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As battery technology continues to become more sophisticated and powerful, portable battery backups are hitting the market as an alternative to gas. Ryobi released a portable 40V Power Station a few years back and it was met with significant fanfare. Now, we’re taking an up close look at the latest Ryobi 18V Power Station so you can decide if it’s the best option for you! Residential Energy Storage

Ryobi 18V One+ Portable Power Station – 3000 Starting Watts - Pro Tool Reviews

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The Ryobi 18V power station delivers 3,000 starting watts and up to 1,800 running watts. This power station produces pure sine wave energy so it’s safe for your sensitive electronics, like laptops and cell phones, but it doesn’t stop there. It also has plenty of power for larger appliances, like your refrigerator and TV.

Ryobi gives you a little guidance when it comes to battery selection. First, they recommend using at least a 4.0Ah battery for best performance, which makes sense. This power station can run on a single battery, but the available power output will increase as you add batteries. Fortunately, they put a quick reference guide on the tool.

Using between 4 and 8 batteries, you can expect up to 1,800 running watts. Ryobi tells us that you can power a full size fridge for up to 28 hours or a 55-inch LED TV for 14 hours when using 8 12.0Ah batteries. Granted, these estimates will fluctuate depending on your battery choice as well as how many outlets you’re utilizing.

Ryobi definitely didn’t skimp on power outlet options. It has three 120V 15-Amp outlets and an assortment of DC USB outlets.

Like we’ve seen with other portable generators, you can remotely control the Ryobi RYi818BT with their GenControl app. This app is available on both iOS and Android and allows you to remotely monitor power output, set shutdown timers, adjust the LCD screen brightness, and even activate the LED task lighting. Keep in mind that it’s a Bluetooth system so you will need to be within a 50-foot radius to control the power station.

One handy feature of this power station is that it doubles as an 8-battery sequential charger. The onboard 60 watt USB-C charging port is compatible with the included wall charger, a car adapter, and even the Ryobi RYi60SP solar panels. Keep in mind, these charging methods are much slower than most of your typical tool battery chargers, but it’s a great option if you have the time. You can also run two Ryobi Power Stations in parallel with the proper accessories to increase the output.

As portable power supplies go, the Ryobi RYi818BT has a fairly rugged, modular design. It’s 19 inches from end to end and stands 12-1/2 inches tall. It weighs in at 24 pounds as a bare tool and features a sturdy top-handle for easy transport.

Like I mentioned before, Ryobi made some really smart design choices to improve durability. There are four rounded roll bars that help protect the batteries and battery ports in case it’s knocked over or falls. Keep in mind, Ryobi does not recommend using this power station in rainy or other wet conditions. However, they do include a dust cover that offers a little protection from the elements.

You can find this 18V power station on the shelves of your local Home Depot for $649 as a bare tool. There will be a kit available soon, but we don’t have an exact release date as of the time we’re writing this. However, it will be an online exclusive and include four 6.0Ah batteries. Ryobi backs this 18V power station with a 3-year warranty.

I have to say, I’m genuinely impressed with the overall design and functionality of the Ryobi 18V power station. It offers plenty of power and includes a wide range of outlets for a variety of uses at home or on the go. More so, Ryobi’s GenControl app and battery charging capabilities add additional layers of convenience and sophistication. If you’re looking for zero emissions, quiet operation, or just need to run your power source indoors, the Ryobi’s 18V power station is an excellent option.

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Ryobi 18V One+ Portable Power Station – 3000 Starting Watts - Pro Tool Reviews

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