10 Best Men's Casual Blazers of 2024, Tested by Style Editors

J.Crew's Kenmare Suit and Todd Snyder's Madison Sport Coat are two of our top picks.

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Here's a foolproof fit: A casual blazer over a T-shirt and jeans, finished with loafers. Famously worn in the ‘90s by the likes of Richard Gere and Bruce Willis, medium wash jeans and white tees build the foundation of this look, but the casual blazer is its all star.

The best casual blazers for men are more relaxed than our favorite suit jackets. They usually have an unconstructed build and no shoulder pads, patch pockets, roomy fit, and fun patterns like houndstooth and plaid to keep things, well, casual. Almost like a magic spell, casual blazers turn any low-key look into a dapper fit (or even cocktail attire). They can immediately lift a sweatpants and running shoes combo, or a sweater-and-chinos office uniform. In short: the best casual blazer for men is the easiest way to dress up.

But, just like any fall jacket, not all casual blazers are created equally. That's why our intrepid style editors have spent the past year trying and testing over 40 casual blazers to find the best ones to level up your look.

While billed as a suit jacket—because it has matching pants—the Kenmare is very much a casual blazer when worn separately. All the key elements are there: an unconstructed body, soft shoulder, patch pockets, and a boxy fit. What makes this a wardrobe all star, however, is the fabric. Deep navy blue is versatile enough alone, but the chalk pinstripe pattern really dresses up a look without looking too formal.

We love the muddled chalk stripe pattern that looks more relaxed than a standard pinstripe. Our editors have worn this jacket with sweats to the office and social events for a high-low look. We all know that navy blazers are the Swiss Army knife of menswear, and the Kenmare's subtle chalk stripe adds extra style points.

Little details, like a natural shoulder, wide lapel, curved breast pocket, and oversized patch pockets, add casual charm to this shoulder weather blazer. The brown-on-brown houndstooth, a pattern that you just don't see enough in menswear these days, blends in with all your favorite pullovers and dress pants. Wool sweaters, corduroy shirts, and crewneck sweatshirts all play nice with this jacket.

While the look of this blazer leans casual, the fabric is on the luxurious side. Todd Snyder chose a wool and alpaca blend milled in Italy to provide warmth and durability with a softened finish. The fabric is a sturdy material that will last for many years, and is easy to maintain. In fact, barring any spills or damage, we recommend only seasonal dry cleaning.

Our style editors love a good accent piece, and this casual blazer works with all sorts of looks while always being the highlight of the outfit. The Italian Madison Sport Coat isn't flashy or bright, but it will turn heads in the best way. We found that it was easy to put throw this over any weekend outfit, making it a true menswear essential.

Corduroy has a sporty and rugged vibe, calling back to vintage preppy and workwear attire. However, the right corduroy can resemble velvet to provide a soft and refined look. This three button suit jacket from Ralph Lauren is a prime example. Under certain lighting, the deep navy fabric has a slight shimmer, thanks to the wide wale—or gap between the lines—in the corduroy. That elevates this otherwise casual blazer.

This is a suit separate, meaning there are matching pants available, but it performs best solo, in our humble opinion. Our editors love the three patch pockets and soft shoulders, making for a cozy-but-still-dressy fit. A mere 1% of elastane is woven in with the cotton to make the fabric just stretchy enough for ideal give.

Not much will look bad with this jacket, but we absolutely love the way it looks with denim. A pair of washed out jeans has perfect chemistry with the soft texture and deep blue of this jacket. Top it off with some loafers and you're good to go.

Office attire has relaxed quite a bit in the past three years. Outside of finance and law, few men have to wear full suits anymore. Something along the lines of a collared shirt and slacks or chinos have become an acceptable office uniform. If you want to really dress up to work without trying to hard, try this soft jacket from Rodd & Gun.

The Haldon Deconstructed Blazer has enough lining in the shoulders and upper back to keep a strong squared off shape. The rest of the jacket moves and breathes easily with your body, thanks to a unique blend of 79% wool, 19% cotton, and 3% elastane. You can wear it comfortably for long periods of time and even keep it in the office all week without losing its shape.

Above all, we love this jacket as an office blazer because of the color and texture of the fabric. It is a loose weave with a heather blending of different shades of blue. You usually find this texture in sweatshirts, giving it a relaxed vibe, which is what you want in most work uniforms these days.

Sweater blazers are a cozy alternative to office jackets, but most of them are closer to a cardigan than a true casual blazer. What sets this one firmly in the latter is the felted fabric, which is made from boiled wool. That means the material is actually boiled twice to tighten the weave for an ultra dense, warm, and durable build. In our testing, we found that the Felted Chore Coat has a similar structure to our favorite tweed jackets. Yet, when you're wearing it, it feels as comfortable as a cardigan or robe.

Admittedly, this blazer is at the far end of the casual spectrum. Our style editors recommend it for low-key hangouts, weekend errands, or relaxed office environments. The Felted Chore Coat looks best with joggers or chinos, and some flat soled sneakers. Replacing a collared shirt with this blazer is actually far more comfortable, while making you look a little more refined.

Relwen's Waxed Blazer is sharp enough for the office, but tough enough for the pastures. It has a four button front, throat latch, patch pockets, and functional buttons that open easily, and a water-resistant cotton blend that can handle the elements.

We've been using this in lieu of a heavier canvas jacket in the fall, and found that it kept us just as a warm and dry. Now, there are some limits to a waxed cotton blazer. We don't recommend it for formal occasions like most other jackets on this list. This is a casual blazer for strictly casual use only.

Alex Mill sourced a wonderful tweed for this Mill blazer. It is fully lined but has no canvas, which makes for a slouchy fit. The two hand pockets are patched, but have a flap, while the breast pocket is inset. A single vent back and three button front set this jacket apart from suiting.

This blazer is super warm, so it doubles as a good coat. We love the way it looks with a scarf and a chunky cable knit sweater. We like to top it off with a colorful ribbed beanie for a reliable holiday fit.

Cucinelli is synonymous with some of the finest suiting in the world. As it turns out, the Italian tailor also does casual really well. This unstructured blazer incorporates all the splendid details of a crafted suit in a light casual blazer. Every line, every stitch, every button is super fine. If you've got the budget for it, this is the ultimate go-to every day jacket.

Our editors love how Brunello's blazer lifts all of our casual fits, and we think it looks best with a T-shit and travel pants that looks sharp as hell at the airport, the bodega, and everywhere in between.

Our editors love Sunspel's all-purpose blazer, which has a neutral shade that looks great with everything, and has a sturdy build that's dressier than your average cardigan. The wool and lyocell blend breathes well, and it has a hint of elastane to easily move with your body. We found that the heather blue color has a denim-like quality, which makes it look great with jeans, but also goes with just about everything. Best of all, the unstructured and slightly boxy build makes for a loose and casual fit.

We have worn this jacket to the office, on vacation, and dinner parties. It looks as good with a shirt and tie as it does with a hoodie and joggers. Sunspel really captured the essential ideal of a casual blazer here, which makes it the best option for every day wear.

Part sport coat, part lightweight jacket, this packable blazer from Vineyard Vines is the definition of performance wear. It all starts with the fabric, which is a weather resistant and lightweight polyester. Normally reserved for activewear and outdoor gear, it has been turned into a blazer that also doubles as a windbreaker. Four front buttons and a throat latch allow you to close the front all the way up to your neck. The standard breast pocket has been replaced with a size zip pocket for added functionality.

This is an excellent lightweight jacket that has the look of a casual jacket. Our style editors have found that it works best as a travel blazer. The super lightweight material is comfortable for long flights, it has plenty of secure pocket space, and it easily packs up into a carry-on bag.

Unlike traditional suit jackets, casual blazers have a simplified designed and more durable fabrics. Look for blazers that have minimal lining and softer shoulders to a relaxed, casual vibe. This means that you don’t have the full soft fabric lining on the inside of the jacket, along with little-to-no padding on the shoulders and no canvas lining. All of these elements make casual blazers more comfortable. That's especially true if you're wearing them over heftier sweatshirts and sweaters.

Our style editors recommends say you can have more fun with fabrics for casual blazers than your typical suit jacket. Yeah, you can go for classic patterns like houndstooth, herringbone, and glen plaid. Earth tone tweeds are common, but you can find much more colorful options. The beauty of a good tweed jacket is that it provides substantial warmth, so it doubles as outerwear, and is great for the colder months, but will limit the amount of use you can get out of your blazer.

Put suiting out of your mind when you’re styling casual blazers. The whole point is to be able to wear your usual casual attire while upgrading the overall look.

So start by building your outfits the way you normally do, but try to keep things simple. Begin with a t-shirt, oxford shirt, or denim shirt up top and jeans, chinos, or sweatpants down below. A combination of any of these items will look fine alone. Add a casual blazer on top and you just took your fit to a whole new level.

For colder weather, you can wear hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and sweaters under blazers for extra warmth. If you live anywhere that gets extra cold in the winter, we highly recommend a heavy tweed blazer to stay cozy and stylish all season.

Brad Lanphear is a style pro with more than a decade of experience testing and styling men's jackets, including casual blazers. For this story, he and Deputy Commerce Editor Christian Gollayan tested over 30 casual blazers and evaluated their construction, comfort, and just how great they looked. They also combed through hundreds of five-star reviews from e-commerce sites they trust, and also scanned through countless Reddit threads like r/malefashionadvice, for unbiased opinions on the best casual blazers to shop.

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Brad is a contributing style commerce editor. After a decade working for menswear brands including J.Crew and Ralph Lauren, Brad switched from selling fashion to writing about it. His words have appeared in Huckberry, Heddels, and The Manual.  

Christian Gollayan oversees e-commerce content for Men's Health and Women's Health. Previously, he was the Associate Managing Editor at Christian's work has also been featured in Food & Wine, InStyle, the New York Post, and Tatler Asia.

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