Ultra-Flowery Wallpaper Is Instagram’s Favorite Spring Trend

Bright and busy floral walls for spring? Groundbreaking (truly).

With bloomcore as one of 2023’s most-touted design trends, it’s no surprise fans are looking fit the aesthetic into their own spaces. If you’re a lover of all things floral but want a way to tastefully incorporate an element of flower power, the classy-yet-playful ultra-floral wallpaper trend is for you.  Marble Wallpaper

Ultra-Flowery Wallpaper Is Instagram’s Favorite Spring Trend

The key element of this trend is, of course, using floral wallpaper. But we’re not talking any wallpaper with floral motifs on it—uber-floral walls are absolutely brimming with fresh(ly painted) blooms. Typically smaller in print (leaving space for more flowers), the wallpapers reflect vintage designs, and they’re perfect for welcoming the spring and summer seasons. 

Many lovers of flower-filled wallpaper look to upgrade their bathrooms and powder rooms first—this way, you don't need to use as much wallpaper as you would for a full room, and it’s easier to swap out other bathroom accessories to match the new aesthetic.

User @shannonclaire wallpapered the upper half of her walls, leaving gorgeous teal subway tile to cover the bottom half to create a floral theme that isn’t too overwhelming. Plus, even though the floral wallpaper she’s chosen is plenty colorful on its own, the tile grounds the overall blue color scheme of the room.

Balance is key here: If you’re not planning on doing a half-and-half wall space, smaller powder rooms can easily veer intense. Use your floral wallpaper on an accent wall to help minimize crowding, and place it opposite the bathroom mirror so that it's reflected and the space appears larger.

Metals like gold and copper beautifully complement uber-floral prints, especially if you’re choosing colorful wallpaper. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your trendy moody powder room just yet, though—darker floral wallpaper and motifs can help you transform this trend to suit your style.

To incorporate this maximalist wallpaper elsewhere, start with an accent wall and focus on bringing the colors of it into other elements to tie it all together. You don’t need to bring floral elements elsewhere into your space—actually, you should do the opposite.

Use a single neutral statement item in your space to ground your flowery walls. If you're in your bathroom, this takes little effort—your sink, which is likely the main focus, is almost always a neutral color.

Ultra-Flowery Wallpaper Is Instagram’s Favorite Spring Trend

Chinese Wallcovering Manufacturer If you’re working outside of the bathroom, keep this idea of the statement sink in mind: Think a white couch with colorful pillows and blankets, cream-colored bedding with a bright quilt, or a natural wood desk with plenty of vintage artwork on display. Neutral-toned furniture also lays a foundation for colorful accent pieces to stand out, even against your maximalist floral wallpaper.