the mirror swivels around easily from 1x to 5x magnifying, and the soft, diffused light doesn’t feel harsh on the eyes. One added bonus: Its built-in phone holder works great in combination with the ring light for filming videos or video conferencing. The only con worth noting is that the mirror and phone holder can't be used at the same time. That means removing the mirror first — one GH tester found that putting the mirror back in could be a tad tricky.

Dressing rooms where stars put on their show-worthy makeup looks are known for having large mirrors bordered with bright, round lightbulbs. This Hollywood-esque mirror from Conair lets you bring home some of that showbiz glamour.

Our testers admired its simple but chic design reminiscent of a classic vanity mirror. This generously sized mirror offers a longer view of yourself, so you can comfortably see your makeup, hair and top at the same time. It also has a small storage tray at the base for keeping bobby pins and other small items nearby. The LED lights can be switched between three brightness settings and warm, neutral and cool tones. Some testers noted that the plastic construction of this mirror felt a bit light.

In one sleek design, this mid-sized mirror features edge-to-edge glass with bordering built-in LED lights. "I love that it’s a daylight bulb and a white light, so the color is super accurate for color matching," says professional makeup artist Emily Dimant.

The 5x magnifying mirror and the included phone holder use magnets for quick attachment and removal. Want to capture yourself basked in the mirror's lights? It comes with a wireless remote to both adjust lighting and snap photos on your phone via Bluetooth. Thanks to its slim yet durable design, Dimant appreciates it for both home and travel and the brand's customer service.

If you’re looking for a classic, round makeup mirror for your bathroom counter, consider this timeless pick from Jerdon. Our panelists rated this mirror the sturdiest among those we tested.

It conveniently swivels between a 1x view and a magnified 8x view, which one tester noted is "ideal for switching from applying makeup to plucking eyebrows." Three lighting modes can be chosen by turning the knob at the base, though our testers felt it could be difficult to turn for those with limited dexterity. This corded mirror is available in nickel, chrome, bronze and black finishes to suit any décor.

Built to fold in half, this compact makeup mirror is primed to fit in your carry-on, purse or tote bag when traveling. "The DeWeisn Folding Lighted Makeup Mirror checks all the boxes for me," says LA-based celebrity makeup artist Elizabeth Seropian. "This mirror can be used for glam, your skincare routine and to glam your hair!"

Simply tap the touch sensor to switch between dim to bright LEDs. With a rechargeable USB, the mirror can be charged on-the-go if you have a laptop or portable charger handy. Keep in mind that the vanity mirror has no magnification if that's a key item on your list.

With its sleek, minimal design and high-tech lighting features, the Round Sensor Mirror from SimpleHuman will fit in in any modern home. Testers were impressed by the very detailed view this 8x magnifying mirror offered, saying, “I could really see everything, it truly allowed for precise application of makeup on my face.”

This rechargeable mirror’s LED lights claim a high CRI of 95 to help you see colors accurately and offer one cool and one warm hue. It also has a telescoping stand to adjust the mirror's height. A motion sensor at the top of the mirror automatically turns on the light as you approach. While testers liked that the lights could be set to “super bright,” they found the touch control along the edge of the mirror to be finicky.

When traveling, this Amazon makeup mirror ensures you don't have to sacrifice your makeup quality for convenience. The portable lighted vanity comes nestled in a makeup case with organizing compartments.

Plus, the mirror is detachable but can also be protected by its divider to prevent it from getting scratched when jostled. Celebrity makeup artist Sebastien Tardif and co-founder of Veil Cosmetics loves it for traveling and enjoys its "convenience of makeup portability and the practical aspect of being able to apply makeup within the same mirror/case." He adds that it comes in three different essential color settings: cool, natural and warm.

“For the ultimate precision in creating your makeup look, grab a magnified mirror!” Kaye advises. Our testers thought this 5x mirror from Jerdon felt perfectly zoomed in, saying, “the magnification of the mirror is just right so I can see my whole face, which is typically not the case with other magnifying mirrors.”

Our testers also loved that this mirror allowed them to apply makeup without glasses, saying it’s “especially helpful when applying brow and eye makeup.” This mirror’s lighting can be cycled gradually from cool to warm tones but features only one brightness. The mirror's base features an extra AC outlet for plugging in another device. Our testers also noted that this mirror was just big enough to see one's face and some wish it had a wider view.

Complete with powerful lighting, a sturdy phone holder and a Bluetooth selfie function, the Riki Skinny is the ultimate mirror for content creators. Our testers noted that the highest of the mirror’s five brightness levels was incredibly bright — strong enough to take the place of a ring light for filming (though some testers found it to be harsh on the eyes).

A sturdy phone holder clicks on magnetically for applying makeup in the mirror while watching or recording a makeup tutorial. The mirror can also connect to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to take a picture or start recording by pressing the camera button on the mirror. This model’s generously sized 5x magnifying mirror can also click onto the center of the mirror. One tester raved, “I love being able to stack the magnification mirror on separately when I need it!”

The Cami mirror from Fancii packs the great lighting and magnification features of larger mirrors into a cute and petite design. Our testers loved that this model can either rest in its charging base as a cordless vanity mirror or pop out to become a lighted hand mirror.

The two-piece design is great for packing flat into a suitcase. It has a 1x side and a 5x magnifying side, with dimmable lights in three color temperatures with a high CRI of 90 on both sides. Testers also raved about the mirror’s “pretty,” “chic” and “streamlined” appearance, and it comes in four adorable pastel shades of pink, white, green and blue. Note that this mirror can tilt back 30 degrees in its base, which is a smaller range than other mirrors.

Keep a lighted makeup mirror within arm's length without it taking up counter space; the Ilios wall mounted makeup mirror features an extension arm that gets the ring light vanity exactly where you need it.

One GH editor found its softened LED light and 5x magnification effective at seeing details close-up. "A few hours into my work day, I turned it on and loved how I could notice things I can't get a great look at usually like mascara smudging and concealer creasing." Another great feature is that the cordless mirror can be turned into a handheld. "It feels super lightweight and isn't tasking to hold when I want a closer look at my face," she added. Plus, the optional suction cup takes the wall mount makeup vanity mirror on-the-go for easy attachment to bathroom mirrors.

The Sensor Mirror Trio from Simplehuman packs three different magnifications, thoughtfully designed features and high-quality lighting into one sleek yet sturdy mirror. One side is a 1x mirror with a small 10x mirror inset, perfect for plucking eyebrows up close and checking your overall look as you go.

The small knob lets you effortlessly swivel the mirror around to its 5x magnifying side for close-up makeup application. Said one tester, “I like how easy it is to flip it around for a different magnification." The knob can also be twisted to change the hue of the mirror’s lighting. One of our testers raved, “It’s a great size and the lighting is great for applying makeup precisely — I can clearly see my pores and where the product sits on my face.” Like the Round Sensor Mirror, this mirror has a motion-activated light that turns on as you approach and a CRI of 95 out of 100.

If you’re looking for a mirror with a few different magnification options for a low price, consider this DeWeisn tri-fold mirror from Amazon. It has a 1x central mirror with dimmable LED lights flanked by a 1x mirror on the left panel and 2x and 3x mirrors on the right panel.

"I like the dimmer because sometimes these can get too bright for me to actually use," a tester said. Other testers appreciated that the panels fold in, making the mirror slim and compact for storage. The mirror can swivel back 180 degrees for a range of viewing angles, though our testers felt that the mirror’s stand was a bit short and the base could be sturdier.

For this test, we gathered 17 lighted mirrors in the Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab, including both high-end and affordable picks. We first evaluated their sturdiness by subjecting them to a tip-over test. Any mirror that broke was eliminated. We also eliminated mirrors that showed signs of lower quality such as having stick-on mirrors that fell off easily.

We then had testers apply makeup in the mirrors and respond to a survey. Testers used a five-point Likert scale to rate their satisfaction with multiple aspects of the mirrors, including their sturdiness, the quality of their lighting, the ease-of-use of their lighting controls and their appearance. Our Lab analysts then tabulated the survey data to determine our top picks.

✔️ Lighting: If you want the most color-accurate lighting, consider a mirror with a high CRI, or color rendering index. CRI is a rating commonly applied to LED lights that measures how accurately they can render the colors of the objects they illuminate. A lighted mirror with a high CRI will help you see subtle color differences even when you don’t have the benefit of natural light.

Many of the mirrors on our list also offer multiple color temperatures to suit the different ways you’ll use the mirror. Cool and neutral light will sharpen your view for detailed tasks like makeup application and plucking eyebrows, while warm light is suited for nighttime uses like removing makeup or using a jade roller.

✔️ Magnification: “Magnified mirrors can help if it’s hard for you to see up close, or if you want to be very precise with something, like eyeliner, for example,” Kaye says. Our testers preferred a gentle 5x magnification for applying makeup without glasses and generally getting a closer look at their makeup. Consider a more powerful 8x magnification to see every detail for delicate tasks like shaving facial hair or applying false lashes. Finally, 10x mirrors, which tend to be small, are perfect for plucking eyebrows.

✔️ Corded or Cordless: If you want to display your vanity mirror without the clutter of cords, or even take your mirror on-the-go, opt for a cordless rechargeable mirror. If your mirror will have a more permanent spot on your bathroom counter with an outlet nearby, a corded mirror will always be ready when you need it.

Yes, says celebrity makeup artist Allison Kaye: “A lighted mirror is essential for applying makeup! It is not guaranteed you will always have impeccable daylight to create your makeup look.” Lighted mirrors can give you a clearer view of yourself even in low light conditions. Celebrity makeup artist Judi Gabbay agrees, saying, “A lighted mirror can be a big help in makeup application depending on how warm or cool the lighting is, but neutral LED lighting is your best bet.”

Just keep in mind: "When you use them, especially those that offer magnification, you can see everything, which is both good and bad," says board-certified dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, M.D. "Everyone has pores. Everyone has imperfections. When using these mirrors, remember that [the] only way to achieve perfect skin is by using a social media filter."

Chiara (she/her) is a reviews analyst in the Beauty, Health and Sustainability Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, where she conducts hands-on testing of health and beauty products. She earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Columbia University. Before joining GH in 2022, she worked as a cosmetic chemist, formulating skincare products for a variety of brands and learning to decode ingredient lists, evaluate ingredient efficacy and scrutinize product claims.

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15 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors  of 2024, Tested by Experts

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