8 Best Electric Weed Grinders 2024 - Top Grinders for Cannabis

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8 Best Electric Weed Grinders 2024 - Top Grinders for Cannabis

Why do you even want an electric grinder? Is grinding your bud in an old-fashioned weed grinder really that labor intensive? No. But, recently I had a wrist injury, and had to get an MRI. There was a bigger injury to deal with, but my doctor noted that I had minor tears on my the tendon on the outside part of my wrist, where the hand flexes when you grind weed or open jars. She said about 70 percent of the population walks around with these little tears of this tendon, and while they're mostly harmless, build up over time can do some damage.

There are more imminent reasons to switch to a gadget-forward stoner life. One is arthritis. Working that outside on a manual grinder puts your wrists through hell. Two, you don't have the dexterity—maybe from the smoking—to mill bud to a fine grind for smoother hits of your joint. And three, human error. It's just easier to let a robot to your grinding. If you self-identify as a carrier of one or all three, consider ushering yourself (and your stoner friends) into a life of grinding weed evenly, easily, and fast with electric weed grinders.

Below, you'll find 8 electric grinders for weed, each tailored to different smoking needs—large or small sesh, home-use or bold display of getting stoned, for instance. But once you pick one, smoking or otherwise ingesting weed becomes all the more easier and enjoyable.

It's small, packs up nicely, and features "AI-powered smart grinding." Essentially, it knows to cut your weed one layer at a time, so it doesn't crush it down and fuck it up, and it'll switch up directions when it needs to. It's as smart as you are, and it holds a charge for a pretty long time, too. Honestly it's the best overall option in the category.

A plug-in style might be a dealbreaker for some, but Cool Knight makes sure its electric grinder is suited for all sorts of marijuana milling at the kitchen counter. It can cap 120g of herbs in just 10 seconds, and its lid design gives you the room to grind your supply coarse, medium, or fine. If you can manage to reserve this moment for time spent at home, near an outlet, this one is worth it.

This is an inexpensive and tactile grinder that you'll be able to operate with one hand—slicing and finely dicing the weed, dispensing it neatly, then storing the extra for a later session. When it comes to going mobile, its slim body can fit into a pocket, and its sturdy build can endure bumps and thuds to protect what's inside. With a battery, V2-50 will mill your produce for hours and days.

As close to machine learning as the cannabis industry has come, Otto is a smart grinder that automatically determines the speed, direction, and power required to grind based on readings of what's in its chamber, then deposits what it mills into a pre-roll cone. It's not made for storing ground weed. It's made for smoking freshly cut marijuana.

You like the reliability and control of a manual grinder, but the thought of potential spills and messy dispensation scares you. Let Tectonic9, the best of two worlds, carry you forward. It’s got manual grinding for producing smooth, fluffy ground materials, and electric auto dispense powered by vibration motor to evenly pour out buds through the spout. It's also portable, so there's that.

You can tell a lot of thought was put into engineering this rechargeable drill, capable of grating or shredding even the toughest buds efficiently. Bonus points are given considering not a whole heck of a lot of dough is required to get one.

Bear with us. Though it's technically a tobacco shredder, it's gotten praise for shredding weed too, particularly from medical marijuana users or users with less hand dexterity than they used to have. It's basic with a wired, one-button-push operation much like a small coffee grinder. But it gets the job done, fast, so fast that if you grind for too long, the weed might actually turn into dust.

Speaking of coffee grinder, any seasoned, large-batch stoner will tell you that it's just as good for milling cannabis buds. Cosori's four-blades design can grind them from coarse to fine—for making edibles or sniffing a whole joint—in less than 15 seconds. Better yet, unlike most coffee grinders that need to be manually cleaned of the stink, this one's bowl is dishwasher-safe.

For most people without any health issues, aches, or pains, the answer is no. A manual grinder works fine, and no one could smoke enough weed to warrant ditching it.

The people who should get electric grinders are anyone with conditions that affect their dexterity. Arthritis, wrist and hand injuries, ligament issues, and carpal tunnel are all reasons you would want to smoke weed, and they all make grinding near impossible. If you've got any issues of the hand or wrist, I can't recommend an electric grinder enough, and any of these options will serve you well.

Manual weed grinders are a dime a dozen, but the category of electric weed grinders is more niche—and certainly newer. Not that it's unpopular, it's just not abundant in options (though substituting your coffee grinder or actual herb grinder to the cannabis cause—then getting it sticky with resin in the process—always works). And the weed itself will grind more uniformly thanks to the flaw-averse tech.

But there are three crucial features to keep in mind when looking for a good electric grinder: shape, energy source, and storage capacity.

On a final note: Always keep in mind from whom you purchase your weed, as it really does matter. Responsible cannabis players pay tribute to the minority communities unfairly targeted by the war on drugs and then left out of the cannabis boom. So remember to buy where it counts.

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8 Best Electric Weed Grinders 2024 - Top Grinders for Cannabis

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