Best Sticker Printer Paper in 2024: Top Quality Sticker Paper Picks

Whether you’re a scrapbooker, DIY enthusiast, or a labeling devotee, having the best sticker printer paper in your toolbox can make all the difference. Sticker paper is available in a myriad of types, ranging from the ever-classic matte and opaque to the sleek glossy and clear. When paired with the best sticker printer, you can expect incredible custom stickers in stellar quality.

To give you the best choice, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide on the best sticker printer paper on the market, so that you can make an informed purchase for your hobby or business. Custom Printed Labels

Best Sticker Printer Paper in 2024: Top Quality Sticker Paper Picks

To ensure you a smooth sticker printing experience, we prioritized the paper’s quality, focusing on its thickness, texture, and overall durability. Sticker paper that combines quality and durability not only looks bright and vibrant but also withstands the test of time, giving you a longer time with your freshly made stickers.

On top of that, we made sure each sticker paper type has a smooth finish, peels easily, and is compatible with various printer types, including both laser and inkjet. Finally, we included a wide variety of types, including matte, glossy, opaque, clear, and brown kraft paper, to appeal to all tastes and needs.

The Buttercrafts Premium Weatherproof Sticker Paper offers a unique blend of quality and innovation that sets it apart from its competitors. With 50 sheets of 8.5 x 11-inch matte white sticker paper, you can elevate your sticker-creation game.

The sticker paper is made from printable vinyl, which guarantees you versatility. You can use the stickers for labeling bottles, tumblers, scented candles, laptops, soap, and even wedding favors. Better yet, the sticker sheets are highly sticky and don’t leave residue behind them when removed. If you stick a wrong label, you can move it to its right place with ease. Compatible with almost every inkjet printer on the market, the sticker paper  gives you vibrant colors and vivid details. On top of that, vinyl is smudge-proof and quick drying, so you can rest assured that your stickers will look their best minutes after you take them out of the printer. 

That said, the main drawback is the sticker paper’s price, as it’s higher than most of the other products on our list. Nevertheless, it’s still one of our favorite options for labeling and decorating, and the best sticker printer paper overall!

The TownStix Matte White Sticker Paper offers top-notch printing quality, making it a favorite of ours. Boasting compatibility with both inkjet and laser printers, this pack of sheets brings a new level of versatility to the table.

The key feature of this sticker paper is its smudge-proof matte surface that gives you premium color quality and more flexibility in design. Unlike glossy paper, matte paper mimics regular writing paper in that you can write on using pencils, pens, and markets. This way, you can decorate your stickers by hand after printing them.

The sticker sheets have a layer of strong adhesive that sticks seamlessly to any flat surface, including plastic and cardboard. However, it might not show the same strength on bumpy surfaces. We prefer it for labeling cardboard boxes or personal items. Still, for a top-notch matte finish to your sticker prints, this is the best paper for the job!

The Avery Glossy Clear Sticker Paper sets new standards when it comes to printing glossy and transparent stickers. It arrives in a pack of 7 sheets that cater to those seeking a premium finish for their stickers and labels. There are also larger packs that come carrying 10 and 15 sheets.

The paper’s exceptional transparency and light sheen make printed colors pop with brilliant intensity, giving you vivid and bright stickers to flaunt around. It’s also highly durable, so don’t expect the glossiness to fade away anytime soon. As a bonus, the sheets are manufactured from safe acid-free materials to make them kid-friendly. 

However, similar to our previous selection, they don’t perform as well on fabric and uneven surfaces. For all the general places stickers belong, they should be more than serviceable, and are the best glossy sticker paper sets on the market!

Though the name of the company is a bit of a mouthful, Gwybkq’s Clear Printable Sticker Paper is much more straightforward. With a thickness of 2.5 mils, the clear sticker paper delivers a smooth printing experience without any jams. Also, it has a soft surface that guarantees you high-quality colors and a clean finish. 

The transparency of Gwybkq’s clear stickers takes center stage in our review. While many brands on the market claim transparency, only a few live up to the promise, and luckily, this is one of them. After sticking your designs, you won’t even see the paper. You’ll only see the letters and drawings you printed.

The one issue with this sticker printer paper is that it isn’t waterproof. If you plan on using it for labeling bottles or any liquid containers, we recommend against it. For anywhere dry, however, the Gwybkq Clear Printable Sticker Paper is the best on the market for clear printer sticker paper!

Frosty paper has a charming aesthetic appeal when it comes to printing stickers, and our current favorite on the market is the Homsto Vinyl Frosty Sticker Paper. It’s clear and covered with a light shiny layer that gives it a unique, fun look.

The Homsto adhesive is water-based and works perfectly on various surfaces, including glass, wood, metal, and plastic. On top of that, the stickers are resistant to scratches, so you won’t need to remove them anytime soon. The paper itself is waterproof, so you’re free to use it on any container you like.

That said, it doesn’t resist sunlight or other UV light damage effectively. If you plan on using it outside, you should laminate it. This is a minor hurdle, however, and doesn’t stop the Homsto Vinyl Sticker Paper from earning a spot here among the best sticker printer paper options!

To shop for sticker printer paper with a clear and focused mind, here’s a list of some important features you need to consider before making your purchase:

Sticker paper comes in two common types, matte and glossy. Matte paper doesn’t have a shine. Instead, it offers a more professional and sleek look, suitable for offices and workplaces. Also, matte paper is writing-friendly, so you can use it to print sticky notes. On the other hand, glossy paper has a shiny finish that reflects light and looks more vibrant. It makes bright colors pop more, and its fun look makes it ideal for school and home decorating projects. That said, you can’t write on glossy paper. Both types are durable if you use them right, so the choice boils down to your personal preference and use.

Another choice you have to make when buying sticker paper is deciding between opaque and clear sheets. Opaque sheets are like normal stickers you see everywhere, while clear sheets are transparent. Upon application, clear stickers fade in the background, so you’ll only see the design or text you added. Clear sheets are an elegant and clean choice for labeling, but they don’t offer the fun factor that opaque sheets offer. 

Depending on your design aesthetics, choose the right combination for you.

As you’ve seen above, sticker sheets aren’t all compatible with the same crafting printers. Some work with inkjet printers only, while some are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers. You’ll find that most of the sticker paper on the market can work with inkjet printers. Accordingly, you don’t need to focus on this feature if you own one. However, if you have a laser printer, you’ll have to look with a sharp eye because laser printing isn’t as common when it comes to making stickers.

If your sticker designs are going to be on daily-use items, such as water bottles or notebooks, it’s best to ensure the sticker paper you choose is resistant to the elements. The best sticker printer paper is able to withstand water, scratching and direct sunlight – but it can vary from product to product. Check customer reviews and manufacturer’s notes for the best insights.

No: Generally speaking, standard stickers aren’t waterproof. Some types have water resistance as a feature, however, and if you buy standard stickers that aren’t waterproof, you can boost their durability and resistance by laminating them or adding a sealing finish.

Whilst there’s nothing stopping you from putting stickers on a car, they likely won’t last long. Waterslide decals are generally the best way to customize your vehicle!

Our top pick for sticker printer paper today is Buttercrafts’ Premium Vinyl Sticker Paper. Though the price leaves a little to be desired, you get what you pay for with top-notch sticker quality!

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Best Sticker Printer Paper in 2024: Top Quality Sticker Paper Picks

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