The 10 Best Bathroom Scales of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

These are the easiest to use scales with the most consistent readings in test after test

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Whether you’re following a fitness program, managing a chronic condition, or simply keeping track of your health, a bathroom scale can help you monitor your progress and keep your weight on track. Thanks to the rise of fitness apps and digital health trackers, you can choose a classic analog scale or upgrade to a scale that works seamlessly with your tech.

To help find the best bathroom scales, we reviewed, researched and tested 23 options of all stripes, including smart, digital, and dial scales, and put them to the test in The Verywell Testing Lab. We evaluated each scale based on setup, reading consistency, ease of use, display readability, and value. A family physician from our Medical Expert Board reviewed this article for accuracy surrounding how to take measurements and what to look for when purchasing a scale. We are continually testing new scales and will keep updating this article to ensure we are recommending the best bathroom scales on the market.

You'll see that we call out the standard deviation with each scale on this list—that means that we compared the weight the scale registered compared to the weight we recorded from a medical-grade scale we used as a baseline. A smaller standard deviation means the scale we tested is more accurate, though our expert advised us that any scale with a standard deviation below one is good for home use.

Easy to use and set up

Compatible with many smartphone apps for data collection

Only weight is shown on scale; app must be used for other metrics

Manufacturer warns that glass can be easily shattered on contact

The Renpho Smart Scale was our overall favorite bathroom scale, thanks to its bright, readable display, and lightweight design (it's only 2.8 pounds, making it easy to store).

Ideal if you prefer smart features, the scale pairs with an app, complete with Bluetooth connectivity. We praised the easy setup and liked that all of your data can be stored and tracked on your phone. Aside from weight readings, it also offers 12 other metrics, including body fat, bone mass, and metabolic age, making it a diverse pick if you have varied wellness goals.

As a plus, the scale is compatible with a variety of wellness apps including Samsung Health, Fitbit App, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Weight (Manufacturer Stated): 2.8 pounds | Weight Limitations: 396 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: Yes | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 11 x 11 x 1 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

If possible, scales should be placed on a tile or other hard surface. We found that carpeted surfaces led to greater inconsistencies in the weight readings. Because of this, the carpet reading we took was not used to calculate standard deviation to determine reading consistency.

Easy setup with one-time calibration

Flashing number feature can be distracting

If you don't know if a scale is a device you want to incorporate into your routine, you may want to make it a smaller investment, which we completely understand. The Ozeri Precision Bath Scale is a solid starting scale, and the most budget-friendly in our list. We liked the one-time calibration and how readable the display is. Depending on your preferences, you can even adjust the units and switch between pounds, kilograms, or stone weight. 

We really loved this scale, but we found the flashing weight reading a bit distracting. During the durability test, the scale also displayed an error message, and the initial reading was inaccurate by 10 pounds—but it worked normally on the second try. 

If you’re new to bathroom scales and prefer an option without any frills, this scale offers the basics in a sleek, reliable design.

Weight (Manufacturer State): 4.4 pounds | Weight Limitations: 440 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: No | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 12 x 12 x 0.75 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

Ready to use out of the box

Compatible with many smartphone apps for data collection

LCD display is hard to read

The Etekcity Scale is among the most affordable on our list, especially for a smart scale, which is why we picked it as the best digital bathroom scale. Complete with Bluetooth connectivity, 13 types of body measurements, and stat syncing, the device can be connected to its own app that serves as a secondary option to view readings. Additionally, data can be sent to a variety of apps including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, and Samsung Health, and the scale can track the weight of an unlimited number of users. Our tester found it ready to use right out of the box, and was impressed with how the scale uses an intelligent algorithm to track weight along with BMI.

We liked the app, which was thorough and easy to navigate, more than the actual scale, since the scale didn’t have the most visual-friendly display with dark red text and black background. However, it held up well during the durability test, with no flaws to point out. This digital bathroom scale is likely the right buy if you’re tech-savvy and enjoy having a lot of app features to play around with.

What stood out the most was the scale’s ability to pair with the app and it gave us precise readings down to the ounce (removing miscellaneous items from our pockets during the readings reflected this). The ability to reflect and store weight, BMI, and other analytics on the app for later reviewing is a useful feature.

Weight (Manufacturer State): 3.6 Pounds | Weight Limitations: 400 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: Yes | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 11.8 x 11.8 x 1 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

Offers both digital display and dial reading

Flashing number feature may not be for everyone

May be too big for small spaces

No connectivity or WiFi data collected

A scale with a lot of gimmicks may not be for everyone. We chose the Ozeri Rev Scale for the best analog bathroom scale because it's traditional and offers the basics. We appreciated that it has both a digital display and dial reading, though we didn’t particularly like the flashing of the scale’s number. 

The first reading produced a different number within a few minutes time. The scale itself also has a non-traditional design, and may take up more room than you’d like if you have a small space. This feedback affected its overall value for us, but its other attributes made it worth it: The scale is straightforward and versatile thanks to the dual reading function, and it was easy to set up. 

While it doesn’t offer many of the features of the smarter models, it does have a built-in alarm to remind you to weigh in at the same time daily and is offered in multiple colors.

Weight (Manufacturer Stated): 3.7 Pounds | Weight Limitations: 400 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: No | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 13.5 x 14 x 1 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

LCD screen is easy to see in the dark

App connects in real time with the scale

Footprint marks are visible after use

App doesn’t have the most user-friendly setup

The WYZE Smart Scale is our pick for best bathroom scale with an app because it pulls out all the stops when it comes to app features. The setup was a little frustrating, we'll admit, due to the many steps it takes to set up the app—though the platform is able to store multiple data points and track 12 body metrics, including protein level, visceral fat, lean body mass, and more. We praised how easy the app was to navigate and how it connects in real time to the scale. The LCD screen was also easy to read, even in the dark. As a plus, it recognizes up to eight users and features unlimited guest sharing. 

A caveat that we found is that the scale showed footprint marks. This may not be the most visually appealing to some, especially if the scale is being shared among several people. However, its a solid choice if you prefer a more modern bathroom scale that can offer many insights into your health. We especially recommend this scale for those who plan on using a scale to track their long-term health.

Weight (Manufacturer State): 3 pounds | Weight Limitations: 400 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: Yes | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 11.81 x 11.81 x 1.18 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

Large-size platform to accommodate all sizes

May be hard to read at night

The EatSmart Precision Scale is one of the two bathroom scales on our list with a high weight capacity, with a limit of 550 pounds, making it our pick for the best scale with an extended weight range. With a no-frills design, data storage as personal data is only shown for 20 seconds, and there is no app to offer additional insights. The display and readability might be hard to read at night, as there’s no backlight. However, in full lighting, we found the numbers large and easy to read. We also found that the scale retained footprints easily, so it may be a higher-maintenance choice in terms of cleaning.

The simple design is best suited for users who don’t require extra technological features. As a plus, it features auto shut-off to save battery life as well as an extra-wide platform, its dimensions making it the largest device among all our choices.

We liked that this scale is no-frills and super easy to use and think it's great for anyone who weighs themself occasionally and isn't tracking their weight regularly.

Weight (Manufacturer Stated): 2.2 pounds | Weight Limitations: 550 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: No | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 1.75 x 16.38 x 13.75 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

Offers readings aside from weight

Verbal readings may not be for everyone

May take up too much room for small spaces

Not all scales have the most readable display, especially if you’re visually impaired, and MyWeigh’s XL-550 Scale mitigates this with a talking feature. The device offers verbal weight readings as well as verbal instructions. However, if you’re self-conscious about this feature, you can turn it off. 

It doesn’t include an app or Bluetooth compatibility. While it’s not a smart scale, it offers an option for the weight readings to be viewed in kilograms. Additionally, as one of the two devices on our list with the largest dimensions and highest weight capacities, it accommodates a variety of sizes, and it’s ideal if you like extra room. However, if you have limited space, it may be too large. 

In our tests, we found that this was an accurate and easy-to-use scale. The talking feature is great for those who are visually impaired.

Weight (Manufacturer Stated): 5.71 Pounds | Weight Limitations: 550 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: No | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 15.8 x 13.4 x 2 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

Offered the most consistent readings out of all scales tested

Auto features and notifications for low battery

LCD screen can be difficult to read

If aesthetics are a priority, you can’t go wrong our pick for the best bathroom scale with the best looking design with iDoo’s High Precision Scale, which features a white marble design, glass platform, and extra-wide size. The scale is the heaviest option on our list at 6.1 pounds, so it’s better suited as having a designated spot in your home.

We praised the setup and ease of use, as it required no calibration. It passed the durability test without any scratches or marks and kept its glossy, shiny finish without a trace of footprints after use.

The scale fell short when it came to display and readability. The bright blue background and dark text weren’t the most user-friendly, and not all may like the flashing reading feature. The scale doesn’t have data storage either and requires some more manual work.

While not a smart scale, this option makes up for this with extra features like a low-battery notification and four anti-slip pads. It gets the job done while appearing more expensive than it actually is.

We liked that the scale was so simple and quick, with no calibration required, but didn't like the flashing text display or the blue background. However, we did like the look of the scale, with its stylish marble design.

Weight (manufacturer Stated): 6.14 pounds | Weight Limitations: 440 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: No | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 12.8 x 11.6 x 1 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

No app or data storage option

Display is hard to read

If you’re frequently on the go, it can be tough to maintain your wellness goals while out and about. Whether you’re away on business or taking a leisure trip, the NewlineNY Mini Bathroom Scale can keep you on track, in one pint-sized package, which is why it's our pick for the best bathroom scale for travel. At 1.2 pounds, it was the lightest scale on our list and has the smallest dimensions. While it's not a smart scale, it offers easy setup and no frills, ideal for a second scale or small spaces.

We found the display and readability could be better, and noted that the scale tips easily when stepping onto the device. Our editor found that it was easy for her feet to accidentally cover the reading, so it's not the best choice if you have large or wide feet—or stability issues. 

For a portable, carry-on choice, the scale is hard to beat. Its units can be converted between kilograms, pounds, and stone weight, and it’s available in multiple colors.

We think this scale is perfect if you're really committed to tracking your weight while traveling. It would be easy to tuck away and store if needed. However, we wouldn't recommend it to older individuals or people who do not have good stability, as it is easy to tip over when stepping on.

Weight (Manufacturer Stated): 1.2 pounds | Weight Limitations: 325 pounds | Bluetooth/App Connectivity: No | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

8 users stored on the scale; unlimited users through the app

Compatible with most major operating systems

Doesn’t automatically save data

The FITINDEX WiFi Bluetooth Body Fat Scale is our best pick for the best smart bathroom scale due to how easy it was to use, the high value we received from the scale, and the scale’s compatibility with multiple different operating systems. It’s sleek and fits in our bathrooms beautifully. The accompanying app was also easy to navigate, which is good because that’s where many of our measurements were saved. It calibrates quickly and we loved how precise it was. We felt this app picked up everything, which helped us make health and fitness decisions throughout the day (we found ourselves drinking a lot more water after using this scale). 

The FITINDEX WiFi Bluetooth Body Fat Scale measures 13 different components of your health, including weight, subcutaneous fat, skeletal muscle, BMI, water, bone mass, muscle mass, body fat, fat-free body weight, protein, basal metabolism, body age, and visceral fat. We love that this smart bathroom scale also comes equipped with dual wifi and Bluetooth connection mode so it automatically connects to the Fitindex fitness app without you having to make manual adjustments on your phone. It scans your entire body upon use (how it calculates all of those measurements listed above) and displays body weight, body fat percentage, and BMI data directly on the scale while showing you all the other measurements on the app. We adore that it’s compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, Samsung Health and offers App for Apple Watch. It keeps track of eight users, and can track unlimited users when used with the Bluetooth app.

Oh, and it comes with batteries!

Weight (Manufacturer Stated): Not listed | Weight Limitations: Not listed Bluetooth/App Connectivity: Yes | Dimensions (Manufacturer Stated): 11 x 11 x 1 inches | Power Source: Requires batteries (included)

When considering all the options, “it should be easy to calibrate in between uses so that it is grounded to zero and should be accurate to about two decimal places if someone is looking for small changes in weight," neurologist Dr. Huma Sheikh told Verywell. Also, consider ease of use, ability to give consistent readings, and Bluetooth connectivity.

We spent eight hours with varying weights and heights—conducted multiple tests barefoot, with the supervision of a nurse practitioner at the Verywell Testing Lab, testing 23 bathroom scales to find the best.

First, we performed a reading consistency test. After weighing ourselves on a medical-grade scale, we weighed ourselves on their scale they were testing. We took our weight three times: once on a tile surface (to mimic real consumer use in a home bathroom), once on a carpeted surface (to see if the readings had any inconsistencies), and once again on the tile surface while holding a 4.3 pound dumbbell (to test the scale's sensitivity to minor weight changes). We repeated this process for each scale. After a short lunch break, we took new base weight readings to ensure reading consistency on the remaining tests performed.

Because weight can fluctuate throughout the day due to water and food consumption, bathroom use, and other factors, we decided we did not have the resources to give a valid accuracy rating. Instead, we determined each device’s “reading consistency”.

We calculated the standard deviation of each scale by using the tile surface and dumbbell readings when compared to the baseline weight taken by the medical-grade scale. We did not take into account the scale reading on the carpeted surface, as the readings varied greatly during that test. We decided that including that data would not give us an accurate standard deviation. Sheikh advised that devices with standard deviation readings of less than one are considered consistent. Any devices with a standard deviation higher than one did not make our list.

A durability test was also performed for each scale. We dropped a nine pound dopp kit from waist length on each scale twice, and inspected the item for physical damage and even stepped on each scale after the dopp kit was dropped to see if the impact affected the the scale's weight reading.

Throughout the tests, taking into account what would be most important to consumers, each scale was evaluated based on setup, reading consistency, data storage, display, ease of use, durability, and overall value—and offered ratings out of five, with five being a perfect score. If the scale was a smart model, we took notes on the pairing app’s ease of use, connectivity, and speed, and how well it complemented the scale. 

On this list, we included scales that track metrics beyond the user's weight, including BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, and more. We did not, however, test the accuracy or consistency of these statistics.

Finally, we gave overall value ratings, while star ratings were based on the average of all attribute scores to help us accurately rank our favorite scales. None of our picks received perfect five star ratings across the board, and all scales had something that could have been improved. We also consulted with medical professionals for their insights on what to look for when choosing bathroom scales. These experts include:

A digital scale is the most accurate as it will give you a more precise number, out to one or two decimal places, whereas an analog scale requires you to make more of an estimate based on where exactly the needle falls. Also, the mechanics of an analog scale can degrade over time, making it less reliable than a digital scale, long term.

To get the most accurate reading from your scale, make sure it is on a flat, hard surface and is already calibrated.

We tested 23 bathroom scales in the Lab, but only nine made our final list. Here are a few more that we tested, but fell short in one regard or another.

Tori Zhou is the Associate Health Commerce Editor at Verywell. She enjoys staying up-to-date on wellness trends and products, with a focus on holistic health. She prioritizes app compatibility in a scale and is currently conducting a long-term test of the WYZE Smart Scale.

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