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Exotic metals like Ytterbium are just one of many rare resources in Starfield!

Ytterbium might not be the rarest resource in Starfield, but it’s definitely the hardest to pronounce. This metal is classified as a rare-earth element, but it can be found in multiple different locations throughout the galaxy. aluminium oxide crystal

It’s often used as an advanced material in high-level research projects, as well as an ingredient in crafting some powerful attachments for your equipment. This, combined with its relatively scarcity, means you should pretty much always pick Ytterbium up when you get the chance.

Of course, like all loot, Ytterbium has a small chance to appear in random chests. However, there are also more reliable methods of adding some to your stockpile.

Here’s where to look!

The two main ways of collecting Ytterbium in Starfield are by purchasing it from vendors or mining it yourself on different planets throughout the galaxy.

Purchasing Ytterbium is a great way to stockpile the resource, because you can bulk buy larger amounts of it than occur naturally.

Because it’s a relatively rare resource, Ytterbium has a chance to pop up at retailers like Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis spaceport, as well as UC Exchange and Jane’s Goods in Cydonia on Mars.

However, you’re much more likely to find some for sale at Midtown Minerals in Akila City. This is also a great place to buy other useful metals like titanium and aluminium.

Head over to the Cheyenne system and land on Akila, then make your way into the middle of town to the mineral store. Remember to check back periodically because merchants’ inventories refresh often, but there’s usually a healthy stock of Ytterbium.

Alternatively, the two general stores in Neon also stock a ton of different resources.

If you would rather mine Ytterbium yourself, your only choice is scanning planets to find out which randomly list it as one of their resources on the left-hand side of the planet map.

The symbol for Ytterbium is “Yb”, which you will need to know because it doesn’t list the full names, just the elemental abbreviation.

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