SWACO says new centers will improve recycling rate

Central Ohioans joined the nation in celebrating America Recycles Day on Nov. 15.

But when you’re in the business of helping families, residents, schools and businesses reduce their reliance on landfills, one day of celebration just isn’t enough. That’s why at SWACO, we think recycling and the accomplishments our community has made should be celebrated every day.  China Derrick Shale Shaker

SWACO says new centers will improve recycling rate

Earlier this month, SWACO learned that Central Ohio’s diversion rate – the amount of waste material we create but keep out of the landfill by reusing and recycling – rose from 51% to 54%. That increase is exciting news and a good indication that our community’s waste reduction behaviors are moving in the right direction. 

However, we’re still throwing away too much of the waste that we’re creating. Today, 76% of the material arriving at the Franklin County Sanitary Landfill had the potential to be diverted. As our population continues to grow, it’s likely the amount of waste created will, too, so we must remain dedicated to our waste reduction and recycling efforts. 

SWACO can’t do it alone. We need everyone in our community to commit to reducing their reliance on the landfill and we’re here to help. 

The recent opening of two new Recycling Convenience Centers should help. SWACO and the city of Columbus announced the opening of the two centers on Nov. 15 to coincide with America Recycles Day. The first one, at 2566 Jackson Pike on the city’s southwest side, is run by SWACO, while the city of Columbus operates the second one, located at 2070 Alum Creek Drive, on the southeast side.

How to recycle:Columbus, SWACO announce opening of two centers to collect more hard-to-recycle items

With night and weekend hours, the new centers offer residents a convenient opportunity to recycle items they no longer want or need and divert them from the landfill. The recycling centers accept different items and operate at different hours so it’s best to call or go online to learn more before visiting. However, both recycling centers take common recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, carton containers, metal cans and cups, and plastic bottles, tubs, jugs and cups. SWACO’s Center on Jackson Pike also accepts hard-to-recycle items, including appliances, tires, batteries and electronics. 

By making a deliberate effort to reducing waste and recycling right, we can make a difference for our economy and our environment. Central Ohio is home to nearly 400 businesses who rely on these materials to keep their doors open and operations moving. Plus, the environmental benefits are endless. When new products are made from recycled content, natural resources are conserved, less energy is used, and less pollution is created.

SWACO is pleased to serve the community with its new Recycling Convenience Center. We look forward to bringing forward new and different solutions to help Central Ohio continue to reduce our collective reliance on the landfill. 

SWACO says new centers will improve recycling rate

Shaker Screens For Sale Joe Lombardi is SWACO’s Executive Director.