7 Places to Get Paper Craft Supplies for Your Business

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Paper crafts can have many benefits, both personally and professionally. You can express your creativity with paper crafts and sell the resulting crafts to customers. In addition, paper craft supplies enable you to run your business and create new products, such as exploring scrapbook ideas, coloring books, or even creating crafts such as jewelry and home decor. This article will help you find the best places to get your paper craft supplies in 2023. Metallic Washi Tape Factories

7 Places to Get Paper Craft Supplies for Your Business

The paper crafting market has steadily grown, especially in areas such as home decor and greeting cards. Customers are always seeking unique designs to put in their homes or gifts to others, which is why the creative paper crafting industry has grown. Many paper crafts include floral supplies to create new kinds of mixed media products, card making, personalized scrapbooking, and more.

There are many amazing companies that sell high-quality paper crafts and art supplies for your business. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of paper craft suppliers, including all your favorite brands and others that you may not have known before.

Amazon has all the tools and supplies needed in its online store for papercraft creators. A large selection of products that a customer can browse, including different types of papers, embellishments, accessories, and packaging for gifts.

If you are considering starting a craft project, consider checking Etsy for supplies. Supplies are available for all types of projects, including many options to personalize and create something truly unique. Some sellers may also offer bulk supplies and shipping, so it can be worth it to contact individual sellers to see if there are opportunities to save.

Blick Art Supplies has a vast array of craft supplies and accessories for your paper craft business. You can find all types of papers and boards at Blick for your projects. Additionally, Blick has paper supplies for bookbinding and origami to help you create exceptional products for your store.

Jerry’s Artarama has been a staple in the craft world, with many unique options for creating paper goods for home decor. As a customer at Jerry’s Artarama, you can find transfer and tracing paper, different types of stock, and tons of other supplies to make your paper products.

As a company, Michael’s has been around for a long time and consistently offered great pricing on paper products for projects such as a scrapbook or other craft options. As a customer, you can shop at Michael’s for all your crafting needs and search for items quickly and easily. Michael’s also has bulk options, which can be a great way to save on supply costs.

Another company to consider when you are looking to shop for paper supplies is Factory Direct Craft. They offer great pricing, enabling businesses to save on costs when purchasing project supplies. At Factory Direct Craft, you can search for all paper supplies, including ornaments, papier mache, different cardstocks, and much more.

Art Supply Warehouse is another one-stop shop store for projects and supplies. The store sells paper for all kinds of projects, including scrapbook decoration, Bristol paper, digital printing, origami, and drafting vellum. You can search for options on the Art Supply Warehouse business website and save on shipping depending on the quantity purchased.

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There are many tools that can prove to be useful in paper crafting for projects, such as scrapbooking, home decor, card making, jewelry, and others. Let’s look at some of the most crucial supplies you need to create paper crafts for your business.

Cardstock is a thick and sturdy paper available in various weights, typically ranging from 50lb to 110lb. It’s heavier than regular printing paper, making it ideal for crafting projects that require structure. The weight and sturdiness set cardstock apart. It’s available in a plethora of colors, and can sometimes come with textured finishes like linen, hammered, or smooth.

Often used in scrapbooking, patterned paper showcases designs, motifs, and patterns. It typically has a decorative front side and a plain back. Its decorative patterns differentiate patterned paper. The designs range from florals and geometrics to themed prints for holidays and occasions.

Vellum is a translucent paper with a smooth finish. Historically made from calf’s skin, modern vellum is usually made from plant-based materials. Its translucent quality is the hallmark of vellum. It can overlay other papers to produce a softened look or be used for windows in cards and envelopes.

Originating from Asia, mulberry paper is handmade from the fibers of the mulberry tree. It has a fibrous, delicate appearance. The irregular, fibrous texture sets it apart. Often used for decoupage, collage, and cardmaking, it adds a touch of elegance and organic feel.

A traditional Japanese paper, washi is made from plant fibers like bamboo, rice, or hemp. It’s known for its strength and flexibility. Washi paper has a distinct texture and can include intricate patterns and designs. The resilience of this paper, despite its thinness, is remarkable.

As the name suggests, handmade paper is crafted manually, often from recycled materials. It can contain inclusions like flower petals, leaves, or threads. The presence of unique inclusions and the irregular texture make every sheet of handmade paper one-of-a-kind.

Not to be confused with the baking essential, parchment paper for crafting is a translucent paper with a slightly aged appearance. Parchment is valued for its old-world charm. It’s often used in projects that aim to evoke a sense of antiquity or vintage flair.

Thin and lightweight, tissue paper is commonly used for wrapping gifts but also has applications in paper crafting. Its sheer and delicate nature allows crafters to create layered effects or use it for paper flowers and pom-poms.

Buttons, whether vintage or modern, can be added to paper crafts to lend a 3D effect. They are often used as focal points, to close envelopes or pockets, or simply for decorative purposes. Both flat-backed and shank buttons are utilized in crafting.

Brads are two-pronged metal embellishments that pierce through paper and are folded back to hold in place. They come in various designs and sizes and are frequently used to attach vellum, act as pivot points for spinning cards, or simply for decorative purposes.

Ribbons and bows add texture and color to paper projects. They can be used to tie cards, adorn gift boxes, or add flair to scrapbook pages. Available in various materials, colors, and widths, they cater to diverse styles and preferences.

Die cuts are shapes, letters, or patterns cut out from paper using specialized cutting machines or dies. They can be layered, colored, or textured, serving as embellishments on cards, scrapbooks, or any other paper craft.

Stickers and decals are adhesive-backed embellishments that come in countless designs, sizes, and materials. They provide a quick and easy way to add images, phrases, or decorative elements to a paper project.

These sparkly embellishments are perfect for adding a touch of glam or whimsy. Sequins can be sewn or glued onto projects, while glitter can be sprinkled on wet adhesive or mixed with mediums like gel or paste to be spread across surfaces.

Originating from Japan, washi tape is a decorative adhesive tape made from paper. It can be torn by hand and is often used to border, layer, or add decorative touches to paper crafts due to its varied designs and easy application.

Stamps allow for the repetitive application of designs, letters, or patterns using ink pads. Rubber or clear stamps can be pressed into ink and then onto the paper, enabling personalized imprints and designs.

These are small adhesive-backed embellishments that add dimension and shine. Enamel dots are often flat and come in various colors, while gems can be faceted to reflect light and mimic jewels.

Metal charms and accents provide a vintage or elegant touch to projects. They can be threaded onto ribbons, attached with brads, or adhered with strong glue to various paper crafts.

There are many other options you can go for when adding essential tools to your papercraft business, such as die-cutting and specialized supplies. These can include

Scissors are a basic tool for cutting paper, trimming edges, or creating decorative cuts. There are various styles, including those designed for intricate cuts or decorative patterns.

A paper trimmer ensures straight and uniform cuts. Especially useful for larger projects or when needing to cut multiple sheets at once.

A bone folder is a flat, polished tool used for folding and creasing paper. It helps in achieving sharp, clean folds without damaging the paper.

A score board assists in creating neat folds by providing grooved lines to score paper at consistent intervals.

A craft knife allows for precise cutting, especially for intricate designs or places hard to reach with scissors.

A self-healing cutting mat is a protective surface for cutting that “heals” after being sliced with a knife, preserving both the mat’s surface and the knife’s sharpness.

Adhesives are used to bond paper and embellishments. Different projects may require different types of adhesives depending on the material and desired bond strength. Popular options include glue, tape runner, and double sided tape.

A die cutting machine is a device that uses metal dies to cut paper into specific shapes, patterns, or letters.

Punches are manual tools that “punch” out shapes, borders, or corners in paper. They come in various shapes and sizes.

A stylus is a tool used for embossing or for adding small details to paper crafts.

Paired with a die-cutting machine, embossing folders impress a raised design onto paper for texture and design.

A heat gun is a tool used to quickly dry ink or set embossing powder for a raised, shiny finish.

Tweezers are helpful for placing small embellishments or handling delicate die cuts.

Essential for measuring, ensuring straight lines, and creating precise layouts, rulers and t-squares come in various sizes and varieties.

A lightbox is a backlit surface helpful for tracing designs or aligning layers of paper.

Blending stumps and brushes are used to blend inks, paints, or other mediums on paper to create gradients or smooth color transitions.

A paper distresser is a tool that roughens the edges of paper to give it an aged or worn look.

You can use a mist sprayer for evenly spraying inks, paints, or shimmer mists onto paper.

A stamp positioner is a tool that ensures stamps are placed precisely where desired, especially helpful for layered stamping.

The most famous kind of paper craft practice is origami, an art from Japan that involves folding paper into different objects.

The type of paper used in crafting will depend on the type of craft. For example, cardmaking may require a heavier type of paper, whereas scrapbooking may require a lighter style of paper.

Paper crafting has always been a popular hobby, but certain crafts have gained traction as bestsellers, especially in niche markets or during specific seasons. Crafts that combine aesthetic appeal, functionality, and personalization often stand out in the market. Here are a few specific types of paper crafts that can be profitable:

The key to successful sales in paper crafts lies in understanding one’s target audience, staying updated with current trends, and continually innovating. Offering customization options can also set a craftsperson apart in the market.

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7 Places to Get Paper Craft Supplies for Your Business

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