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This company recently expanded its line of carbon-steel fittings (photo) to bring more press options for plumbing and mechanical carbon-steel pipe applications, as well as fuel and gas carbon-steel pipe applications. The BenchPress and BenchPressG fittings are designed for efficiency, with easy, clean and fast installation, for a wider range of applications. The line features a patented fitting design that creates consistent joints, is flame-free and environmentally friendly. These heavy-duty fittings feature stainless-steel grip rings and separator rings. Available in 0.5- to 2-in. sizes, the BenchPress and BenchPressG fittings can be installed within seconds and require no threading equipment and lubricants, while maintaining joint integrity and professional appearance. — Nibco Inc., Elkhart, Ind.

The Mini-Millhog (photo) is a portable pneumatic-clamping tube and pipe beveling tool for machining of tube and pipe from 1.25 in. I.D. to 6.625 in. O.D. The tool is self-centering with one mandrel covering the majority of the range. With a working weight of 27.5 lb, this high-torque tool is easy to handle and provides smooth chatter-free operation on highly alloyed stainless steel and heavy wall pipe without using cutting fluids. Capable of producing any angle of preparation, the Mini-Millhog is a robust tool with all clamping components used to rigidly secure the tool on the I.D. of the tube or pipe. Also available with an electric motor, this versatile tool can remove tube-weld overlay and membrane cladding in boiler systems. — ESCO Tool, A Unit of ESCO Technologies, Inc., Holliston, Mass.

The TVGM Series is a family of miniature, high-definition handheld industrial-grade videoscopes (photo) designed to support a variety of non-destructive testing and remote visual inspection tasks. Offered in four models, with a choice of either a 3.9- or 6-mm camera and either a 1.5- or 3-m videoscope probe length, the TVGM Series features dual-key operation, a fully modular and ergonomic design and end-user capability to easily swap out probe lengths for increased application adaptability. At the heart of each videoscope is a powerful onboard controller delivering high-definition imaging, reliability and stability. Typical applications include remote visual inspections of smaller-sized precision industrial machinery and equipment, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic parts, steel pipes, castings and containers, even in low- or reduced-light conditions and space-constrained environments. — Titan Tool Supply Inc., Buffalo, N.Y.

Stakeholders in charge of medium- and high-pressure fluid-system applications for hydrogen fuel-cell technologies and downhole oil-and-gas exploration can achieve significant time and labor savings by switching from traditional cone-and-thread fittings to FK series two-ferrule tube fittings (photo). Using FK series fittings, assemblers have been able to complete fitting installations approximately five times faster, while virtually eliminating rework needed during hydrotesting and acceptance test steps, the company says. In service, FK series two-ferrule tube fittings help to improve system reliability and reduce overall maintenance needs. These efficiencies deliver significant savings and a reduced total cost of ownership. FK series fittings feature a female fitting body and a pre-assembled cartridge containing the male nut and color-coded front and back ferrules on a disposable arbor. The preassembled cartridge ensures correct ferrule orientation, visual confirmation of ferrule presence, and proper installation into the female body. The fittings are available in 316 stainless steel, alloy 2507 and alloy 625. — Swagelok Company, Solon, Ohio

This company recently launched a new series of thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) for tubes and hoses used in sanitary and drinking water applications. These products already meet the stricter evaluation criteria for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water established by the German Environment Agency (KTW-BWGL standard), which will become binding for TPEs from March 2025. The compounds are characterized by easy processability and provide tubes and hoses with extremely smooth surfaces, considerably improved mechanical properties and excellent kink resistance. The new elastomer leads to tubes and hoses that have considerably improved tensile strength, tear resistance and elongation at break, the company says. The new Thermoplast DW generation is easily processible on conventional extrusion lines for polyolefins, and the compounds are suitable for efficient manufacturing of cold- and warm-water tubes and hoses, providing up to 50% better mechanical properties and good adhesion to polypropylene. — Kraiburg TPE GmbH & Co. KG, Waldkraiburg, Germany

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