16 Best Indestructible Dog Toys of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

A persistent dog can tear through almost anything, but these tough toys should take them longer than most.

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16 Best Indestructible Dog Toys of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

Being the pet parent to an aggressive chewer means constantly purchasing new dog toys and cleaning up tufts of stuffing and other bits around the house. If you're at your wit's end trying to find something that withstands the jaws of your fur baby, you'll want a dog toy that's fairly indestructible. Whether you have a large or small dog, we've rounded up. a list of the toughest dog toys that our Good Housekeeping Institute pet experts and consumer testers have tested and recommend.

But first, let's caveat the term "indestructible." According to one of our testers, who has a Cavalier King Charles, "every indestructible dog toy is completely destructible, for the record." A persistent dog can, eventually, get through anything — and large breeds like labs and pit bulls can chew through stuff faster than most.

We regularly test pet products to recommend only the best ones that keep your mischief maker out of trouble. In finding the best "indestructible" dog toys, our product experts sifted through countless five-star options, spoke with owners of large and small dogs and looked at some toys in our Lab as well.

"The best toys replicate natural behavior," says Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, author of Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness. "Enrichment toys and play are essentially substitutes for the survival skills dogs were born to develop." The right toy for your pooch can keep them happy and stimulate their brain, so we're happy to help you invest in toys that actually last longer than most. Companies suggest replacing a dog's toy once there are signs of medium wear, to avoid the toy becoming shreds that get swallowed.

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It's the pinnacle of all dog toys, Kong's classic cone ball toy is made from durable natural rubber designed with a hollow middle for treats such as peanut butter or kibble. We originally rated the Kong Classic at the top but have now replaced it with this Kong Extreme, as dog owners attest to it holding up better. It's one of the most popular indestructible dog toys on Amazon, where it has more than 44,000 five-star reviews. Although dogs with strong teeth will eventually shred the rubber.

Two hacks we learned: A Reddit dog owner says that if you reliably fill your Kong with treats, a dog might get wise and learn to protect and respect this toy versus tearing it to bits. Also, the manufacturer says you can put it in the freezer for 4 to 6 hours before play to make gnawing even more of a challenge.

Stuffing interactive rubber toys like this one with peanut butter or treats helps encourage your dog to use their brain to problem solve, according to Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, author of Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness. Also, because dogs have to work to get out the food, they are less likely to get a sore tummy since it draws out the reward.

This ring's textured, flavored nylon will keep even the most mischievous destroyer occupied. Plus, according to the brand, the ridges and nubs on the ring can help keep your dog's teeth clean. Note: The one shown is heavy and recommended for dogs 50 pounds and up; for littler pups, they also sell this in a size small.

Keep in mind that if you're purchasing dog toys made out of harder materials like nylon, Dr. Conrad says they can cause obstructions if your dog breaks off and tries to swallow a large piece. Keep an eye on your dog while it is chewing and replace this toy as soon as you see pieces breaking off.

Tuffy's dog toys are popular and this one is made with extra layers of material to make it super hard to rip open, plus seven seams to hold it all together. It also has webbing to reinforce the edges so it's even harder to tear apart. But the brand cautions that this is made to be a hard-to-break play toy and not specifically a chew toy. Plush toys are more fragile than their rubber counterparts. Big dogs and energetic, teething puppies might — despite all the work on the part of Tuffy's to make their dog toys last — get this to break apart.

We like that this can float in water if you have a beach doggie. Also, two-dog households can use this for their dogs to play tug-of-war and interact with each other. There are three squeakers inside to keep a dog's attention.

Keeping your pet intellectually stimulated can keep them from focusing on tasks you don't want them to do, like destroying your shoes. This West Paw Zogoflex Hurley, lightweight and able to float, is great for a game of fetch on land or waterside. When it runs its course, you can mail it back to West Paw and they will recycle it to make more dog toys.

Dog owners say this bounces as well as floats, keeping dogs excited and interested. For some, it has proven to be indestructible for their dog, but others, not surprisingly, say it just takes some weeks for their pet to eventually chew this down. Zogoflex is what the brand calls their proprietary non-toxic material.

While no plush toy is truly indestructible and most avid chewers can rip them to pieces, if your pup can withstand the temptation, this adorable dinosaur is one of your best bets for a durable plush dog toy your pet can cuddle and love aggressively. Double-stitched seams and a tough inner liner help guard against total destruction and mess. Plus, it comes with a built-in squeaker.

No matter how sturdy a plush toy is, however, it's easier to tear apart than a rubber or nylon toy and won't stand up to heavy chewing over time. The brand comes with a guarantee though: If this doesn't hold up longer than 30 days, they'll offer a one-time replacement.

This comes in many variations; there are about eight different dinosaurs alone, as well as other animals such as a goDog dragon, gator, chicken and stuffed pig dog toy. They are all deliberately under-stuffed so that it's floppy and fun for a dog to drag around.

Puppies will really go to town with a chew toy to help relieve their sore gums. Puppies are also always hungry. Kong's Puppy Activity Ball is made of soft rubber to help relieve teething pain, plus it dispenses treats. It's made to distract, occupy and please puppies up to 9 months old; dogs older than that will be able to bite through the natural rubber too easily. We tested it with a 4-month-old puppy who loved it enough to pause destroying boxes of tissues.

Kong naturally recommends that you use the brand's own treats inside, such as its Easy Treat squirt-in snack, but dog parents can also use peanut butter inside to hold kibble and give dogs a discovery challenge. It comes in pink or blue, but unfortunately when you order online you can't choose the color — you just get what you get. If your puppy likes this one, there are many other interactive puppy toys, including a frisbee shape, in the Kong line of indestructible dog toys.

The Reddit-recommended Goughnuts donut is made by a rubber chemist with the same rubber used for spaceships and aircrafts. If you've got a large breed, the L and XL sizes will be the perfect challenge, and just may be one of the more indestructible dog toys available on Amazon. In fact, the makers of this dog toy believe in their product so much that they'll replace it for free, minus shipping, if your pup ever chews through it.

A lot of online reviewers complain of it smelling like a tire really is rubber so that is the way it is supposed to smell. This toy doesn't squeak or bounce high, and it's not flavored like anything, so not every dog is interested in it. But a study of online reviews shows that a lot of toughie dogs with strong jaws — such as pit bulls, Great Danes and bull terriers — enjoy and can't destroy the Goughnuts' ring.

Made from all-natural rubber and infused with baking soda, this ape-shaped toy claims to freshen your dog's breath, while the textured surface cleans their teeth. Available in two sizes and as either a gorilla or a gator, you can call this a chew toy and a dental toy in one. It doesn't squeak, which could be a plus or a minus depending on what your dog likes and whether you're most interested in a silent dog toy.

Dr. Conrad specifically recommends natural rubber toys since they're the safest and most durable for heavy chewers, and there's less of a chance of dogs breaking their teeth on this versus them chewing on a real bone. The smaller version is designed for pets up to 25 pounds, while the larger is for those up to 35 pounds. If you have a big dog, this is probably not the toy for them.

This brand of flexible puppy chew toy comes in many shapes including this indestructible dog bone, a "dental dinosaur," a pretend key ring and more. All are soft and made for teething puppies who need to gnaw often. Among the different varieties, they have earned more than 58,000 five-star Amazon reviews.

According to the brand, the ridges on the sides of the toy help keep teeth clean and breath fresh while playing. It's also beef flavored, which is good for keeping a pet interested. But note that it's not meant to be eaten. Beware of giving this soft puppy toy to a larger, more aggressive and older dog who might chew it to pieces and accidentally swallow any shreds.

For dogs who love fake animals, this set of three — fox, raccoon and squirrel — have squeakers in their bodies and crinkle paper in their tails to stay interesting. But what they don't have is stuffing, so your dog can't rip these open and spill fluff everywhere. Many dogs are content to cuddle these floppy friends and drag them around. Each one is about 18 inches long and five inches wide.

The big "however" is that aggressive dogs might still eviscerate these. Online reviews are full of stories of dogs who were able to rip off the ears and tails, but there are also other dogs who made one of these plushies their BFF, so you're taking a chance. Our tester, a pit bull-boxer mix named Cosmo, was kind to these toys. "Cosmo is a big fan and has yet to even put holes in them, which is rare for him," his owner told us. Though, at this price for three toys, it's not like you'd be out of a lot of money if your dog does eventually rip them up.

This "Jolly Ball" comes Reddit-recommended for chewers, tuggers and chasers. It's made so even if it gets punctured, it won't deflate and it will still float in water. Your rambunctious chewer can try to shred the rope and put holes in the hard rubber ball but it will still live for more days of play. (The company makes basically the same toy for horses, so that gives you an idea of its strength.)

This is a particularly great tug toy for dogs that like to play together. But note that some big dog breeds can eventually chew the rope to ribbons. If that happens, online reviewers say they remove the rope and let their dog keep playing with the ball.

Dr. Conrad warns that ingesting the stuffing is one of the reasons why soft toys are not always recommended by vets for strong chewers. Enter the Invincibles line: Animal-shaped dog toys packed with squeakers that won't break even when punctured. With a double lining and reinforced double stitching, they are the perfect durable plush dog toys for pets that need something soft and cuddly, yet are apt to destroy your average teddy bear.

While no soft toy can compare to stronger materials such as rubber, if your pet is after something a little softer to touch, an Invincibles toy is a great option. In addition to four variations on a snake, there are animals such as a hedgehog, duck and turtle.

Does your dog love to chew on sticks — or worse, wooden furniture? Swap in this tough, bacon-flavored bone made of nylon for the most aggressive chewers. Dog owners report their large dogs safely chewing on this for weeks, letting you rest a little easier. (Still, if you see it starting to wear down, immediately replace it.) It's available in four sizes and the brand asks you to pay attention to which size is recommended for your dog's weight — the largest 11-incher is heavy and recommended for breeds such as Bull Mastiffs and Great Danes. The smallest is for small dogs such as spaniels and the two medium sizes are for all the mid-size dogs like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.

This also comes in peanut butter and steak flavors. Heed Dr. Conrad's advice to not let your dog play with a nylon dog toy unsupervised, since this is made of harder materials that could be hard on your dog's teeth. Again, buy the one appropriate for your dog's size and just keep an eye on them chewing.

Think of this as the Tennis Ball 2.0 that won't break into a thousand pieces once your pet starts chewing. It floats, it bounces and it holds treats. Its vanilla-infused scent makes chewing more delectable and unlike, say, beef-scented toys, this one will continue to smell great to pet parents as well.

This is a thick rubber that's less vulnerable to destruction than softer toys. Its circular shape with unique cut-outs means it's great for rolling or bouncing around while full of kibble — you can use something like peanut butter to hold the kibble in and make getting pieces out more of a challenge. (Though there is the potential to nibble off a piece of the toy.) One Amazon reviewer even threaded a rope through the center to make it a whole new toy.

This toy's classic wishbone shape is designed to be held in your pup's paws so they can get a good chew going — many dogs instinctively love the look, smell and taste of these meat-flavored chew toys. Available in four sizes and three flavors including chicken, peanut and bacon, this bone is made of strong nylon intended to keep even the most ferocious of chewers from ripping it apart.

Benebone notes that rather than focusing on colors and squeakers, they prioritize scent and taste to keep pets interested. While we include this product on the list for aggressive chewers that are no match for toys of softer materials, pet parents should keep a watchful eye when pups play with hard materials like nylon to protect injuries from ingestion or tooth damage. If your dog doesn't have strong teeth, this Benebone is not for them.

If you want the closest thing to an indestructible dog Frisbee, we recommend this soft flying disc from Chuckit! The lightweight Paraflight sails far and high, floats and is fun for dogs to chase down and capture. While the brand's flying squirrel version is funnier, this one flies more closely to a real Frisbee, although it is not made of plastic — it's nylon surrounded by a rubber edging.

While the Paraflight has more than 13,000 five-star Amazon reviews, there are plenty of pet parents who say aggressive chewers can have this frayed within a month of use. Owners of big dogs admit to using the "subscribe" feature on many online retail sites to regularly get new ones.

The Good Housekeeping Institute reviews pet products of all kinds, from dog sunscreen for those sunny days to comfy dog jackets for colder climates.

For this story, our pet product experts scoured top-rated picks and reviews to ensure we only suggest the best indestructible dog toys to our readers and their furry friends — though it's important to note that none are truly indestructible.

When choosing our favorite picks, we considered safety, scent, texture, efficacy and more. In doing so, we spoke with veterinarians about which materials are safe to chew on. We also consulted dog families including a family with a new puppy, one with a large breed and one with a medium breed. These picks are made up of our pros' personal favorites, popular brands with positive reviews and recommendations from everyday pet parents and vets.

Before you add to cart, check the materials of the dog toys you're considering to make sure they're safe for your pet.

"Look for soft yet tough products to ensure your dog can't destroy the toy but also to keep their teeth from breaking," says Megan Conrad, MBBS, a veterinarian at Hello Ralphie and associate vet at WellHaven Pet Health. "In general, rubber-based toys tend to be the most durable and safe for dogs. A good brand is the Kong brand. They make several rugged toys made especially for dogs that chew a lot of things up."

Dr. Conrad also suggests staying away from real antlers and animal bones since they can break teeth and "cause obstructions if ingested in large pieces." As a rule of thumb, she says, "if you gently tap your knee with the product and it hurts, then it's too hard for your dog to chew on." In particular, keep an eye on your pet if they're chewing on hard nylon dog toys — we recommend several in this story, since it is for aggressive chewers, but your dog does need strong teeth to handle those. Always supervise your pup while they're playing with anything to minimize risk of ingestion.

Pet parents we spoke with said that, for aggressive chewers, it's best to avoid any plush toy with stuffing or you'll have some serious clean-up on your hands. Fortunately, there are stuffing-free animals for dogs when they need something cuddly.

Most of the time, you don't have to stress. "Chewing is a very natural behavior for dogs, so chewing on bones and toys meant for them is not something to be concerned about," Dr. Conrad says. While your pup ripping up the corner of a rug or a box of Kleenex (like Malu here) can be frustrating and annoying, it doesn't mean anything is wrong — that's your dog being a dog. And it's why you want to supply them with plenty of toys to chew on instead!

When it comes to excessive destruction, Dr. Conrad says, "addressing the behavior is necessary as your dog may be trying to tell you something." If your pet is destroying furniture, your living space or other household objects on the regular, it's an alarm. Dr. Conrad suggests reaching out to your vet to make sure there's nothing more serious going on before addressing the behavior with discipline.

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Originally written by Hearst's Director of Commerce Lindsey Murray, who previously worked with Good Housekeeping to cover gift guides and product reviews, vetted many of the picks above. Then GH's former Parenting & Pets Reviews Analyst Jamie Spain, a dog owner, updated this guide. Murray interviewed Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA, author of Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness, and Spain interviewed Megan Conrad, MBBS, a veterinarian at Hello Ralphie and associate vet at WellHaven Pet Health.

The latest update to this guide was completed by Jessica Hartshorn, a contributing writer who worked with home testers in 2023 to ensure we're offering some of the latest and greatest "indestructible" dog toys on the market (knowing that at the end of the day even the lazy spaniel who lives in her home can destroy something if he really wants to).

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