Cable Carriers Classroom

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Simple machine designs may only require twist-tie type bundlers. More complex builds with longer heavier cables may require cable trays or even cable carriers to prevent sagging and undue strain on cables. vertical support arm system

Consider cable carriers: These are advanced components that house cables and hose in motion systems. Unlike cable trays or ladders, these components are best suited to systems that require cable movement ... think robotics, machine-tool equipment, and large off-road and industrial machinery. These carriers can support the heavy weight of numerous cables and hoses without sagging or putting stress on the cabling. They also prevent cable from tangling and snagging.

A well-designed cable carrier will dramatically extend the life of cables and fluid power supply lines—by protecting them from damaging bends, crimping, abrasive wear and crushing.

Cable carriers for dynamic axes can house many cables and wires and support the weight of them all without stressing the cabling. 

TKA Series Cable & Hose Carriers protect cables against dirt, chips and circulating spray water while also preventing the ingress of coolants and lubricants. All TKA carriers are also available in extremely heat-resistant versions

Tsubaki KabelSchlepp TKHD Series features heavy duty cable carriers for long travel lengths and high additional loads. 

The TKHD-R has been specifically designed for long travel / high speed applications. With the added versatility of our anodized aluminum crossbars, the TKHD-R track will ensure you get maximum life out of your cable and hose package in long travel applications.

Read about how the Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp TKHD Series cable carriers deliver protection to vulnerable cables and hoses. 

Find the appropriate solution for your specific application using the Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp Online Engineer. 

Cable carriers are essentially hollow chains that enclose electrical cables. They guide and protect the enclosed cables during motion, preventing wear and damage. 

Plastic cable carriers are fitted to machines to protect and guide cables and hoses. Cable carriers are constructed as a chain of rigid plastic sections. 

Often used in highly corrosive environments, steel cable carriers provide a high strength-to-weight ratio and maximum unsupported spans.

The TKHD Series is Tsubaki-KabelSchlepp’s proven long-distance, heavy-load specialist. One of the most important differences between the TKHD Series and its competitors is that the TKHD cable carrier features mechanically locked links for superior strength and aluminum horizontal crossbars for enhanced protection against cable and hose wear.

bellows cover Tsubaki KabelSchlepp is a leading provider of innovative cable carrier systems. We specialize in designing and manufacturing durable and reliable solutions for cable and hose management in various industries. Our products ensure the smooth and efficient movement of vital components, protecting them from external elements and minimizing downtime. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Tsubaki KabelSchlepp continues to be a trusted partner, delivering cutting-edge solutions that optimize performance and enhance productivity for our valued clients worldwide.