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Hanging drywall can only be made better with cordless screwgun to handle the driving. When we find a cordless screwgun that presents a particularly great value, it’s even better. The Kobalt 24V brushless screwgun not only provides a battery-powered solution, but it also offers it on the cheap. As icing on the cake, Kobalt even makes available an optional collated fastener. Internal Hex Head Bolt

Kobalt 24V Brushless Screwgun and Collated Fastener - Pro Tool Reviews

The Kobalt 24V screwgun features a brushless motor that produces up to 4,500 RPM. This matches or approximates the speeds you’ll see with similar tools from DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee Tool, and others. It will handle most drywalling jobs with no problems. It also features a 1/4″ hex chuck, lock-on button, and a tool-free depth adjustment.

An LED worklight sits below the handle, illuminating the driving area without too many shadows. Kobalt also made the tool fairly dust-proof so it can handle the rigors associated with repetitive drywall drilling.

You can use the Kobalt KDS 124B-03 drywall screw gun with single screws, but the tool lacks the push-to-drive clutch found on some other brands’ drivers. That means that while you can lock on the trigger, you’re expending battery juice by spinning the chuck even when you’re not driving screws.

You’ll be able to work much faster with the optional Kobalt 24V Drywall Screwgun Attachment (KDSA 124-03). This attachment accepts collated drywall screws from 1″ up to 2-1/8″. Just set the tool-free depth gauge for the fastener you intend to use.

It’s easy to reload with most brands plastic collated screws. When coupled with the Kobalt 24V screwgun, it can drive up to 4,000 1-1/4″ screws on a fully-charged 4.0 Ah battery.

For Kobalt to branch out into drywall screw guns it signifies a shift. Kobalt no longer feels it’s enough to simply cover the basic tools. Lately, they seem to have a target painted on the trades. From a Kobalt 24V brushless ratchet wrench to a 24V hybrid jobsite fan and 24V high-torque impact wrench, Kobalt seems to mean business.

Both the tool and attachment also come backed by Kobalt’s 5-year warranty. The Kobalt 24V Brushless Screwgun will run you $99 from your local Lowe’s store, while the Collated Fastener attachment retails for $69. This is a great addition to the line of Kobalt 24V brushless tools.

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Kobalt 24V Brushless Screwgun and Collated Fastener - Pro Tool Reviews

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