DJI T30 sprays 240 acres an hour – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

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DJI T30 sprays 240 acres an hour – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

Unveiled at the DJI Fusion event in Shenzhen two new crop spraying models, the T10 and T30. The T10 for small plots and the T30, the big one!

The T30 is can carry a 30 kg load, a new plunger pump, which can provide a large flow rate of 8L/min; the new 16 nozzle layout ensures uniformity of spraying droplets, and the effective spray range can reach 9 meters; 8 groups of solenoid valves can independently control each group of nozzles with frequency conversion, real-time flight speed and spraying volume is linked, and spray is uniform throughout the whole process. 

The measured field efficiency of T30 can reach 240 acres per hour, which is 33% higher than the previous generation product.

“Technology is not the privilege of a few people. To benefit the general public and to listen to the ordinary can create extraordinary things.” Chen Tao, DJI Agricultural Global Marketing Director, said that in recent years, intelligent equipment represented by plant protection drones is continuing to help farmers in This increase in revenue. In the future, DJI Agriculture will continue to invest resources to build digital agriculture solutions based on space intelligent equipment in parallel with partners, continue to help farmers improve their farmland management levels, and provide new ideas for China’s agricultural development.

DJI T30 sprays 240 acres an hour – sUAS News – The Business of Drones

Spraying With Drone No doubt the English marketing for these products will arrive shortly.