The 56 Best Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers of 2024

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The 56 Best Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers of 2024

Cats might not understand the holidays, but they certainly can benefit from them! From cat caves to automatic litter boxes, there are endless ways to spoil your cats or your friends' cats this Christmas and holiday season.

You can make a cat owner's holiday very special by giving them a gift that reminds them of their favorite feline. Several of our favorite gifts can even be personalized with a cat's name or likeness.

We spoke with dozens of cat lovers to find their absolute favorite gifts, for both them and their furry friends. Here are the best holiday gifts for cats and cat lovers.

Cats love to be cozy, but it can be hard to find a cat bed that feels like a stylish addition to the home. That’s where the Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Bed Cave comes in. Durable and comfortable, it offers a great place for a cat to curl up. It makes a great gift for cat owners who could use an upgrade on their cat beds.

This cute cat necklace shows feline love while remaining a cute, understated, day-to-day piece. Available in three different colors.

Umbrellas typically remain an afterthought, but the cat lover in your life can keep the rain off in style with this cat umbrella from Kate Spade. The raised cat ears really sell the whole look.

If you’re looking to spend more on a gift, any cat lover would appreciate the litter-robot. This is top-of-the-line litter box tech and can make the worst part of cat ownership much easier.

This understated cat hammock secures to the window with suction cups and can give your loved one’s cat a great vantage to observe all their bird and squirrel nemeses.

This cute book from urban outfitters has a series of cheeky "personality tests" to get to the bottom of your feline’s behavior. A playful gift that will also provide entertainment at a holiday gathering.

A cute comedic book full of poems "written by" cats. Could make a great coffee table book.

Any cat lover who also loves to bake will get a kick out of these adorable cat measuring cups. The ceramic cats come in different colors for each size, and the set of four covers a quarter cup up to a cup.

If cat dander keeps you from visiting your cat-owner friend, this is a gift that could give back to you, too. We ranked this HEPA grade air purifier as the best option to keep pet dander under control, though it is quite pricey.

Most cat owners would appreciate a litter box upgrade. This hooded litter box will help keep the litter where it belongs: in the box.

This stylish litter box is featured in our list of Best Litter Boxes. It is compact and well designed. This is especially perfect for homes that don’t have a ton of floor space to devote to a litter box.

Cats love to be high up. This cat tree will give them plenty of options as well as a built-in scratch post. Suitable for multiple cats.

Does the cat owner in your life struggle with litter box odors? This spray will neutralize odors and will be appreciated by the cat owner in your life.

New Yorker fans who love cats will get a kick out of this book. It features only the New Yorker cartoons that center on kitties.

This fun, illustrated book offers a guide to help understand what cat behaviors mean. An entertaining and useful gift that most cat owners wouldn’t buy for themselves but would appreciate having.

Istanbul is famous for its street cats and the culture that has developed around them. This documentary offers a fascinating look at street cat culture in Turkey.

Can’t get your loved one away from their cat long enough to go on a walk with you? The Lollimeow Pet Backpack might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

It’s difficult to ever get sick of cat furniture that looks like human furniture. This cat hammock is a perfect example. Your loved one’s cat can chill in style in this gift.

Does your loved one or their cat have a flair for style? Why settle for a dull scratching post when you can bask in the glow of this sunflower post from Lovely Caves? Any cat owner needs scratch posts, so a post upgrade will always be appreciated.

Cats love to leave hair everywhere. It’s wonderful to be able to quickly clean it up without taking out the full-sized vacuum. The Shark Cordless is a great vacuum for pet hair but also for most other messes that cats like to make by slowly pushing objects off tables as they maintain unbroken eye contact with you.

Photographer Walter Chandoha spent decades photographing our feline friends. These were collected in a beautiful coffee table book. A great gift for any cat lover, this book can show them how their cat's great-great-great-grandparents lived.

Great as a stocking stuffer, or small gift, these taco sauce cat toys make an adorable addition to any cat’s toybox. Why settle for run of the mill cat toys when you can make a statement with cute little taco sauce packets?

The Frisco cat tower combines stability, affordability, and aesthetics, to make one of the best cat tower options you can find.

Nothing gets cats adorably tweaking out like catnip. This photobook centers on tons of humorous pictures of cats going wild on the stuff and would make a fun, lighthearted gift for any cat lover.

Do you know a cat who’s desperate to feel a little tougher? This lion’s mane wig might be the perfect gift for them. Just don’t tell them it actually makes them look even cuter.

Brighten up a cat lover’s room with this stained glass suncatcher. The goofy-looking stained glass cat is available in multiple color palettes and would go great against any sun-drenched window.

The cat lover in your life would love to curl up with this anthology of fantasy and magical tales starring cats. This edition is the first in a series, so you could be opening up gift options for years.

All you have to do is send in a photo of your cat lover’s pet, and you can surprise them with a stuffed animal replica of their baby. Halfway to a joke gift, this will nevertheless open the door to countless Instagram post options.

Cats can be notoriously particular about their resting spots. We’ve all seen cats ignore their brand-new cat bed in favor of the box it came in. The beauty of the Cat Person Canopy Bed is it can be reconfigured in three different ways to suit the preferences of your cat lover’s cat.

Does the cat lover in your life struggle with a clutter of cat toys around the house? This cat storage basket might be the perfect solution. This woven and sustainable cat-shaped basket can be used for any storage needs, but don’t be surprised if the cats themselves start using it to hide in.

Cats love laser pointers and other toys. The PetSafe Bolt is great hands-free option for cat owners who need to keep their cats occupied while they do other things.

Perfect for the wine-lover, or dinner party-loving cat owner in your life. These cute kitty drink markers can keep your guests from mixing up their drinks in the most adorable way possible.

A cat lover’s affections should be proclaimed to the world before even entering their home. That’s where the peeking cat doormat comes in.

Hunching over low-to-the-ground bowls can be bad for your cats over time. This elevated cat bowl will protect their necks while also being a beautiful statement piece in and of itself.

Automatic cat toys can be a great solution for endlessly curious cats. The bentopal combines a feather toy with an automatic wheel and can activate even with no one home.

Sometimes you can’t beat the classics. Can’t get much more classic than a laser pointer. The FurryFido is rechargeable and will give your loved ones’ cats endless entertainment.

The Trixie cat feeder is a wonderful low-tech way to keep inquisitive cats busy. It offers five different "games" that cats must complete to get toys. The cat lover in your life will appreciate a cat toy that doesn’t have a battery.

The Kong puzzlements toy comes with a series of soft toys in pockets that your loved one’s cats can fish out. The combination toy and activity would make a great gift for any cat lover.

Looking for a fishing pole toy with a little class? Cat Person catnip toys might be the way to go. They come in a few equally cute options you can choose based on what the cat lover in your life would like best.

The FurHaven cat condo offers a huge variety of levels and perches to keep a variety of cats entertained. This makes an especially great gift for cat owners with multiple cats.

Immortalize your cat lover’s feline in these humorous portraits. You can choose from countless costumes, from princess to astronaut.

These cute earrings feature kittens peeking out of coffee cups. The coffee drinking cat lover in your life can express their passions in their outfit.

These tiny cat ceramic pots are perfect for succulents and can bring joy to even small spaces.

If the cat lover in your life struggles with consistently feeding your cats or controlling portions, the whiskey feeder might be the gift for them. Anti-Jam technology and ability to work with semi-wet food make it one of the best automatic feeders.

Everyone knows cats are DESPERATE to draft some emails on your laptop. Maybe it’s time they got one of their own. 

Why not let the creatures who add a little spice to life add some spice to food? These adorable cat salt and pepper shakers should do the trick. 

Don’t let a cat with the zoomies distract you from jotting down that latest thought or reminder. Now you can write it down on a pos- it delivered by a scholarly-looking feline.

Help your loved one mitigate very nearly the only downside of owning a cat—dealing with cat hair. The ChomChom Roller is one of the best solutions for dealing with unwanted hair.

What we love about Jeasona Cat socks is they know you need options. With cat socks of all color and variety we’re sure you’ll find a stocking stuffer that perfectly fits to the cat lover in your life.

The Cepheus 360 Ceramic Pet Fountain is our pick for best cat water fountain. Lots of cats love to drink from a flowing source, plus the fountain only needs to be refilled every few days meaning less work for the cat owner in your life.

Bird feeders aren’t just for bird lovers. They also serve as cat TV. This is one of our picks for best bird feeder, since it’s clear and attaches to your window so your cats can watch the show.

Cats love blankets, cats love scratch pads, cats love little spots they can tunnel into. Why not combine all of this into one gift?

You might notice your cats love to cram themselves into small spaces. This can bring them a sense of peace and security. Think of this as a weighted blanket for cats. If you’re sick of leaving the boxes from your Amazon orders around for your cats to hop in, then this provides a more permanent solution. 

The Vesper Cat Tree is our pick for best cat tree. It’s both stylish and sturdy and will give your cats plenty of space to climb, scratch and generally lord over their domain from lofty heights.

Litterboy Pets makes adorable—and adorably classy—wand attachment lures. These are a cut above your typical wand toy which makes them perfect as a gift.

The CEEFU 2 Extra Wide Raised Cat Bowl is one of our favorite elevated cat bowls. Its width makes it a great bowl for addressing whisker fatigue. Consider it an upgrade for the cat owner in your life.

This article was written by Ellie Welles, who has raised dogs, cats, rabbits, and even a green-cheeked conure. She’s passionate about finding the best products for your littlest family members. For this article, she consulted countless product reviews, and cat owner feedback to find products that will bring pleasure to the cat owners in your life and their feline companions.

The 56 Best Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers of 2024

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