71 Best Luxury Gifts for Men 2024

He thinks he has it all, but we've got some ideas for you.

A man who appreciates real luxury doesn't have to be a billionaire who's jetting off to space, and he doesn't have to be an old-money type who owns a brutalist villa in Sardinia. At Esquire, we define a luxury man as any guy who has stuff beyond the ordinary. He could be your husband, father-in-law, or dad who needs a Father's Day gift, but he's just got nicer taste than most guys. He's got the coolest furniture pieces, the rarest whiskies, finest wines, and a wealth of knowledge about all of it. He knows what to invest in, what's a faux-pas, and what's the must-have are. He might even already have everything—he thinks—he's ever wanted. And that's fine. Blind Toys

71 Best Luxury Gifts for Men 2024

But, you've got to buy him a gift, and that's tough. You've come here because his lavish taste makes him very annoying to shop for—your luxury gift ideas must be as exceptional as he is to earn his appreciation. That's where we come in. We can help escort you through the upper echelons of his many fine likings, whether his palate floats in the sub-$300 or jacks up into the four digits; whether he’s a home décor perfectionist or a Michelin three-star regular or just loves random shit on Amazon (hey, they can be luxe, too). So, here are the 71 best expensive, luxury gifts for men—for any and every occasion.

I can guarantee you he doesn't have a speaker like this. With light features and three dimensional sound, you can't go wrong here.

I might be bias for this one, but my boyfriend is a man of luxury and a man of writing. This year, I bought him this classic pen from Mont Blanc and he said it was the best gift he's ever received. He might be overselling the thank you to me, but it's the thought that counts.

Alternatively, you could get hime the designer version of an Apple Watch.

If you made it to this list cause your guy is into labels and prints, then we have the gift for him. Here's a classic card case from Dior that's the perfect mix of useful and flashy.

A closet that does his dry cleaning. This is luxury from a SciFi novel.

What's more luxurious than quitting the gym altogether and installing a futuristic personal training system at home?

But, here's a more standard Made in U.S.A. work bag that'll last him the rest of his working life, develop a rich patina, and get passed down to his grandkids.

For the man that loves his wine, and we mean really loves his wine, what's better than a Louis Vuitton monogrammed bottle opener, pour spout and cap? That's right. Nothing.

You can tell from the photos these are luxe. And, his feet will never know discomfort again.

$2000 at Watches of Switzerland $2000 at Reeds

For a fancy watch, go with something timeless—pun very much intended—yet modern as well just to throw in the oxymoron. Tag Heuer's Calibre E4 blends Swiss luxury watchmaking with fitness tracking tech seamlessly. His Apple Watch 7 can only wish.

Any other bedside charger is just an eyesore.

There's no other loafer you should even consider buying him.

The problem with ordering caviar at restaurants is you don't really get to distinguish different flavors. The Caviar Co. gives you at-home tasting flights, so your man can form some opinions about everyone's favorite expensive add-on.

This Pringles and caviar flight is a bit more approachable, but if he's a real caviar head, he knows the weight, shape, and crispness of Pringles make them the perfect caviar chip.

It holds up to 128 ounces of your beverage of choice, whether that's beer, sangria, cold brew, or anything else. When you bring this out at a party or gathering, the night has officially begun.

When it comes to luggage brands, Rimowa's virtually indestructible carry-on is an investment piece he will literally own forever. We fully endorse it.

We inhabit a world where the absence of noise itself is a luxury, particularly where productivity is concerned. This futuristically designed pod shuts out all racket, providing a cocoon of quiet wherever he places it—in the backyard, the basement, or the garage.

A high-design moka pot is by far the most luxurious way to make a coffee.

Is there anything more luxury than being one of the first wave to witness the next era of personal computing?

Nothing embodies the attitude of "luxe life" like having your own fireplace you can take any where.

Therabody makes the TheraFace Pro for at-home facials or the SmartGoggles for meditative massages, but our favorite gift is the TheraFace Mask. It's the best LED Mask on the market for reducing wrinkles, firming up skin, and keeping blemishes at bay.

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71 Best Luxury Gifts for Men 2024

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