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This is an unmanaged switch. We could not find a management interface. For a switch in this price range, perhaps that is exactly what folks want.

In terms of performance, this seems to be a decent, but not top-tier performer. 12v usb adapter

Again, for a sub $75 switch this is not bad. It is also almost identical to the Sodola.

Power adapters are always an interesting point. This one comes with fewer markings than many would want. The adapter is only a 12V 1A power adapter, so we know this is going to be a low-power device.

At idle, we got around 1.0W making it a very low power switch.

With a single 2.5GbE port plugged in, we added 1.0W for 2.0W total.

We used a 10Gbase-T SFP+ pluggable to add a good amount of power consumption in a SFP+ port and we got 2.3W for 1.3W over our baseline. Usually, there is a smaller jump on the 2.5GbE ports and a bigger jump with the SFP+ 10Gbase-T adapter. While this held true, it was a bit smaller of a gap than we were expecting.

This is a really low-power switch.

Many will look at this switch and want more regulatory markings, a decent warranty, or other features. That is not the point. The point of this switch is to simply be a low-cost option.

As an unmanaged, fanless unit, this one might end up in the technician’s bag, velcroed under an office desk, or something similar. At the same time, the fifth 2.5GbE port feels challenging. Many of the 4-port 2.5GbE switches, like the YuanLey/ Davuaz are the same or lower cost but that fifth 2.5GbE port is traded for a second SFP+ port. We featured the 4-port 2.5GbE and 2-port SFP+ switches over this 5+1 model because it feels like those are better models. Perhaps the easier way to say that is, you are only buying this switch if it is cheaper than the 4+2 or you really need that extra 2.5GbE port.

Still, if this is the port configuration you need, then it might make a lot of sense to a number of readers out there. It may not be the fanciest switch by any means, but it is another cheap option that one can grab on Amazon making it an easy way to get 2.5GbE connectivity delivered quickly and inexpensively.

We purchased our unit on Amazon. Here is the affiliate link for this model.

You may have seen that we published the Ultimate Cheap Fanless 2.5GbE Switch Buyer’s Guide. Here is the video for that guide:

We decided to do the round-up first and will be filling in with reviews that we had not published at that point, including this one. We are trying to keep everything in a single resource for folks there.

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