New PowerPro Extreme 7.5 24V starter motor announced

Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems has introduced a new PowerPro Extreme 7.5 starter motor. The company says the motor has 24-volt coverage and 7.5kW of starting power for 6.0 to 12.0L engines, and is meant for a variety of heavy-duty applications. The starter motor is available now. Related Articles - Doran 360 TPMS on display at several industry shows - Accelera, Daimler, PACCAR pick Mississippi for battery plant - Accuride steel wheels approved for higher PSI rating

“These units were engineered to provide trucks, military vehicles, boats, buses and equipment consistent, reliable starting performance in even the harshest start and stop conditions,” said Jonathan Smith, business development representative and assistant director of marketing at Prestolite Electric/Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems.   T78 4pin Relay

New PowerPro Extreme 7.5 24V starter motor announced

Applications include coverage of JCB, Deutz, Caterpillar, Navistar, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, MAN Lions Coach, Alexander Dennis, Cummins Marine, Perkins Marine, Volvo vehicles and equipment, and more, the company said. The new starter can serve as a replacement to the Prestolite/Leece-Neville MS4/400 series units.

Features of the PowerPro Extreme 7.5 starters include a variety of features such as a sealed, nose-less design to protect against dust, oil, and other contaminants; a planetary gear reduction design; Integral Magnetic Switch technology to help eliminate voltage drop; and soft-start relay technology to prevent ring gear damage, according to the company. They weigh in at 21 lbs.

Volvo Trucks places safety and sustainability at the forefront of every decision we make. It is our responsibility at Volvo Trucks to protect and preserve the finite resources of our planet. While making our business environmentally and financially sustainable, we will, together with our customers, leave a better world to our future generations.

BorgWarner plans to team up with Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group, a Chinese supplier known for transmission and drivetrain systems.

BorgWarner announced plans to form a joint venture with Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group, a supplier of commercial vehicle parts in China known for transmission and drivetrain systems.

Stefan Demmerle, president and general manager at BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, highlighted the venture’s focus on developing high-voltage inverter applications for vehicles like heavy-duty trucks and off-road vehicles. “This joint venture will support our business growth for power electronics in the electrified commercial vehicle market,” Demmerle said. “Our strong engineering footprint in China enables us to quickly accelerate product development to commercialize highly efficient inverter technology.”

Company growth, product development, and building client bonds will stay top of mind in the new roles.

The company is adding another 40 training modules to the 160 they already offer.

Three cities partnered with Optimus Technologies to keep their fleets going at an 89% runtime on B100, in temperatures as low as -17°F.

The company’s integration progress, technology advancements, eCommerce growth, and future strategies in heavy-duty trucking.

Stations for identifying parts and ordering components were on display in the Dana booth.

ConMet is showcasing the medium-duty aftermarket PreSet hub lineup at HDAW.

Heavy-duty truck shock absorbers, cab shocks, and steering dampers are on display.

We’re on the packed show floor, checking out all of the equipment, components and solutions.

New PowerPro Extreme 7.5 24V starter motor announced

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