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Contrary to popular belief, astrology is so much more than your zodiac sign. Not only were you born with a whole birth chart that accounts for every single planet in our solar system—describing your personality in a multitude of different ways—there are many facets of astrology you might not know about. For example: you probably had no idea that every body part is ruled by a zodiac sign, revealing an even deeper connection between the human body and the far-away cosmos. Industrial casters

Zodiac Signs as Body Parts—Which One Does Yours Rule? – StyleCaster

The body begins with the head, which is ruled by Aries (the first sign in the zodiac wheel). It ends with the feet, which is ruled by Pisces (the last sign in the zodiac wheel). Between these two barriers exists the organs and mechanisms that keep us alive and healthy, allowing you to experience life even more fully. While astrology can never replace a doctor during times of medical strife, the zodiac sign associated with each body part might shed light on why certain body parts are prone to feeling the impact of your daily life more than others. While astrology can’t diagnose serious conditions or overshadow the importance of medical care, you can use it as a fun guide to soothing yourself and nurturing your body whenever you see fit.

If you’re wondering if astrology has anything to do with how you’re feeling in your body, keep reading to find out which body part is associated with each zodiac sign:

There’s a reason why adjectives like headstrong, hard-headed and hot-headed come to mind when you think of an Aries. This might have something to do with the fact that Aries rules over the head in astrology. This fire sign is known for getting in over their heads, and let’s be honest—Aries does have a tendency to act first and think later. Because they tend to believe the first thing they “see”, an Aries could curb their emotions by releasing pent-up energy through physical exercise. Even a good scream would help them let go of some of their stress. After all, a headache is often a tell-tale sign that someone is experiencing stress.

When a Taurus is feeling stressed, the elegant posture they’re known for is replaced by shoulder slumping and neck pain. That’s because the neck and shoulders are literally ruled by Taurus in astrology. When a Taurus is at their best, their shoulders are strong and their neck is held high. And when they’re stressed, their resolve begins to falter, affecting their stature. If you’re a Taurus, it’s so important to pamper yourself with massages, a fulfilling meal or anything that brings a little comfort when times get tough. After a little dose of self-care, a Taurus might feel like standing up straight again. And because Taurus rules over the throat, they’re often known for being good singers.

Geminis love nothing more than a stimulating conversation with a worthy intellectual partner. After all, this is one of the smartest and most socially intelligent zodiac signs of them all! It should come as no surprise that the lungs and vocal cords are all ruled by the sign of Gemini. When a Gemini is feeling their best, their voice is strong and excitable, regaling the room with all sorts of hilarious anecdotes. Because Gemini also rules over the hands, Geminis are known for their gestures, which could tell a story all on their own. However, when a Gemini’s thoughts turn into a negative thought spiral, their anxiety can quickly pick up speed (hence, the fact that they also rule over the nervous system).

Cancer is associated with the desire to nurture and be nurtured, which makes sense, considering this zodiac sign rules over over the chest, breasts and stomach. After all, the breasts are what provide  sustenance to newborns. The stomach is also the organ that digests all that we eat. A Cancer takes great pride in caring for those around them, but they must also remember to take just as much pride in caring for themselves! If they start trying to fill other cups without filling their own, the frustration could take potentially cause a chest pain. However, Cancer’s are also famous for feeling that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling whenever they’re experiencing joy.

Is it any surprise that Leo rules over the heart? After all, they’re feeling their best when their heart is open, their spirit is free and they’re shining like the sun. And when a Leo is feeling down, their heart might feel heavy, giving them the actual manifestation of “heartbreak”. Since Leo also rules over the upper back and spine, these areas are especially prone to pressure, which is why they might slump or lie down whenever they’re feeling stressed. However, the body part that Leo rules over is also the key to their healing. By expressing love, creating art, and doing whatever their heart wants, a Leo can always find their way back to themselves.

When a Virgo is feeling stressed or anxious, their stomach is often the first thing that hurts. They might even feel somewhat queasy, like they ate something bad. After all, a Virgo rules over the abdomen and digestive system, which is why they’re often extra sensitive to the food they eat. Virgos are famed for being organized, which is reflected in the self-care regimen they need to abide by in order to keep their body functioning well. A Virgo can tell they’ve returned to their regularly scheduled routine when their stomach is no longer making strange noises.

When a Libra’s back starts to ache, it may be a sign that they’re working too hard. In astrology, Libra rules the kidneys and lower back, which explains why they might carry additional stress in this region of the body. Because Libra is the zodiac sign of balance, they’re always aiming to create harmony and avoid extremes. This is seen in the way Libra functions in the body, as the kidneys, bladder, and endocrine system work to cleanse the body of toxins and manage the flow of hormones. If any zodiac sign is going to manage your stress response just as much as your ability to heal after an injury, it’s Libra.

It should come as no surprise that sensual Scorpio rules over the reproductive system and reproductive organs. After all, this area of the body carries thousands upon thousands of nerves centered on nothing but physical pleasure. That’s why an orgasm is always a good way for a Scorpio to let off steam. However, sexuality isn’t the only thing associated with Scorpio. This fixed water sign is also known for its transformative and protective nature, as seen in the fact that Scorpio rules over the reproductive system. It’s no wonder that Scorpio rules over the body parts that are difficult to talk about and often kept a secret, even though these body parts are responsible for the creation of life.

Free-spirited Sagittarius loves nothing more than an adventure for the books. Finding time to explore the unknown does wonders for their mood, especially when they feel somewhat locked in place. This makes sense, considering that Sagittarius rules over the thighs and hips, because these are the body parts that takes us to new destinations and allow us to dance the night away. Sagittarius also rules over the liver in astrology; the part of their body that filters out all the toxins they’ve ingested. After all, a Sagittarius is probably tasting all sorts of different cuisines during their travels. Speaking of flushing out toxins, a fresh sip of water is the first thing to bring a Sagittarius back to their center. 

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, governs the skeletal system, bones and joints; the very foundation of the human body. This makes sense, considering that Saturn is always keeping an eye out for cracks in the foundation of our lives, ensuring we are building something that will last a lifetime! When Capricorn is feeling weary, their knees may begin to ache, letting them know that it’s time to rest. Because Capricorn also rules over teeth, they’re famous for their smiles, which reveal a set of perfectly pearly whites. That’s why keeping up with trips to the dentist is usually even more important for a Capricorn . This cardinal earth sign keeps everything together, which is why it also rules over the skin (the largest organ in the body).

Aquarius loves to march to the beat of their own drum, pushing the world to its greatest potential. It’s no surprise that Aquarius rules the shins, calves and ankles, which are all crucial parts of the body that allow them to keep on marching. These body parts are also the first to feel depleted when you’re running against resistance, as the shin and ankles are easily injured when you’re walking though dangerous territory. Because an Aquarius never gives up, you might notice the fact that they always seem out of breath. This makes sense, considering that Aquarius also rules over the circulatory system.

According to Chinese medicine, every part of the foot is connected to a different part of the body. Given that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, bringing us to the end of a cycle, it is no surprise that it rules the feet and lymphatic system, which is also connected to every other part of the body. When a Pisces is feeling stressed, they are prone to throbbing feet or even lymphatic blocks, which inhibits them from flushing toxins from the body. For a Pisces, there’s no better cure to a bad mood than to take their shoes off and stand on some natural grass, grounding their energy. And when they’re feeling puffy, a facial gua shua will help them speed up lymphatic drainage.

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Zodiac Signs as Body Parts—Which One Does Yours Rule? – StyleCaster

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