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By Emily Peck , Daphne Bugler and Britta O'Boyle

Become the super king of your castle with GQ's top picks of the best bed frames for sleeping, sitting up reading and midnight snacking in style

Arguably the most underrated and under-appreciated part of our bedroom set-up, the best bed frames out there do far more than hold up a new mattress. These stylistic centrepieces can be the difference between a chic and stylish space, or one that looks dated and drab. It's not something you should be neglecting. Thankfully, bed frames come in many a shape and size. From bold four-poster beds that’ll make you feel like you’re 16th-century royalty, to smart ottoman storage beds that can declutter and clean up your space and chic industrial metal bed frames that give contemporary vibes, there’s a bed frame for every kind of want and need.

This all being said, it’s also worth remembering that your bed frame isn’t all about looks – a motto we probably all need to learn in general life. Along with your mattress, it plays a huge role in how you sleep overnight, adding support and structure to enable your mattress to really shine.

We’ve tracked down our favourite bed frames at all of the best furniture stores in town, running you through what kind of space they’d suit, and including a few ideas here and there on how you can style them up with your choice of bedding.

We have compiled our top picks for the best bed frames around below, with plenty of detail on each a little further down. If you're looking for a quick summary however, we have split the types of bed frames into four sections - wooden, metal, upholstered and storage - directly below, making it super simple to see which ones we rate the highest in their categories.

Wooden frames offer timeless style and natural beauty, adding an understated focal point to any bedroom decor. There are a range of different styles on offer, with solid wood providing sturdy support for your mattress, ensuring a comfortable sleep, MDF offering a cheaper solution and classic oak or walnut offering warmth. If you're looking for a modern touch, a painted wood finish makes for a very stylish bed with serious Scandi vibes.

Emma Classic Wooden Bed Frame

La Redoute Quilda Solid Oak Bed

Metal bed frames offer durability, style, and affordability. They can deliver a great industrial look within a bedroom, while offering simplicity, allowing your bedding or other interior design elements to shine. You’ll often find them in a range of sizes from small singles that look superb in a metal finish, right up to king size bed frames.

Three Posts Holland Bed Frame

Dreams Westbrook Metal Bed Frame

Upholstered beds bring plush comfort and style to a bedroom, with soft fabrics adding a luxurious touch, while padded headboards provide back support for reading or relaxing. There are plenty of designs, from classic tufted button to modern wingbacks, and fabric choices vary from linen beds to velvet beds but if you're prone to tea spillages, consider opting for easy-clean materials.

Storage bed frames are super space-savers, ideal for small bedrooms, guest rooms or those craving more organisation from their double bed. The two most popular options are ottoman bed frames and divan beds, both of which are excellent in their own way. Ottomans lift the mattress to reveal a deep compartment for blankets, pillows, clothes – or anything else you fancy. Divan beds meanwhile, offer drawers built into the base, making them perfect for storing shoes, books, or out-of-season items giving you more space in your wardrobe.

Heal's Alba Storage Bed

John Lewis Anyday Bonn Ottoman Storage Upholstered Bed

We've listed all of our favourite bed frames below, but if you fancy a quick-fire guide to a few of them, look no further…

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Here at GQ, we think your choice of bed frame is integral to how your bedroom looks and it’s been important to us to look for the best options when making our recommendations. Naturally, it isn’t as crucial to test a bed frame out personally as it is a mattress, as the main thing you should be considering when doing your shopping is the aesthetics of the frame. Of course, you need it to be good quality and made from good materials so it's long-lasting, durable and supportive, but as long as you’re shopping from our selection of the best furniture stores that should be easy.

Our guide to the best bed frames has been compiled by our GQ Recommends Interiors team, overseen by GQ’s Senior Commerce Writer Daphne Bugler who has four years of experience writing about everything from mattresses and sofas to celebrity homes and the latest trends in furniture, all of which has given her a wide-ranging knowledge and expertise over what makes for a good furniture investment. We’ve also spoken to experts and attended many a store, showroom and pop-up to get a good sense of what our favourite brands and designers are producing so we only recommend the very best. Of course, there’s still a good range in our guide, with options for every budget and style as well.

Reasons to buy: Good trial period | Designed to improve sleep | Great for airflow

Known for its bestselling mattresses, Emma has continued its mission to improve your comfort in the bedroom with its Signature Bed: a bed frame that works to improve both bodily support and sleep quality with a well-regulated airflow throughout the night. Available in a light or dark grey design that's subtle enough not to overwhelm the room, it's a quality frame that's made to last. And with a 10-year guarantee and 200-night trial, there's no reason not to take the plunge. From £373. At

Reasons to buy: Unique curved headboard and footboard | Luxurious

Given how much space it takes up, your bed frame is a really great opportunity to get a bit creative and expressive, to really show off your interior design skills with a statement piece. Enter Soho Home’s Lawrence bed. Straight out of Soho House Rome itself, the design here has a lot of fun elements to it, with a curved headboard that’s unique enough to really attract attention, and also to make you feel like you’re living in a really aesthetic hotel. The warm tones of the wood pair nicely with the texture of the velvet upholstery, making for a great centrepiece for a cosier bedroom, especially if you pair it with other upholstered pieces like boucle furniture, or soft furnishings like rugs and throws. From £2,971. At

Reasons to buy: Affordable | Adds a pop of colour

Tapping right into a coastal feel, blue furniture has been a real interiors trend this year, especially as we head into spring and summer, bringing with it a relaxing, calming vibe that’s best suited to the bedroom. Especially when it’s in as nice a shade as Dusk’s Ascot bed frame. Soft and cosy thanks to the matte velvet fabric, the Ascot is elegant and refined in one go, while also emulating the kind of rustic and relaxed style you might get in a vacation or holiday home, turning your bedroom immediately into the retreat it should be. Pair it with some minimalist, white furniture, bedding and wooden floorboards, and you’ll be set. From £359 £170. At

Reasons to buy: Stylish | Durable

Emma Classic Wooden Bed Frame

If you want to reap the benefits of Emma’s innovative designs, while also having a more traditional wooden bed frame, this is the one for you. An eco-friendly choice thanks to the sustainable sourcing of the wood and other materials, wooden bed frames are some of the most durable around, making for a strong frame with wooden slats that can withstand most things. They have a stripped back, simple look that can be styled up or down with the right bedding and accessories, and are pretty easy to integrate the rest of your bedroom furniture with thanks to the nice clean lines. Need we go on? From £670 £469. At

Reasons to buy: Smart storage | Simple design

John Lewis Anyday Bonn Ottoman Storage Upholstered Bed

The Anyday collection at John Lewis is renowned for delivering both quality and affordability, and the Bonn Ottoman Storage Upholstered Bed is the epitome of this, offering hidden under bed storage and a luxury upholstered finish for under £400. With its simple and robust design, the Bonn Ottoman exudes a subtle elegance with its soft curves, bringing a minimalist touch to any bedroom setting. Constructed to withstand up to 297kg (that should be enough even after a few cakes), the frame of the Bonn Ottoman is reinforced with sprung slats, featuring wider slats strategically positioned at the shoulders, lumbar, and feet for optimal mattress support. It's available in two neutral shades – grey and beige – and upholstered in John Lewis's durable Saga fabric, ensuring longevity. From £349. At

Reasons to buy: Curved headboard | Sturdy design | Upgradable slats

Dreams Westbrook Metal Bed Frame

If adding a modern touch to your bedroom is your sole aim, the Dreams' Westbrook Metal Bed Frame ought to do it. There's a sleek black finish on offer, making it perfect for a range of home decors, with flexibility to add your own personal style through bedding, throw cushions or whatever else you fancy. The rounded edges coupled with the clean lines make for a striking design, while the option to upgrade with sprung slats will allow for better shock absorption and cushioned support. From £199. At

Reasons to buy: Statement piece | Different colour options

Dunelm Lynton 4 Poster Bed Frame

Nothing makes a statement in a bedroom quite like a four-poster bed and this option from Dunelm doesn't just deliver a solid, modern design, but it comes in three colour options too, allowing you to pick whatever one might suit your interior best. With a pine wood frame for durability, the Lynton is perfect for hanging plants from the top, or draping luxurious fabric from it. The single bed option has solid slats that allow air to circulate to the mattress, while the double, king size and super king size option have sprung slats for added support and comfort. From £439. At

Reasons to buy: Aesthetic headboard | Solid oak design

La Redoute Quilda Solid Oak Bed

Putting a small twist on the classic wooden bed frame, La Redoute’s Quilda uses a unique criss-cross headboard design to turn what would be quite a simple, minimalist piece into one that’s actually quite engaging. It’s fun and fresh thanks to the shapes, but without some of the more showy opulence of similar statement bed frames, still feeling subtle and keeping your room from feeling overwhelmed. The oak frame also gives off more of a vintage feel, while the slatted base adds extra support throughout the night to keep you comfortable. All in all, we’d say that’s an easy win. From £650 £390. At

Reasons to buy: Well constructed | Dramatic look | Makes for a real statement piece in the bedroom

Barker & Stonehouse Sleigh Bed

Sleigh beds are exactly the ticket if you want to give your bedroom a bit of heightened drama. The sloping headboard and footboard turn what otherwise would be a standard-looking wooden bed frame into one which is an instant statement in any room, drawing eyes immediately to the bed, meaning you’ll need to make sure your duvet covers, throws and pillows are all ready to be spotlighted. The mango wood adds to the elegance and sophistication of the bed, feeling more intense than a lighter one would, but without being too overpowering thanks to the rustic finish that keeps things a bit more casual. It’s an instant favourite for us and, as long as you don’t mind a footboard at the end of the bed (something for taller people to be wary of), a winner in any bedroom. From £1,125 £955. At

Reasons to buy: Innovative design | Good airflow | Pressure relieving slats

If you’re working with a home full of wooden furniture or have hardwood floors, incorporating texture into your bed frame can soften things up, add contrast, and make your space feel cosier. Simba’s Atlas is one of our favourites, combining a platform bed design with an upholstered headboard to help you create a calming bed set-up. And thanks to the brand’s focus on innovation, you’ll feel the benefits too, from the air-circulating design to the pressure-relieving slats. From £749. At

Reasons to buy: Good for small spaces | Shelves make for a nice addition

Finding good bed frames for small spaces and bedrooms can be quite tricky, with brighter and taller designs making your space feel overwhelmed and more compact, and most just simply not having enough storage. The key here is to either opt for an ottoman or a bed with built-in shelving like this one from La Redoute in a simple colourway. Making the headboard work twice as hard, the Nikko frame incorporates five storage compartments, with the option to add a storage drawer underneath. It’ll also make a major difference to how your room feels, decluttering your space, and removing the need for a bedside table as you can keep books, water glasses, and your phone above your head. From £475 £333. At

Reasons to buy: Cosy | Very chic

It may be a bit of a challenge to keep spotless, but if you fancy yourself the kind of person who rarely spills a coffee in bed, and you don’t have any pets who might get a bit messy, this bed from West Elm is one of the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve found. In an upholstered super light grey design that runs around the entire bed frame, it’s the ideal setting for many a cosy night, with soft edges and a comfortable plush headboard that you can really relax into. It’s pretty pricy, but if you think you can keep it fresh and take care of it, it’s a real winner. From £1,700 £1,189. At

Reasons to buy: Hidden storage helps reduce clutter | Oversized headboard for a statement piece

Heal's Alba Storage Bed

If there was ever a piece of furniture to challenge the sofa bed for being the most multi-tasking item in your house, a storage bed would be it. But practical as they may be, storage bed frames can be surprisingly stylish too, reducing any excess clutter and creating a smooth, streamlined look. Working with a lifting mattress mechanism rather than sliding storage drawers, Heal's Alba is an effortlessly stylish option that'll work wonders in small bedrooms where storage and space for drawers to slide out are minimal. The headboard and frame are all covered in fabric, of which there are 11 colour options, which can be easily removed and washed in order to keep everything as hygienic and clean as possible. And as for the design itself, the additional height of the oversized headboard and the bold colour options all make this into one hell of a statement piece. And what else should your bed be? From £2,799. At

Reasons to buy: Simple design style | Affordable

Three Posts Holland Bed Frame

Keeping things classic and simple, you can’t really go wrong with a metal bed frame, whatever your vibe. Giving us both an old-fashioned vintage feel and a modern industrial look in one fell swoop, Three Post’s Holland bed frame will add subtle style to your bedroom without being an overpowering statement piece. If you want an understated feel that really lets your bedding do the heavy aesthetic lifting, look no further. Need we mention it’s only £200? £197. At

Reasons to buy: Customisable options | Supportive base

There’s nothing like a good bit of customisation to turn our heads for a new bed frame, and this one from Nectar has plenty going for it in that department. Available in four different colours, as well as in four different configurations (each of which has a different storage option), it’s easily mouldable to what you’re looking for, whether that be an ottoman or four-drawer divan bed, or a brighter silver or darker taupe look. Should you fancy even more choice, Nectar also has the Divan Bed, Luxury Divan Bed and Luxury Plus Divan Bed, so there's plenty of choice if divan is what you're after to. The chic blue velvet of the Grand Divan is gorgeous though, and gives a welcome touch of opulence in the bedroom. From £1,520. At

There’s no easy fix when it comes to buying a bed, as it ultimately comes down to comfort and individual choice. Choose from a range of bed frame styles including divan bases, slatted bedsteads and storage beds – each type of bed frame has its merits.

These expert tips from Jessica Alexander at the National Bed Federation ( on what to look for when buying a bed frame should make it easier to find a design that will give you an especially good night's sleep.

One size won’t fit all when buying a bed and your support requirements will differ depending on your weight and build. The best approach is to research the options carefully, take time to try them out (as with mattresses, many have year guarantees, warranties and 100-night trial periods) if you can and choose what you personally find supportive and comfortable to lay on (side sleepers will feel differently to back sleepers, for example). Think about the height of the bed frame too and whether you can get in and out of it comfortably.

Look for a supportive bed, rather than a hard bed and do not assume that orthopaedic or firmer beds are the best option. Often a medium-firm mattress with proper cushioning is better. “Orthopaedic” generally just means an extra-firm bed and it’s not based on any medical or another common standard. Firmness is not determined by price, although comfort, luxury, durability and added features such as adjustability come with higher price tags.

A bigger bed will be a huge benefit to couples – especially if you suffer from back pain – and will ensure less partner disturbance as you sleep thanks to better temperature regulation than a small double. Zip and link beds are a good option if firmness preferences differ widely.

If you’re after a particularly sturdy bed frame, you’ll really want to pay close attention to the materials you’re choosing. Metals tend to be the best for this, especially steel, but a hardwood option can also be a great investment for the long run. If you’re particularly concerned there are a few things you can keep in mind as well, including the slats (the closer together they are the more strength and structure there will be to the frame), the leg positioning and having a central leg to help distribute the weight. Also make sure you place your bed on a good surface to help it stay stable for longer.

Ultimately, all good bed frames should be made to last and perform well, but the only way to be sure is to make sure you shop from brands that have good guarantees to give you that extra peace of mind that should anything go wrong, you’re covered.

There’s a lot more to choosing the right bed frame than just the design, and as much as your mattress does most of the hard work to keep you comfortable and supported, your bed frame really acts as the foundation that can either make or break it. One of the most important things to take into consideration is the structure, with your main two options normally being a slatted bed frame or a sprung bed frame. Slats can be standard or sprung themselves, normally tending to be the more affordable option with plenty of airflow and good support. The only downside is that they can sag over time if the boards are placed too far apart. Box springs, alternatively, consist of a fabric-covered structure, sometimes with springs inside, normally creating a really supportive feel and a bit of added bounce. Just keep in mind that these tend to be heavier, and you won’t have as much air circulation, and potentially less storage space underneath the bed.

While you needn't worry about replacing it as often as your mattress, bed frames do have an expiration date, simply due to the amount you use them and the amount of wear and tear they build up. Normally you’ll start to notice some signs when your bed frame needs to be replaced, whether that’s the fact it’s starting to creak, feels lopsided or is just generally feeling a bit unstable. Sometimes you can fix this just by tightening up the screws or checking on your slats, but when all of these things start to add up, it’s time to change things up, normally around every ten years or so. But naturally if you invest in something made from really high quality materials, this can be much longer.

4x8 pvc board It might seem secondary to your mattress, but bed frames make a surprising amount of difference to how comfortable and supportive your bed is overall. As mattresses have evolved to incorporate more complex and comprehensive layers, fabrics and technologies, many of them have become heavier than older pocket spring mattresses used to be. Opt for a bed frame that can't support this and you may find the mattress doesn't perform to its best ability, whether that be by dipping in the middle under the weight or just being generally unstable. The more support you have from the bed frame, the better your mattress will function, meaning it's well worth investing in a proper bed frame to really reap the benefits of your mattress investment.