17 Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Gorgeous Glow

Enjoy your backyard all night long.

Creating a lively backyard starts with lighting. Just because the sun begins to set and daylight disappears doesn't mean it's time to head indoors, especially if you're hosting a party. Thanks to outdoor lighting fixtures, you can extend the festivities way into the evening hours. If you need to find the perfect way to illuminate your backyard, we've put together a list of 17 backyard lighting ideas for a functional (and visible) space. Lamp Garden Lamp

17 Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Gorgeous Glow

If you're hosting a backyard barbecue or entertaining with an elegant dinner party, make your lighting intimate with its warm ambiance. Scatter candles along the table and drape string lights from above to create a cozy atmosphere that'll invite your guests to stay and enjoy the time outdoors.

Outdoor gazebos and pergolas add a relaxing environment to your backyard that's possible to enjoy at night with lighting. If you're worried that a pendant fixture will become damaged due to weather, adding recessed lighting to the beams will perfectly suffice! Recessed lighting will illuminate your entire area and stay flush against the beams.

Does your home have a courtyard or extensive garden area? Add lighting to the sides of your path for visibility and to dramatize the nearby foliage. This ensures your path stays lit when it gets dark and it transforms your garden into a focal point.

If you're remodeling your backyard to include an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, consider building lighting into the stone or masonry. This makes your space more functional and doesn't require adding in light from another source every time you use the area. Plus, turning the lights on at night enhances the new addition for an elegant glow to show off the completed project.

If you're planning on using the backyard for night entertaining and aren't looking for an extensive lighting project, line the edge of your patio or deck with tea-light candles. Battery-powered candles provide the perfect amount of light as actual flames and are completely safe, which is a big win if your patio or deck is made of wood.

Magnify the tranquility of your garden fountain or waterfall with lights. The sounds of the running water mixed with the warm glow create a peaceful environment full of charm and sophistication.

Some backyard lighting ideas are meant to up the drama around your home when it comes to landscaping, which is why garden lights were a must for our list. Garden lights that turn on at dusk highlight your lush greenery or blooms to enhance the natural beauty surrounding your home.

There's nothing worse than tripping up or down a staircase at night. Regardless of your step materials, adding lighting to this area is a great way to prevent tripping since the area is more visible. While these lights are being used for safety, they're still casting a glow that will light up your backyard and provide the ambiance you're looking for.

Outdoor pools transform empty backyards into one luxury, especially with impressive stonework similar to the one in the picture above. Place a few light fixtures around your pool area to show off the intricate landscaping and make the area functional at night.

Lighting and warmth are essentials for backyard lighting ideas, and you can never go wrong with an outdoor fire pit. These yard items are the epitome of transforming your backyard into a space full of ambiance and glow at night that makes the area functional and relaxing.

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String lights are a popular option for backyard lighting ideas, and rightfully so. These adorable little lights make your backyard functional at night and enhance the ambiance. There are several possibilities for hanging string lights in your backyard to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Instead of purchasing a new light fixture, consider making your own backyard lighting with the help of fairy lights and Mason jars. Fill the inside of a Mason jar with battery-powered fairy lights (making sure to put the battery at the top for easy access) and screw back on the lid. Attach the lid's handle on both sides and then hang it on tree branches or on yard stakes with a shepherd's hook.

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Create a beautiful backyard deck by opting for a chandelier as your light source. Not only does this provide the lighting you need for the darker hours, but this fixture accentuates your space and makes the environment feel more sophisticated.

If you have a pool in your backyard then night swims are likely to occur. Install lighting down in sides of your pool to light up the water and cast a glow that reaches your backyard area.

Whether you don't have an outlet nearby or are looking for an environmentally-friendly source, consider going with solar lights. This lighting option is very user-friendly as most of them charge during the day from sunlight and light up on their own at night. All that's required from you is installing it in your chosen location.

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Not all backyard lighting ideas need to be as extensive as installing or hanging new fixtures. Place a few lanterns or table candles on your outdoor coffee table for visibility all night long that's easy to set up.

17 Backyard Lighting Ideas For A Gorgeous Glow

Garden Lamp Drawing Who says you have to limit yourself to one backyard lighting idea? Pair two or more of your favorite ideas for a fully illuminated area to enjoy the backyard all night long.