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If you own a bus or tractor, Ingersoll Rand’s air impact wrench is the perfect accessory for your wheels. The tool provides massive torque to easily unscrew or tighten up bolts or lug nuts all day without wearing out. This wrench is aided by its 1-inch driver size, which can fit most bolts found on larger vehicles. 

The air impact wrench also features a lightweight design, so you don’t tire your arms out too much after a hard day’s work. It is also accompanied by a steel core design and chemical-resistant housing, keeping the wrench up and running after rough usage. This air impact wrench even houses a rotatable handle that helps you maneuver the tool around edges and corners effortlessly.  Draper Impact Gun

The Quality Air Impact Wrenches of 2024 (Review) - Old Cars Weekly

Best of all, this impact wrench is packaged with a swivel hose connection to prevent your wires from tangling and interfering while you’re busy at work. With such a high power output packed in a lightweight design, this product easily takes the top spot on our list.

Are you looking for an all-around air impact wrench? If so, this pick from ACDelco is a clear choice, featuring five different speed adjustments in both directions that can effortlessly encounter a variety of bolts and lug nuts in different machines. Equipped with a ½-inch alloy steel head, the wrench can fit most lug nuts and bolts hosted in household items, lawnmowers, and car tires. 

This air impact wrench prides itself on its lightweight and ergonomic design, allowing you to have a firm grip on the tool. Further, this wrench is built with aluminum housing, ensuring it stays intact even in harsh conditions. It also comes with a bottle of lubricating oil and an air hose adapter to ensure you have everything you need to start (or finish) your project. 

Want an air impact wrench that can tighten and loosen up clingy bolts in a flash? Craftsmen’s got your back with their air impact wrench, which features a one-button changeable direction setting, allowing you to easily switch between loosening and tightening without wasting crucial time. This air impact driver even allows for four forward speeds and one backward speed, all of which are adjustable with the help of a large dial. 

The torque provided by the wrench’s motor and the ½-inch driver is perfect for household repairs, car tires, lawnmowers, and anything else hosting large lug nuts. Best of all, with a lightweight build and ergonomic design, this air impact wrench can be used for extended periods without stressing your hands.

Are you struggling to use your air impact wrench in tight spaces? It’s time to upgrade with Sunex Tools’ impact wrench, hosting a one-handed design to easily fit any corner while providing a firm grip. This air impact wrench weighs less than 3 pounds, making it a breeze to hold and allowing you more control over the tool. 

Despite its weight, this power-house of a wrench dishes out enough torque to remove and tighten bolts and fasteners from any household item. It’s even accompanied by three different speed settings when used in a forward direction and shifts to a backward rotation with a simple push of a button. 

Are you someone who encounters a range of different-sized lug nuts or bolts daily? If so, TZTOOL’s air impact wrench is just what you need, with 16 different deep impact sockets catering to all sorts of bolts or fasteners in your home. The wrench kit also includes three installable extension bars so you can effortlessly access hard-to-reach places. 

Apart from being packaged with various attachments, this impact wrench hosts a ton of torque, ideal for operating on large vehicles like jeeps and minivans. This air impact wrench can be run in both forward and backward rotations, letting you screw and unscrew bolts with ease. You can even set up three different speed options for tightening lug nuts, complying with all sorts of machines.

While an air impact wrench can be a helpful tool in your arsenal, people often get confused when deciding which one to buy. Luckily, we have compiled a buying guide to summarize everything you need to consider before purchasing your next air impact wrench.

If you’re looking for the perfect air impact wrench to add to your armory of tools, here are some essential factors to consider, along with some terminology you should be comfortable with:

Before purchasing your wrench, ensure it fits your required lug nuts and bolts. Usually, air impact wrench come in three different sizes; ½-inch, ⅜-inch, and 1-inch.

The ½-inch driver can easily remove any car’s lug nuts or tightened bolts on household tools like rusted fasteners and lawnmowers. On the other hand, the ⅜-inch air impact wrench is more compact than its counterpart and can be used in situations that don’t require high torque. These are smaller and can be used where high torque is not needed.

We recommend getting a 1-inch air impact wrench if you regularly work with larger vehicles such as tractors and buses. This fact is due to larger vehicles having larger bolts than regular cars.

When considering your torque options in the air impact wrench, you’ll be met with two types: forward and reverse. Forward torque is the maximum force needed to tighten a bolt, while reverse torque focuses on loosening your lug nuts. The power value for these torques should lie between 400 to 1000 foot-pounds if you want to use them for household tasks.

Speed can be considered in two different forms: RPM and IPM. RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) refers to the rotations of your wrench’s head per minute, while IPM (Impacts Per Minute) points out the number of hammer-like impacts your wrench can make in under a minute. The greater these speed specifications are, the more strength your air impact wrench will have against unscrewing pesky bolts.

Generally, you should try to get a wrench with varying speed limits to use in various circumstances. But if one isn’t available, you should look for an impact wrench with at least 7000 RPM and 1000 IPM to work on household projects effortlessly.

When you’re using a heavy power tool for half of the day, you definitely want the handle to be ergonomic and vibration-less. This will allow you to have a firm grip over your tool without it straining your hands at the end of the day. You can also opt for wrenches hosting a handle exhaust, so you don’t get blown up with dust and debris while working on your project.

There are usually two types of air impact wrenches: stubby and standard. Stubby air impact wrenches, as the name suggests, are lightweight, compact, and easily able to fit into confined spaces. Since they are usually used one-handed, they offer ergonomic support and a sturdy grip.

Unfortunately, stubby air impact wrenches lack the torque to work on larger machines like tractors and buses. This crossroads is where standard air impact wrenches come into play. Although these are heavier and larger, they can withstand rough usage and work efficiently on heavier machinery.

Apart from torque, the strength of your air impact wrench also depends on how much air it can receive through its compressor. You need to consider two factors to determine whether your air compressor can provide enough air to your air impact wrench: CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) and SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet Per Minute).

CFM indicates the amount of air your tool needs, while SCFM indicates how much your air compressor can provide. The general principle is that the SCFM should be 1.5 times the CFM rating to provide your air impact wrench with enough air to operate.

To keep your air impact wrench up and running, it is essential to maintain it regularly. Here is everything you can do to extend the life of your air impact wrench:

Before every use, you should ensure that your air impact wrench cords aren’t cracked and broken. If you see a crack, avoid using the air impact wrench until the damage has been repaired.

We suggest taking the air impact wrench to a qualified service technician every few months to get it checked and serviced.

Following the user manual when cleaning your air impact wrench at home is best. To properly oil your air impact wrench, we recommend you open the wrench and lubricate the area in contact with the hammer. This precaution will reduce friction in the air impact wrench and increase airflow, allowing it to keep performing efficiently.

When using an air impact wrench, try not to apply excessive torque to loosen a stubborn screw, as this will damage the hammer and sockets within your air impact wrench, causing it to break down. Instead, we recommend being patient; although it may take more time, exercising patience will prevent any damage to your air impact wrench.

Yes! That said, a wrench with a lower torque output might get the job done, but if you keep using a lower torque air impact wrench for jobs with higher requirements it is bound to wear out.

If you don’t oil your air impact wrench regularly, the friction produced between the moving parts in your wrench can cause it to wear down and eventually break. If you’re using the wrench regularly, it’s advised to oil it every couple of hours. 

Using a lower air production air compressor is the same as running your air conditioning on half the voltage. It will work, but it will not perform as it should.

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The Quality Air Impact Wrenches of 2024 (Review) - Old Cars Weekly

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