The Best Masonry Drill Bits in 2023 - Masonry Drill Bits Set

Unlike typical bits, these are specifically designed to bore through concrete and brick safely and effectively.

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The Best Masonry Drill Bits in 2023 - Masonry Drill Bits Set

If you plan on drilling into brick, concrete, or stone, you’re going to need to use a masonry drill bit. These specialty bits have strong carbide tips for boring through hard materials, and wide flutes to eject dust and debris to minimize friction and increase efficiency. Some even feature diamond coatings for extra challenging applications.

When used with the proper drill–either a standard drill with a hammer mode setting or a dedicated rotary hammer drill–masonry drill bits are an invaluable piece of a well-rounded toolkit. Available in a range of sizes, masonry drill bits are useful for a variety of drilling tasks, from mounting a garage door opener on a brick exterior to boring holes in concrete.

Just like other drill bit types, masonry drill bits are available in a range of sizes, so make sure you choose the right size for your specific task. If you’re creating a hole for concrete screws or wall anchors, check the packaging to find out the proper bit size to use (some screw or anchor sets supply the correct bit needed, but I’ve found these to be of generally lower quality than the brands on our list).

Boring through concrete is tough work, so masonry drill bits need to be extremely hard to get the job done. Always make sure your masonry drill bits are made with tungsten carbide tips, which is strong enough to work effectively, and without wearing out too quickly. If you’re working with particularly hard materials, like stone or porcelain, a specialty bits with diamond coating are needed.

Masonry drill bits have different head types for various applications, so make sure you’re using the right one for the job:

It’s essential that your masonry drill bit is compatible with the drill you plan on using, whether that’s a standard drill with a hammer mode setting, or the larger rotary hammer drill. These drill types have different chucks–the opening that holds the bit in place–which only accepts a certain type of shank–the end of the bit that fits into the chuck. Drill bits with hex shanks fit into regular cordless drills, and bits with SDS+ shanks only fit rotary hammer drills.

If you want to be prepared for a variety of drilling tasks, I recommend purchasing a set with a range of sizes, in particular, 1/4- and 5/16-inch options. But, if you know exactly what you’re using your bit for, like drilling a pilot hole in a concrete wall, and don’t have the need or budget for a full set, masonry drill bits can be purchased individually. That said, working with masonry is especially hard on drill bits, and even the most durable options are going to wear out quicker than you think.

The dust created by drilling into concrete, brick, and stone, is harmful to humans in several ways, so it’s important to use the proper safety precautions. Concrete dust in particular is especially dangerous to your respiratory system, and contains microscopic silica particles that can cause short-term breathing issues, and long-term lung damage. Because of this, dust masks or respirators are essential when using masonry drill bits, even for a short time.

To prevent this dust—and any unexpected chips—from damaging your eyes, always wear eye protection when using masonry drill bits, and if possible, choose full-coverage goggles over safety glasses for complete dust protection. Drilling into masonry is also extremely loud, so hearing protection is also recommended.

As part of a residential and commercial carpentry crew in New York City, I used masonry bits with both hammer drill/drivers and rotary hammer drills, performing a range of anchoring and screwing tasks. I kept this hands-on experience in mind when assembling this list of options, making sure to include brands and bit types that I know and trust, and using online tested review sites to ensure I included popular and up-to-date models. I also made sure to include a useful range of sizes and bit types, to provide options for anyone, regardless of their project or tool setup.

I’ve always been a fan of Bosch drill bits, and this 7-piece set is a great example of their focus on speed and precision. Their asymmetric diamond-ground tips get you started quickly and accurately–with minimal walking–and allow the bit to power through brick or concrete with minimal wear. Deep-cut spirals remove drilled material as you go, increasing speed and efficiency even more.

This set provides a nice range of sizes too, from 1/8 to 3/8-inches, and the clear storage case gives you a clear view of what’s inside. These bits have hex shanks, making them compatible with standard cordless drills.

If you’d rather not invest in separate bits for different materials, these multipurpose options from Bosch are a great option. Their carbide heads and sharp cutting edges are designed for use with a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, tile, metal, and masonry, and steep flutes promote optimal debris removal. If you’re not interested in a set, these bits are also available individually.

In my experience, multipurpose bits like these aren’t as effective as material-specific options, so if lifespan and drilling speed is your top priority–especially if working with tile–consider one of the other options on this list.

Despite the budget-friendly price, these DeWalt bits still provide the rugged carbide tips necessary for effective masonry work, and a decent range of sizes to choose from. Their 4-flute design cleans away debris, as they efficiently travel through masonry, concrete, and rock.

Pointed tips ensure accuracy and precision when starting your hole, and drastically reduce the chances of walking or jumping around. Three flats on the shank make these bits compatible with standard power drill with ⅜ or ½-inch chucks.

If you plan on drilling through concrete with rebar, save yourself time and money by using these heavy-duty Milwaukee bits. With full carbide heads and four cutting edges, these German-made bits are specifically designed to continue drilling when they come in contact with rebar, and won’t lock up like bits with the standard 2 cutting edges.

Convenient wear mark indicators let you know when they’ve worn down and need to be replaced, so you won’t waste time and energy using inefficient bits. Their SDS+ shanks are compatible with rotary hammer drills.

These 3/16-inch Bosch bits are the perfect size for drilling pilot holes for ¼-inch Tapcon concrete screws, and more than provide the minimum 1-inch depth required. With 5 identical bits, this pack has you covered for larger projects that are inevitably going to wear through multiple bits before you’re finished. They’re a great price too, saving you both time and money running back and forth to the hardware store or waiting on an online order. If you’re working with smaller 3/16-inch Tapcons, Bosch also offers a 5-packs of 5/32 bits.

Although not technically a “drill bit”, this diamond-tipped hole saw from Milwaukee is a better option for drilling larger holes in extra-hard materials like granite, marble, and porcelain. Its high-grade diamonds create a smooth, clean hole, and a large ejection slot allows for easy slug removal when you’re finished. The quick-change hex shank also fits standard drills/drivers without needing a separate arbor to connect.

These types of one-piece hole saws require more technique to operate than regular drill bits, but by following the instructions and applying water to keep the saw cool while drilling, are easy to get the hang of.

For heavy-duty applications that require the power of a rotary hammer drill, this set of Bosch bits is a great choice. Each bit features a 4-flute design that optimizes powder ejection, reducing friction and keeping the bit cooler. This also reduces overall stress placed on the bit during use, and increases its overall lifespan.

The 2-cutter head helps direct dust through the flutes, and also features a visible wear mark, so you can clearly tell when it’s not able to create the hole diameter its intended for. This 7-piece set comes in a heavy-duty Bosch storage case, and has you covered for hole sizes from 3/16 to 1/2-inch in diameter.

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The Best Masonry Drill Bits in 2023 - Masonry Drill Bits Set

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