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Building the perfect home gym is tricky. Most of us are at least somewhat constrained by space, so we need home gym equipment that's storable. And home gym essentials can also get expensive fast, so we'd love cheap home gym equipment when possible too. And, of course, we want the home gym gear that we'll actually use and will be effective — what's the point of investing in a piece of workout equipment that doesn't do its job, or that we don't know how to use? Whether we're looking for a foldable treadmill for cardio, resistance equipment for strength training, or a mix of both, it can be hard to figure out what home gym essentials to shop.

This list of 13 pieces of home gym equipment is a great place to start. We've got everything from an exercise mat that will cushion your joints during your workouts to a 3-in-1 resistance band kit that will take you through every workout to a jump rope that'll leave you dripping in sweat. Plus, we found the cheap home workout equipment picks that'll save you money while you build your dream home gym. Whether you're building out a brand new room or just looking to set up some space in your studio apartment, this is the fitness gear you're going to want to shop. So, get ready to get sweaty. Black Widow Viking Press Landmine Attachment

The Best Home Gym Essentials of 2024 | POPSUGAR Fitness

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Ikea recently came out with their DAJLIEN line, which is full of home gym essentials meant to blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor. We love this exercise mat. It's nice and big — so much room for activities — and because it's an oval instead of the traditional rectangle, it looks more like a rug than an exercise mat at first glance.

When you're working out at home, a good towel is an essential piece of home gym equipment — you don't want your drips of sweat to mess up your hardwood floors or sink into your carpet. We love this gym towel, which has a luxe feel and is good for sensitive skin.

Light weights are so versatile — use them for high-rep workouts to increase the burn, or during cardio exercises to add some strength benefits in. These POPSUGAR Bar Weights are a perfect 3 pounds, and are Neoprene coated to be both durable and soft to the touch. Plus, the pink color will make you want to keep them out on display when they're not in use.

A kettlebell is a real workhorse piece of equipment, so it makes a ton of sense to invest in one as part of your your home gym essentials. This periwinkle option has a soft coating, so it won't rip up your hands while you're doing kettlebell swings, shoulder presses, or other kettlebell exercises.

You heard it here first: step aerobics is back in a big way. These workouts are so much fun — you might not even notice how hard you're working (but you definitely will the next day, when your lower body will be intensely sore). Plus, they can be adjusted to be low-impact if that's a concern. This stable step deck is a must have if you're interested in trying out a step-up workout, and it can be used in your everyday routine for knee-ups, split squats, and more.

Balance work is crucial, and the classic BOSU ball is still the gold standard when it comes to this category. Test yourself by using it to do squats, or just stand on it for a surprisingly tricky workout.

POPSUGAR 3-in-1 Resistance Tube Kit with Interchangeable Tubes ($20)

You'll get light, medium, and heavy strengths with this kit, and the hands are padded to feel comfortable on your skin as you perform tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, and more. If you're not sure about investing in dumbbells, tubes are a fantastic alternative, as you can perform many of the same strength moves and even get a full-body workout — and they save so much space.

This pack or two hip bands are designed for lower-body exercises, and they're genius: because they're fabric, they won't roll up mid-move or dig into your skin uncomfortably. They stay in place, without hurting you, so you can focus on getting the best burn possible.

XTERRA Fitness TR Folding Treadmill ($520)

Foldable treadmills got so popular over the past few years, with people using them to get their steps in while working from home. This particular model is our favorite because it folds up small but goes fast enough to actually let you run, not just walk, making it especially versatile.

POPSUGAR Premium Cable Jump Rope with 9ft Adjustable Length Cord ($13)

The benefits of jumping rope are too numerous to list, and it's another easily stashable home gym essential to add to your cache. This cute green one has a cable-style rope that swivels easily while you're getting your cardio workout in. (Maybe best if you don't have neighbors below you; if you do, avoid doing your jump rope workout too late at night or early in the morning!)

We have a love-hate relationship with sliders. They great home gym equipment because they're so small (and these are dual-sided, so they work on wood or carpet). But slider exercises are guaranteed to leave you so sore post-workout, we have to work up the courage to reach for them.

TriggerPoint GRID Patented Multi-Density Foam Massage Roller ($62)

No home gym would be complete without a foam roller for recovery. This one is one of the highest rated on Amazon. People love it because it's firm enough to really get the kinks out, but the padding is soft enough to avoid feeling like a torture device. This 15-minute foam roller routine is a great place to start.

Tiger Tail 18in Massage Stick Portable Roller ($40)

The Best Home Gym Essentials of 2024 | POPSUGAR Fitness

Belt Squat Landmine Attachment If you want the recovery benefits of a foam roller for even less space, this Tiger Tail is the home gym essential you need.