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We've hit the bulls-eye on the best dart board for your game room, man cave or college dorm. Magnetic Dart Board

The 8 Best Dart Boards For Every Game Room | Family Handyman

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I have a confession: I watch darts. No, I’m not talking about the hotly-contested matchups in your game room or basement bar, I’m talking about professional darts in Europe, specifically United Kingdom-based Professional Darts Corporation.

So I get why you’re looking for the best dart board. It’s one of the best additions for a basement bar, office or any other place you want to foster (mostly) friendly competition. On the other hand, you might be like me who sings “Oh Michael van Gerwen” while trying to hit a nine-darter.

Either way, allow this lifelong darting enthusiast to show you the best dart boards for people of different skill sets, lifestyles and budgets.

Winmau is a brand you can find in most respectable Irish and/or British pubs (the ones here in the States and abroad) and has been the board of choice for countless amateur dart matches (it’s also regulation-sized). The Winmau Blade 6 Bristle Dartboard is made of a high-quality bristle that can “heal,” or self-repair the holes created by the darts.

The ultra-thin 60-degree angled wire ensures darts bounce into the scoring area, and the thin wiring prevents bounce back. The more than 7,000 5-star Amazon reviews say it’s easy to install and lasts for years. It’s a perfect addition for man caves or family rooms.

The Trademark Games Dart Board is perfect for the college student, bachelor or anyone else who just wants a fun way to occupy their time but doesn’t care about having the best of the best. It’s actually a regulation-sized board, but it’s made with plastic, so the holes won’t repair over time, and the wiring is thicker than more expensive boards, so bounce-outs are more likely to occur (make sure people aren’t standing near it during any matches).

On the bright side, you still get a dart board, six brass-tipped darts and a second game—bulls-eye. Simply put the paper printout over the board and keep trying until someone hits the center target. The affordable price also leaves room in your budget for the best pool table or other game room additions.

The LinkVisions Dartboard is made from the fibers of the sisal plant, which, when bound together, are strong and make for a great dartboard for those who prefer steel tips. Steel tips are heavier and more accurate than soft tips or brass tips, and they need a sisal plant board, like this one, to withstand continuous use. It also ensures the darts don’t bounce back in your man cave.

The more than 900 5-star Amazon reviews say this board repairs holes well, looks great after years of use and does a good job of reducing bounce backs. “Holes disappear almost as soon as the dart is removed,” writes reviewer Jenny B.

The sleek-looking Dartboard Wood Cabinet Game Set offers a lot more than just good looks. The wood is actually MDF, an engineered wood product that can withstand temperature changes better than regular wood and is denser, so it protects what’s inside. Back to the looks through—don’t hide this in an unfinished basement. This deserves to be hung where everyone can see it.

The dartboard itself is made of high-quality bristle, and there’s a chalkboard inside the cabinet for easy score tracking. You also get six stainless steel darts and a mounting kit, but be warned that this is heavy and shouldn’t be installed by just one person.

Available in multiple styles, the Barrington Dartboard brings a bit of class to this iconic pub game. The Chatham option seems to be the most popular among the more than 1,600 5-star Amazon reviewers because it can be closed when not in use.

The board itself is worthy of consideration. It’s made with bristle and heals well, and the staple-free bulls-eye reduces bounce back. Plus, there’s an included dry-erase board for score tracking, and customers say installation is a breeze with just two people. The cabinet is also a handy place to leave your darts if you need to pause to watch any ongoing foosball table, air hockey or ping pong matches.

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board is the same board used in the Professional Darts Corporation, which is the world’s most prestigious darting league. It’s made with high-quality bristle that can withstand competitive use, so it’s bound to be good for your home matches and has no-staple wiring.

On top of that, it’s 30 percent thinner than other boards and is backed by more than 3,900 5-star Amazon customer reviewers. “This is the Cadillac of dart boards,” says 5-star reviewer R. Moore.

Want to add some extra protection at a fraction of the cost? Find out how to build a dartboard cabinet and impress your friends.

Electronic dart boards like the Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard offer numerous advantages, such as allowing up to eight players per game, the elimination of sharp tips flying through your game room and multiple games in one board. This board keeps score for you and has a clear sound.

More than 1,100 5-star Amazon reviewers have said the included darts have had few bounce backs, and that the installation was a painless process.

Perfect for children or high-trafficked areas, the Street Walk Magnetic Dart Board offers all the fun of traditional darts without any of the flying sharp tips. We picked this board because the magnetic tips are balanced to prevent them from slipping off, and it comes in four different colors at an affordable price.

“We just purchased this dart board for our son’s 11th birthday, and he loves it,” customer Danny McKnight explains. “The magnets are really powerful so the darts make a really satisfying “clunk” when they hit the board. I think this is the perfect compromise if your kids would like to be able to play darts but you don’t want to have them flinging sharp and potentially dangerous objects around.”

There are four main things to consider when looking for the best dart board: type of board, size, wiring and material.

Type of Board: Are you looking for a regulation dart board that’s good for brass or steel tips, or do you just want to practice your hand-eye coordination on a magnetic board?

Size: If you’re looking to compete, look for a dart board that’s 18 inches in diameter with 20 numbered, pie-shaped segments.

Wiring: Look for thinner wiring to reduce bounce back. Premium dart boards will have angled wiring that can direct your dart into the score zone.

Material: If you’re a dart enthusiast, you’ll want a bristle or sisal board that can repair holes made by darts. These boards are more durable than plastic boards.

It shouldn’t surprise many people that someone with the last name O’Reilly is a lifelong dart fan. I’ve seen my fair share of amateur competitions across the Irish pubs of New York City and grew to love the sport, to the point where I’ll now regularly watch the Professional Darts Corporation, which is the United Kingdom’s premier dart competition.

I used my passion for the game and my skills as a shopping editor to find the best dart boards for every type of player. I considered the amateurs, aspiring pros and general enthusiasts who share a love of darts before looking at more than 50 models, seriously researching 20 and digging into the specs and customer reviews of 10 before landing on my top eight choices.

The best dart board for most professional darters would be The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board. This high-quality board is used in the United Kingdom’s Professional Darts Corporation.

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro Dart Board is the dart board used in the United Kingdom-based Professional Darts Corporation.

First, are you a serious darter or someone who just likes to practice their aim? If you answered the former, look for a high-quality bristle or sisal board that can repair holes, thin wiring and an 18-inch diameter. Less serious darters can settle for plastic boards or even magnetic ones.

We’d recommend the Street Walk Magnetic Dart Board as it’s affordable, lightweight, easy to hang and has no sharp tips.

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The 8 Best Dart Boards For Every Game Room | Family Handyman

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