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T he 110 obsession has fully gone mad. The popular fuel-injected Honda CRF110 has been joined by competitive machines from Kawasaki and Yamaha, and this genre has gotten even more popular with the addition of specialized machines from France and Asia. They range from auto-clutched air-coolers to electric-start, manual-clutch and shift models to models with longer-travel suspension. The seat heights are usually in the 26- to 29-inch range. Weights are 120 pounds to 170 pounds with a full gas tank, and prices range from around $1000 to $2600. Pc Computer Case

110 PIT BIKE BUYER’S GUIDE - Dirt Bike Magazine

We have searched out the most popular machines that have a strong network behind the brand. Naturally, this is where the Japanese models are strong with their well-developed dealer networks, but others are selling thousands of machines and boast good parts availability and support, too. Whatever your decision, do your research prior to making a making a purchase.

Built in China, this machine is a kick-start, four-speed, air-cooled 110cc that has an aluminum cylinder. The seat height is 760mm. It weighs 66 kilograms and has Volt Racing suspension that’s been developed in France at both ends. Brakes at both ends are disc, and the machine has a manual clutch. Seat height: 29.9 inches Weight: 145 pounds Price: TBA Contact:

Honda’s CRF100F is an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with electric start. It is the only machine in its class that is fuel-injected. The tranny is a four-speed with an automatic clutch for virtually no stalling. It has just under 4 inches of suspension travel. The brakes are drum, and it comes with a throttle limiter and a backup kick-starter. Seat height: 25.9 inches Weight: 170 pounds with fuel Price: $2499 Contact:

The KLX110 is very popular with its electric-start, air-cooled, 112cc, four-stroke engine. It’s a four-speed that uses an auto clutch and is carbureted via an 18mm Keihin. Suspension travel is 4.3 inches fore and aft. The brakes are drum, and of course it comes in Factory Team Green colors. Seat height: 26.8 inches Weight: 167.5 pounds  (with full gas tank) Price: $2349 Contact:

The KLX110R L mirrors the 110R version but is equipped with longer suspension travel at both ends (5.5 inches front, 5.2 inches rear). It retains the 14-inch front wheel and 12-inch front; the air-cooled, four-speed, automatic-clutch powerplant; and has a taller saddle height, nearly 2 inches loftier than the R model. Seat height: 28.7 inches Weight: 167.5 pounds  (with full gas tank) Price: $2549 Contact:

The Orion is fit with a four-speed, automatic-clutch, Zongshen, 110cc, air-cooled powerplant. It has an upgraded Fast Ace hydraulic fork, dual disc brakes, a side stand, aluminum handlebars and triple clamps. They deliver it to your home for free, and it comes with a throttle limiter and a one-year warranty. Seat height: 26.75 inches Weight: 137 pounds Price: $1159 Contact:

The Pitster Pro XJR 110 is a 110cc, air-cooled four-stroke with a manual, four-speed transmission. It has dual disc brakes, pro-style suspension, a GPX fork, and 5 inches of travel front and rear. This machine is a kickstart model but can be equipped with electric start. Seat height: 28 inches Weight: 144 pounds Price: $1179.99 Contact:

Pitster Pro’s FSE 110R is available with a semi-automatic or manual transmission. It is a competition model for the Mini Moto 12-inch stock class and has electric start, hydraulic disc brakes, wide footpegs, an alloy swingarm and fully adjustable suspension. Seat height: 29 inches Weight: 144.5 pounds Price: Starting from $1749.99 Contact:

SSR offers two versions of the SR110—one with a manual transmission, the other with a four-speed automatic clutch. The engine is a YX, 107cc, air-cooled powerplant. It’s a kickstart only and has a CDI ignition. The suspension is a hydraulic front fork and a rear Monoshock, and braking is via disc at both ends. Seat height: 28 inches Weight: 122 pounds Price: Base mode $999 Contact:

This is the racier version with a racing muffler, an alloy wheel with a pro-like hub, dual disc brakes and a billet gas cap. Six colorways are available. It has a 29-inch saddle height, redesigned bodywork for improved ergonomics and a 12-inch front/10-inch rear tire setup. Seat height: 28 inches Weight: 132 pounds Price: $1034 Contact:

The Tao DB10 is fit with a 6.4-horsepower, 110cc, four-stroke engine. It has electric start and an automatic clutch, along with full suspension and a front disc brake. The wheels are 10 inches, as it targets smaller, entry-level riders. Seat height: 26 inches Weight: 137 pounds Price: $619 Contact:

The Tao DB14 has 14/12 wheels, a 28-inch seat height, front and rear disc brakes, and longer-travel suspension. It’s a kickstart machine and has a semi-automatic clutch and tranny, along with a fairly tall seat height for taller, more experienced riders. Seat height: 28 inches Weight: 154 pounds Price: $669 Contact:

The Thumpstar TSK 110-C has a strong Zongshen 110cc motor and an airbox that houses a dual-layer filter. It comes with a four-speed semi-automatic gearbox and electric start. It retains an option for a kickstart, the USD fork is a VS1, the rear end has linkage, and the wheels have stainless steel spokes and cast-aluminum hubs. Seat height: 28.35 inches Weight: 176 pounds (dry) Price: $1919 Contact:

Powered by an air-cooled 110cc engine, the TTR-R110E has a four-speed tranny, automatic clutch and electric start. The fork offers 4.5 inches of travel, and the rear Monocross has 4.3 inches of travel. Both brakes are drum units, and the wheel sizes are a 14-inch front and a 12-inch rear. Seat height: 26.5 inches Weight: 159 pounds (wet: fuel and oil) Price: $2299 Contact:

The YCF Lite F110 has the look of a serious machine. It’s fit up with a 110cc, air-cooled engine, along with a four-speed transmission and a manual clutch. It has a seat-height adjustment kit, a CNC bar clamp with adjustable bar mounts, long-travel suspension and dual disc brakes. Seat height: 29.5 Inches Weight: 138 pounds Price: $1199 Contact:

Sunday Motors offers some highly focused machines that are designed to go skidding. Its flat-track machines include the 147—a 150cc air-cooled engine with a four-speed transmission. The exhaust is a low configuration and has a factory silver muffler and 14-inch wheels that mate to red CNC-machined hubs. There is no front brake; out back, there’s a rear disc with a bottom-mount brake caliper. Seat height: 29.5-inches Weight: 170 pounds Price: $2399.00 Contact:

The TT version is called the S147 Limited Edition front disc brake, 14-inch wheels and stainless steel footpegs with rubber peg covers. Out back, the rear brake is a low-caliper mount. The exhaust is a low boy, and it comes with a kill switch with a leash. Seat height: 29.5-inches Weight: 170 pounds Price: TBA Contact:







110 PIT BIKE BUYER’S GUIDE - Dirt Bike Magazine