Safety fence erected along stretch of SS9 road near slope | The Star

(From left) Lim with Ding and Ong in front of the anti-climb fencing installed along Jalan SS9A/19 in Sungai Way to protect residents and road users.

COMMUNITIES living in Sungai Way, with its narrow roads and dangerous verges, can now rest easy thanks to the installation of an anti-climb fence. Field fence

Safety fence erected along stretch of SS9 road near slope | The Star

This will greatly benefit residents in areas and villages around this old Petaling Jaya neighbourhood, where a steep slope leads from the edge of Jalan SS9A/19 to the motorcycle lane along the Federal Highway below.

The fence along a 100m stretch of the road was erected under the state government’s Projek Selangor Penyayang (PSP) following a raft of safety complaints.

Incumbent Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lim Yi Wei said this was the third project under PSP that had been completed in the constituency.

“The fence also serves as a deterrent against villagers and outsiders from littering the slope,” she told reporters, adding that RM40,000 had been allocated for the project.

She hoped that the fence would enhance the safety and security of villagers and road users in Sungai Way, and also prevent illegal dumping in the future.

“We plan for the fence to be 260m at full length.

“But this first phase of 100m is more crucial because there have been lots of (untoward) incidents and illegal rubbish dumping,” she added.

Lim said the first two PSP projects completed in Kampung Tunku involved work at SEA Park Market and SMK Taman SEA.

For the former, drainage upgrades had cost RM50,000, while projects at the school costing RM62,300 involved roofing and other major infrastructure concerns.

“There are still five more projects focused on upgrading parks and recreational facilities in Kampung Tunku,” said the assemblyman.

“We hope to instal another 160m of fencing in the future.

“The allocation of RM40,000 is already approved under the exco’s office,” she added.

Also present was Petaling Jaya city councillor for Zone 20 Ong Yew Thai, who said there had been reports of people falling down the slope as well as cars plunging into the drain.

He said that the end of last year, the Public Works Department had felled trees on the slope following complaints from residents about the untamed, jungle-like foliage outside their homes.

As a result, people would traipse down the bald slope as a shortcut to go to the bus stop along the highway, which he said was dangerous.

This also brought about a spate of illegal dumping on the slope.

“We think the anti-climb fencing is important to prevent rubbish dumping and people taking dangerous shortcuts.

“We don’t want something worse to happen before taking action,” said Ong.

Sungai Way New Village chief Ding Eow Chai said prior to the fencing, there were incidents of carjacking in the neighbourhood.

Sungai Way resident Yip Ah Foo said he had witnessed plenty of illegal dumping activities but had been afraid to make a report.

“I am glad we have the fence to protect this area,” said the 85-year-old.

Cheong You Kwon, 62, said there was an incident where a car plunged down the slope in 2019.

“The fence makes it safer for everyone now,” said Cheong.

Omar Abd Ghani, 62, said while the fence was tremendously helpful for the residents, there was still a gap underneath the span that allowed pythons to slither through.

“People told me they have seen snakes on this road before; I hope something can be done about this,” he said.

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Safety fence erected along stretch of SS9 road near slope | The Star

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