Momentive debuts urethane additives at China show

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (Albany, NY) selected the UTECH Asia show in Shanghai this week to introduce a number of advancements in polyurethane technology.The new products, showcased at UTECH Asia 2011, included:Niax Silicone L-658 - a highly efficient, fire retardant (FR) silicone surfactant that is an excellent candidate to consider for use in flexible slabstock foam applications. Its use can enhance the efficiency of FR and minimize the amount of FR needed to meet different flammability test requirements.

Niax Silicone L-595LV - a low viscosity silicone to consider for use in the production of flexible slabstock foam. This silicone can provide increased block height and improved top-to-bottom density distribution, among other benefits. Silicone Deform For Ink

Momentive debuts urethane additives at China show

Niax Color Stabilizer CS-26LF - an excellent color stabilizer to consider for flame and heat lamination of polyether foams. It's typical benefits include enhanced bonding strength and improved indirect light stability of polyether and polyester foams.

Geolite Modifier 213 - a stabilizing, softening additive that can fully eliminate or dramatically reduce the use of auxiliary blowing agents (ABAs) in many grades of conventional slabstock foam. It also can help facilitate the production of numerous foam grades at very low indices, while maintaining acceptable physical properties and processing latitude.

Niax* Silicone L-3627 - a low emission silicone surfactant and excellent candidate to consider for use in MDI and MDI/TDI (M/T) blended HR (High Resilience) molded polyurethane foam. It can be used as a sole silicone surfactant to provide an optimum cell opening and stabilization.

Niax Silicone L-3637 - a low emission silicone to consider for use as a co-surfactant for formulations containing natural based polyols. It can help provide excellent stabilization when natural based polyol is being incorporated.

Niax Property Modifier PM-1 - a new additive to consider for improving wet set property and lower force-to-crush.

Niax  Silicone L-5466 - a non-hydrolyzable silicone copolymer and strong candidate to consider for use in resin side addition in the manufacture of rigid polyurethane foams. It can reduce surface voids in continuous and discontinuous applications and deliver very good polyol compatibility.

Niax Silicone L-1507 - a non-hydrolyzable silicone surfactant to consider for polyester-based microcellular foam formulations. It is a cell-regulating surfactant that can provide fine cell structure and improve dimensional stability by allowing for internal cell opening.- [email protected]

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Momentive debuts urethane additives at China show

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