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The stigma has been shattered — yoga pants can be for dudes, too.

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The Best Men's Yoga Pants for Comfortable Practice | Gear Patrol

While you’re plenty capable of getting through an asana with a well-to-do pair of yoga shorts, don’t think they’re the sole bottom choice for your mindful wardrobe. In this day and age, there’s plenty of yoga pants for male athletes that provide excellent mobility, comfort and (of course) style.

Naturally, though, it may be a challenge to think of top-performing yoga pants off the top of your head. After all, “yoga pants” are typically associated with female yogis, so this is probably the first time you’ve thought of adding a pair to your ensemble.

Thankfully, we’ve stretched and flowed through countless sessions with a number of premium joggers, tights and pants to help you along your path. From trousers built for maximum flexibility, to profiles that blend practice with professionalism, there’s a yoga pants silhouette right for your wants and needs.

Admittedly, I typically wear shorts and a trusty pair of compression shorts in my yoga sessions, but I have be known to wear pants and joggers from time to time. The following picks were chosen based off their fit and comfort, as well as their ability to support my poses and flexion throughout various disciplines.

Additionally, I took note of how convenient and durable each pair was in terms of pocket layouts and care instructions. Lastly, I understand that some male yogis may be hesitant to wear “yoga pants,” at first, so trousers with some versatility for working from home, recovery days and other situations were also considered.

The Kore Shorts from Vuori are some of the best bottoms I’ve ever worn for yoga, and I’m happy to see this all-new silhouette carry on that performance. The Kore Joggers boast impeccable comfort across the 28.25-inch inseam, and the internal boxer brief liner is prime for keeping you supported throughout your asanas. I also appreciate the minimalistic earth tones across this profile, which fit nicely into any wardrobe.

Vuori’s Kore Joggers are right at home on the yoga mat, but they also have some versatility to them. They’re excellent for lounging around on a weekend or running some quick errands. I do caution, though, that these pants don’t feature any zippered pockets, so your smartphone, wallet or other essentials may have a tendency to fall out if you sit at the right angle.

If you really want to dive into yoga pants with both feet, consider these stylish joggers from Alo Yoga. These bottoms are water repellent thanks to a DWR-recycled plain weave fabrication, and the ribbed waistband and cuffs sit cozily across your midsection and ankles for a secure yet sturdy fit. Plus, the elevated seams across the silhouette eliminate any potential chafing points during practice.

The Co-Op Pants from Alo Yoga are also simple to care for thanks to a machine-washable construction. While the brand says you can throw these into the dryer on low, though, I recommend hang drying these bottoms as wrinkles can easily begin to form across the profile. After all, do you really want to tarnish a profile as stylish (and expensive) as this?

For athletes just getting into wearing pants during flows, these trousers from YogaAddict are tough to beat. The roomier, more relaxed fit is great for range of motion, and I enjoy the cotton-Spandex blend that provides an ideal mix of flexibility and plushness. Additionally, these yoga pants feature a drawstring waistband so you’re able to fine tune your fit before getting into a session.

Because of the cotton makeup, I do recommend these pants more so for restorative yoga, as the heavier textile can begin to weigh you down in hot yoga sessions. Additionally, these aren’t the most versatile yoga pants in this roundup, mostly due to the shallow pockets at the sides. It can be difficult to fit all your essentials in for storage, and there’s no sense in worrying about your must-haves throughout your entire day, right?


Naturally, hot yoga can bring you to sweat quite easily, and therefore, you need gear that can easily manage that excess moisture. These yoga pants from Nike boast the brand’s premium Dri-Fit technology that pulls sweat away from your skin without hesitation, leaving you more comfortable and collected for each new pose. I also enjoy the relaxed yet slightly tapered feel of these trousers that give off that’s perfect for kicking back or kicking it into high gear.

I do caution athletes interested in these yoga pants to pay close attention to the size chart. Nike offers these bottoms in both regular or tall cuts, so be sure to purchase a silhouette that matches your dimensions.

With these impressive pants, carrying baggage is actually a good thing. The Vaha Pants from Prana are an iconic silhouette in yoga, as their lightweight, free-flowing build is great for achieving even the most intricate of poses. Plus, the eco-friendly design aligns well to the mindful aspects of yoga as a whole.

The Vaha Pants are constructed from recycled polyester and hemp, which also makes them an excellent pick for chillier sessions in the studio. While the wide-legged aesthetic can give off that “lazy Sunday sweatpants” vibe for some, I still think these are worthwhile yoga pants suitable for any dedicated yogi.

If you’re looking for a pair of joggers that’s suitable for yoga and the gym, look no further than these Versatile Pants from Rhone. The stretchy, breathable fabric doesn’t compromise your mobility in the slightest, and the soft jersey adjustable waistband can be a treat across your midsection. There’s even a zippered stash pocket for keeping your smaller must-haves secured during errand runs.

While you’d be hard-pressed to find a discipline where the Versatility Pants don’t live up to their name, I do wish Rhone would add some beef to the ankle cuffs. I’ve experienced some ride-up on occasion, which I partially attribute to my taller frame. Regardless, if you’re not a fan of showing more of your ankles, expect to be rearranging your pant bottoms more often than not in these joggers.

While these sleek and stylish pants can be great for yoga, they’re also exquisitely comfortable in just about any scenario. I’ve had my pair of Ponto Performance Pants for a while now and struggle to think of a weekend recovery session where they weren’t part of my ensemble. I attribute this addicting wearability to Vuori’s DreamKnit fabric, which is some of the softest textiles I’ve experienced in apparel.

In order to preserve this buttery-soft feel, however, I recommend sticking to the care instructions from Vuori. After a few wash cycles and passes through the dryer, I have noticed that the fabric can begin to cling to your skin. Granted, it’s not an itchy or uncomfortable sensation, but it can be a bit of an annoyance if you’re frequently changing seats throughout the day or, you know, transitioning between yoga poses.

Perhaps you’re more of a compression-minded athlete, in which case I’d recommend these ultra-soft, lightweight tights from Lululemon. The impressive Nulu fabric sits close to the skin yet still has plenty of stretch to suit your yoga demands. Plus, the darker colorways help ensure there’s no opaqueness across the profile, provided you purchase the correct size.

The Nulu Balancer Tights also showcase a near-7/8 cut, which gives your ankles total flexion for a bunch of poses. Be mindful, though, that some athletes have commented on the size of the bottom cuffs. They can be a little wide for some, so if you want that next-to-skin feel from top to bottom, make sure you’re selecting your proper dimensions.

While you might associate yoga pants with female apparel, there’s plenty of men taking in their daily asanas while wearing pants of their own. In fact, today’s activewear offerings provide an excellent amount of stretch, comfort and performance to suit a bevy of needs. So, it’s best to think of “men’s yoga pants” as pants you wear while performing yoga, rather than pants designed specifically for the activity.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a pair of yoga pants is their material. Like other workout apparel, there’s no solid answer, and a lot of your decisions will come down to personal preference, but certain textiles do carry certain advantages within yoga. For example, cotton yoga pants can be great for bringing a heightened sense of coziness to your flows, and the fabric nestles gently against the skin without much irritation. Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are also worthwhile due to their stretch and moisture-wicking qualities (don’t worry, they’re plenty comfortable, too).

In the end make sure to choose a profile that suits your needs and wants. Many of the above yoga pants utilize both natural and synthetic fabrics across their builds, providing a mix of comfort, mobility and performance.

A lot of yoga apparel features either a flowing, loose fit or a snug yet flexible aesthetic. You don’t want to be rearranging your wardrobe in-between each pose, yet at the same time, being too constricted in your gear can limit your range of motion. Be sure to strike a middle ground with your yoga pants and opt for a pair that offers ample range of motion across your legs without feeling too loose or baggy. Many of the above silhouettes feature an elastic drawstring waistband, as well, since these build components can help eliminate any ride-up or sagging mid-flow.

It’s also important to consider the type of yoga you’ll be practicing, as different profiles may be more suitable for different disciplines. For example, if you’re a fan of hot yoga or practices with a lot of intricate poses, it may be best to opt for a more athletic cut with moisture-wicking, quick-drying qualities. For slower disciplines like Yin yoga or restorative yoga, you can probably get by with a looser, more comfortable pair of trousers.

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The Best Men's Yoga Pants for Comfortable Practice | Gear Patrol

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