Morel mushrooms in Indiana: Where to find, buy them in 2023

Morel mushroom season is fully underway in Indiana, and hunters are sharing their finds on social media to prove it.

Morels are a rare and delicious mushroom that can be found in the woods around Indiana during a small window each year. gucchi mushroom cultivation

Hunters often cook them in garlic and butter, or sell them to local eateries and markets for a solid profit. Some years, the mushrooms can be found in local grocery stores for upwards of $50 a pound.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or looking to get started, here's what to know:

For those looking to learn more about the pricey snack, the annual Indiana Morel Mushroom Festival took place at Brown County State Park on Saturday, May 6.

The park hosted a full day of activities, including presentations on how to safely hunt and identify the mushrooms and live guided hunts.

If you missed out on the festival, you still have a chance later this month to buy some of the mushrooms.

A morel sale will be held on May 26 & 27, with more info to come.

Check out the full schedule here.

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This forager was searching for ramps, a species of wild onion, when they stumbled on a nice haul of the well-sought fungi.

One reddit user asked a group of mushroom foragers for clarity on if their find was the real deal. Another hunter said they might be able to help with the identity ... if they shared the location.

"All y’all are shady trying to get that “location” — if there’s one thing I learned growing up in the country, you don’t tell anyone where you find morel mushrooms," the poster responded.

So, while people aren't always quick to give directions to their favorite hunting grounds, they do often share the county. Across the various groups and social media platforms devoted to morels, hunters have checked in from just about every county in the area.

This hunter found these in La Porte.

One Reddit user did get more specific, saying they've made finds along the White River between Butler and Newfields.

The Facebook group Indiana Morels is a great spot to look for advice, general hunting grounds and more.

This group member claimed to have found more than 30 pounds so far in 2023 in public spots around Cass County.

Wherever you go hunting, remember to follow basic safety tips and make sure you are eating morels and not a dangerous look alike.

Local prices for the delicacy vary pretty widely depending on the availability, quality, and market for the mushrooms in a given year.

So far in 2023, the lowest price from an online retailer we've found for fresh morels is $39 per pound, but that price is a bit misleading. By the time you include shipping to Indiana, you're looking closer to $70.

You should probably expect to pay between $60 and $70 per pound for the fresh stuff, with frozen or dried also an option from most retailers.

morel jersey If all this just seems like too much trouble for the popular snack, you can also buy kits to grow them at home. Buyer beware though, just like your hunts this grow kit can take quite some time, and not all reviewers ended up with a successful haul.