Totalità.it - ​​Enrico Falqui or the passion for magazines

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Like the great Benedetto Croce, Enrico Falqui is a rigorous self-taught.Born in 1901 in Frattamaggiore in the province of Naples to Sardinian parents, he trained in Rome where he landed "life with difficulty, among books, magazines and newspapers" and without obtaining "any academic qualification" [1].And it is precisely in Rome that he exercises, as he recalls, "for better or worse, rightly or wrongly, the profession of literary critic". Rear Bracket For Front Spring

Totalità.it - ​​Enrico Falqui or the passion for magazines

Success came in 1929, when the Milanese magazine “La Fiera literarya”, founded in 1925 by Umberto Fracchia[2] handed over to the new Roman series “L'Italia literary” under the direction of Giovanni Battista Angioletti and Curzio Malaparte .It's April 7, and the twenty-eight-year-old Falqui becomes editor-in-chief.Together with Angioletti he decides to abandon the media standards followed by the progenitor "La Fiera Letteraria", merely informative, purely news, and only rarely critical.A new role was invented for the magazine: that of promoting the national and European evolutions of twentieth-century avant-garde literature according to an approach of full independence of analysis and research[3].Enrico Falqui gives a generally "rondist" direction, in some respects politically disengaged.The orientation is all in the sense of a "call to order", of neoclassicism, of "art prose" typical of the magazine "La Ronda".The originality of "Literary Italy" lies in a modernity which however is faithful to tradition[4].

The magazine presents itself in a tone of respect towards the ideas of others and of undisputed professional seriousness[5].

The extensive collaborations with other magazines such as "Quadrivio", "Pégaso", "Pan", Primato or even the frondist "Corrente" is the obvious consequence of the serious and balanced approach.

In the meantime, Falqui's activity follows an anthologist and bibliographic path, starting from the assumption that the anthology is "essentially a critical work, where everything is demonstrated and affirmed by examples".

So much so that it asserts itself in the anthology of Italian scientific prose of the 17th century but also in the historic contribution to the revaluation of the Baroque in Italy.

The most polemical work in this sense is Capiti.It speaks precisely of the development of Italian art prose, from D'Annunzio to the Thirties, according to the specific literary category of the "chapter", which replaces the usual denominations of "fragment", "elzeviro", "evocative prose".

In his essays Rosso di sera (Rome, 1935), La casa in piazza (Rome, 1936), Sintassi (Milan, 1936), Ricerche di stile (Florence, 1939) a very subtle critical thought stands out, always literary and never strictly political .

Exemplary in The House in the Square is the ferocious condemnation of the "sneers" intent on "mocking Giuseppe Ungaretti and his painful poetry".Or, in his collection Sintassi (1936), the detailed examination of Poets in black shirts, Poets of Mussolini's time, Poets of our time, Anthology of fascist poets, in which there are strong reservations towards "every poetic production in which politics makes its weight felt too much"[6].

The negative judgment directed at the official poets of the Twenty Years depends first and foremost on Falqui's Rondist conception.Conception according to which art must be independent from politics.

But this is a criticism that is also addressed to past experiences (La Voce di Prezzolini) and then to those that will follow the fascist experience (aversion to the politicized neorealism of the left).“La Voce literarya” (1914-1916) by Giuseppe De Robertis is instead valorised[7] in the sense of a “regained awareness of artistic autonomy”[8].

The convergence with Stracittà can be clearly seen in the illustrated weekly Quadrivio, a place where official fascist culture and Bontempellian twentieth-centuryism meet.It is here that Falqui develops, among other things, his D'Annunzio ancestors (D'Annunzio and the chronology, 26 September and 3 October 1937; D'Annunzio and the “Contemplation of Death”, 6 March 1938; D'Annunzio and us, 23 October 1938) and analyzes the avant-garde works, which he tackles through reviews.For example: Il palio dei buffi by Palazzeschi, The keys in the well and History of humble titans by Viani, Dialogues of the greatest systems by Landolfi[9].

He also collaborates with two works by Ugo Ojetti, Pègaso (1929-1933) and Pan (1935), of which he shares the renewed ideal of humanitas.He also examines the twentieth-century works Tempo di pace by Gallian, The created silence by Vigolo, Gallery of slaves, State of grace, Noi e gli Aria by Bontempelli, Fables and Country of the soul by Lisi.

Enrico Falqui's collaborations continued on “Frontespizio” (July 1938, p. 442) and on “Primato” (1940-43), Giuseppe Bottai's magazine which, at the start of the war, called fascist intellectuals to the “courage of concord ”.

With Italy's entry into the war alongside its German ally, Bottai's cultural interventionism became more sustained.As a "good intellectual", Falqui participated in the European writers' conference in Weimar in October 1942, together with Papini (vice president of the Italian delegation), the Germanist Farinelli, Baldini, Cecchi, as well as "heterodox fascists". like Vittorini and Pintor.

Giaime Pintor himself, in The blood of Europe, writes about that conference: “Farinelli, generous with words and hugs ... sometimes impatient, Cecchi placid, and Baldini acute ... in reality their Rondista education did not correspond to the climate of cosmopolitan folklore that had inevitably been created in Weimar;and Falqui added a quick and lively comment to the reaction of the two masters".However, he defines the conference as "a den of idiots" [10].

During the war years, Falqui collaborated assiduously with the "Gazzetta del Popolo" of Turin, where in 1941 he published three reviews of Lettere di una novizia by Piovene (22 May), Conversazione in Sicilia by Vittorini (19 June) and The drought of the villager Bilenchi (11 November).

With the entry into Rome of the allies (we are in June 1944) the publications multiply and Falqui collaborates with "Risorgimento liberal" by Pannunzio and "Il Tempo" by Angiolillo and Rapaci, in which he discovers and defends the literary values ​​of the twentieth century.In April 1946 “La Fiera literarya” came back to life, where Falqui was the editorial secretary.

He edited the third page of "Il Tempo", and from 1948 most of the writings collected in the fourth section of the "Literary Twentieth Century" (1954) ended up in that newspaper.On the other hand, the writings published in "Il Tempo" between '58 and '66 are collected as "points, notes and ideas on historians, critics and anthologists" in the seventh volume of the "Literary Twentieth Century" (1963) .

In 1954 Falqui began the systematic collection of all his critical and polemical writings, ancient and recent, in the literary twentieth century (Florence, 1954-1969).

At the same time as his literary twentieth century, he published Giornalism and literature (Milan, 1969), in which he related the experience of the journalist of the prestigious "third page" and the contemporary literary context in which Italian itself evolves[11].

From the height of his intellectual stature, Falqui directs the series “Il centonovelle” by Bompiani, “Opera prima” by Garzanti, those of “Umoristi” and “Utopisti” by Colombo, the notebooks of “Poesia” by Mondadori, “II Ariadne's new thread" by Vallardi[12].

He worked tirelessly until the end of his days "without bravado, but with tenacity"[13].

Enrico Falqui died in Rome on 16 March 1974.

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Totalità.it - ​​Enrico Falqui or the passion for magazines [url=]ugwmzbzdph[/url] gwmzbzdph agw mzbzdph

I agree in considering Enrico Falqui a cultural giant.In this Italy that forgets everything, at least Totalità has thought about it.I was still a kid when I approached the world of newspapers, starting with "Il Tempo" in Rome, whose third page, first edited by Falqui and then by Fausto Gianfranceschi, contributed to my cultural education.In fact, newspapers, from a cultural point of view and beyond, were better made before.

I repeat one sentence: The magazine presents itself in a tone of respect towards the ideas of others and of undisputed professional seriousness.This also applies to Totality.

Brahms and Dvořák in concert at the Maggio, between symphonic and choral music.The concert of last February 9th and 10th, with the baton of a young conductor

What is truth?So it is, if you like, one of Pirandello's masterpieces, on stage at the Pergola theatre

Harlequin?by Marco Baliani: a modern-day commedia dell'arte, with an extraordinary Andrea Pennacchi

A young talent between Brahms and Dvorak: Hankyeol Yoon debuts on the podium in May

NERONE: on February 9th Boito's work returns to the stage, after decades of oblivion

authorization decree of the Ministry of Communications n.1127 of 29/8/2001 (National Press Reg.: n. 2571 of 03/4/1989)

Totalità.it - ​​Enrico Falqui or the passion for magazines

For DAF Totalità.it was registered at the court of Florence, Registration no.5875 of 16 May 2012