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There’s only one way to protect expensive headphones from falling to the floor while also displaying their majesty—with a headphone stand. Sure, it may seem like a bit of excess for some, but it is a good way to clear up some space on your desk while showing off one of your prize possessions. Branded display box

Best headphone stands for 2024 - SoundGuys

Thankfully, there’s a stand out there for whatever budget or aesthetic you like—whether you have audiophile-worthy studio cans or bargain headphones. Here are some of the best we’ve found to date.

Editor’s note: this best list was updated on November 28, 2023, to update picks, remove outdated formatting, and add FAQ.

For headphone stands, you really don’t need to mess with anything complicated if all you’re looking to do is the very minimum when protecting your cans. You really don’t need to overthink it: just keeping them supported on your desk in a manner that won’t get them broken is all that needs to happen here. Sure, it’s a positive if the stand looks nice, and what looks nicer than wood? Nothing, that’s what (argue with me and be wrong.)

Though the SAMDI Wood Gaming Headset Holder seems to be largely a veneer over particle board, that’s enough. Wood is plenty expensive nowadays, and there’s no reason to break the bank if you can get away with it. If you want a step-down—or if the wood clashes with your setup—you could also go for a similarly-shaped Monoprice product that uses a matte black aluminum and rubber construction.

Headphones can be really pricy, and if you’ve spent several hundred dollars on a pair of cans, you should be treating them as such. Everyone’s desk gets cluttered sometimes, and having a headphone stand can help you avoid damaging your headphones by shoving them to the side or into a drawer. It can also help keep your desktop organized, and you’ll never lose your headphones in the clutter. If you have a set of really high-end headphones, a stand will also prevent debris and junk from getting inside open-backed headphones by keeping them off of your messy desk surface.

For the most part, headphone stands are very inexpensive, though you can find ones that come with all sorts of bells and whistles. If you’re not willing to spend on a stand and happen to have a 3D printer, you can make one of your own pretty easily, considering how simple most of their designs are.

For the more avant-garde among us, a glass head could be a good choice to adorn your desk. It certainly looks a lot better than the head on my desk and serves as a high-concept headphone stand if you’re a fan of transparent objects. Though it may stretch out your headphones a bit, that could be a benefit of the stand if your cans clamp on your head too hard. If I had more desk space, I’d consider this, but much like it is in Highlander, only one head survives in my office.

Though it’s a little more expensive, the Razer Base Station V2 has a lot of the features that keyboard warriors want in a headphone stand. By offering functionality as a USB hub along with a headphone jack and RGB lighting, it fits the bill as a product that comfortably supports a gaming headset.

If you do decide to take advantage of the 7.1 surround sound, Razer’s Synapse software has an EQ that will allow you to alter your sound—just be aware you’ll need to use the headphone jack on the stand itself.

Easily the most expensive option on this list, the ASUS ROG Throne has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in for power gamers. A Qi charging surface, fast-charge USB 3.1 ports, a headphone jack, a DAC assembly, and an amp inside means there’s a lot of hardware to support your gaming habit.

Sure, at $100 more than the Razer Base Station, it had better have a ton of features to justify the price. Still, as someone with way too many cables already I can tell you consolidating electronic devices into a small amount of desk real estate is quite the plus.

Bamboo enthusiasts will like Avantree’s entry into the headphone stand arena. While it’s fairly plain-looking, I appreciate the tray on the bottom to store the cables or whatever else you’d like to toss in there. The bamboo is a nice touch and should fit in on any solid-colored desk or dark-finish wood. It’s not complicated, and at its price, it doesn’t need to be.

If you are more interested in making your own headphone stand, there are a number of ways to accomplish this. Essentially, you want to make a simple support that won’t tip over. You can either do that by making a structurally sound rigid object or an object that you can fasten to your desk or wall. The easy answer is to 3D print something you find on Thingiverse, but you could also make a design of your own, either with a 3D model or out of wood. Be aware that this will be more time-intensive, but it is a fun exercise.

Just be aware that you should pick your materials carefully and try not to have many sharp or catchy elements to the design if you have headphones with a cable. Similarly, if you have a set of Bluetooth headphones you want a stand for, make sure you’re not setting up a charging cable to get caught or drag your headphones off of the table. Additionally, remember whatever design you make is going to have most of its weight near the top of the unit, so design with this in mind. It may mean you have to make a super dense or wide base or put your load-bearing fasteners near the top of your assembly!

Although we predominantly focus on audio products like headphones and speakers, we recognize the demand for headphone peripherals. While we don’t objectively test headphones stands the same way that we do wireless earbuds, we cull through user reviews and try to pick an array of designs to suit multiple tastes.

It depends. If you don’t already have a good place to put your expensive headphones, a headphone stand could help you keep them safe and increase their lifespan. You could also use a stand to display your favorite headphones in a prominent spot.

No. However, it can be useful to consolidate electronics and cables into one piece on your desk.

Not particularly, so long as it’s inert or doesn’t react chemically with your table.

Best headphone stands for 2024 - SoundGuys

Sports, Office and Business While you can use a headphone stand to store audiophile-grade headphones on your desk or workstation, it might also be a good idea to store them inside a protective case to prevent any scratches, especially if you are going to be traveling with them.