VIDEO: Lessons in BESS manufacturing quality with CEA proudly presents our sponsored webinar with Clean Energy Associates (CEA), focusing on battery energy storage system manufacturing quality.

As the global demand for battery energy storage systems (BESS) rises, so does the risk for manufacturing complications. New suppliers, factories, and production line technology and workers are deployed at increasingly rapid rates – resulting in increased defects and other issues that may lead to underperformance and safety risks. Power Inverter

VIDEO: Lessons in BESS manufacturing quality with CEA

In the past six years, CEA has performed factory quality audits on over 30GWh of BESS projects, employing a multi-faceted approach to target these issues. The team’s findings at each manufacturing stage highlight common quality issues that may cause commissioning delays, excessive degradation and even thermal events and fires.

In this webinar, CEA’s BESS experts share: – The most common issues seen in the factory, their typical root causes, and – what steps can be taken during the manufacturing process to prevent these issues.

George Touloupas, senior director, technology & quality, Clean Energy Associates

Chi Zhang, senior energy storage engineer, Clean Energy Associates

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VIDEO: Lessons in BESS manufacturing quality with CEA

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