Video: Building A Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 9) - Hobby Farms

Well, with eight videos behind us on this farm garden shed build, we’ve now reached the final step before I can call this outbuilding “done.” All that’s left for me to do is put the roof on, and I think this step should go pretty quickly, as I’ve got everything lined up and ready.

First, though, I’m going to put a 2-inch  of drip edge on. This step is a matter of personal preference, but I like to add it. For one thing, it dresses up the edge nicely, hiding any minor imperfections on the fascia that might otherwise bother over time. When I install a drop edge, though, I really like to think about how it will look. Check out the video to see how I handle the corners to ensure a clean, gapless edge. Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

Video: Building A Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 9) - Hobby Farms

With this step, as with the previous ones, I try to make sure any imperfections that arise occur on the back, where I’m least likely to see them on a daily basis.Roof Panels

Then it’s time for roof installation, which is both the best and worst part of this garden shed build. It’s the best because the metal roof sheets are going to go up very fast. And it’s the worst part because it will involve cutting metal, which is something I don’t enjoy doing. I prefer using a circular saw with a metal-cutting blade for this, as it’s quicker and easier than some other options. But it’s also noisy and kind of a pain.

Check out the video to see how I cut the metal roofing sheets and some important things to keep in mind while performing this task.

As I install this first piece of metal, it’s crucial to line things up just right so that, as I interlock and install the remaining roofing sheets, things remain true. This step is very important, so take your time getting it right!

Check out the video to watch the roof go on my farm garden shed. At this point, this shed is dried in. I still have to add the trim and build the door—and I’m sure I’ll continue tinkering with the structure over time—but I’m excited to have this building up and ready to go!

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Video: Building A Farm Garden Shed (Pt. 9) - Hobby Farms

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