15 Best Weed Containers 2024 - Smell-Proof Containers for Weed

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15 Best Weed Containers 2024 - Smell-Proof Containers for Weed

Every year, we get closer and closer to some form federal legalization of cannabis. We're not there yet, and it's almost worse this way. Legal in one state, not the next, so you're always having to check updates or figure out what level of legality you're at. When I'm in New York City, it's weed, but when I'm back in Georgia it's Delta-8—which, I'm told, is very much not weed or somehow different. I don't know, man.

Anyway, the one thing that's consistent with the level of legalization we're at is that we're getting capital L—Loud, mega-high THC corporate weed. Even if you are in a state with that not-exactly 100 percent legal sort of legality, you can find these insane super strains of weed. You're paying good money for it, and you can smell it from a block away. That means you need a proper weed container, not just an old, nasty Ziploc bag.

So like with every other weed accessory—grinders, electric grinders, pipes, bongs, vapes, and subscription boxes—now is the time to invest. Stoners, let's talk about the best weed containers on the market. If you store it properly, your weed will last longer, taste better, and stay out of any curious too-young hands. Give your flower the love it deserves, be a responsible adult, and buy a proper weed container. These are our 15 favorites.

Listen, I've got love for the tech-y no smell containers, but at some point you're just going to have to understand that weed smells. This box is not perfectly airtight, but it'll do a decent job. If it's away in a drawer, you're home isn't going to reek.

That said, it's got plenty of compartments that you'll find useful, as well as a little rolling jig that pops out. Add the fact that the pine wood looks better than just about anything on this list, and you've got a winner.

A beautiful, handmade porcelain container. It's airtight storage in a pretty package, nothing overly complicated, nothing overly techy.

This container lives up to its brand name. It's made of durable dark glass, which is herbalist-approved since it blocks out the UV and doesn't tamper with the flavor. And it does come with a humidity pack to help the buds stay fresh for months to come. That's better than a lot of other gimmicky ideas.

This bad boy features a patented vacuum seal, which you can entrust to keep your buds dry (read: fresher and longer). To get the good stuff out, press the button on the side of the lid; to fully keep the pungent matter contained, press the button on the lid.

Deluxe and beautiful, for the stoner who demands it. It can eliminate smell, optimize humidity, organize goods, and keep everything fresh and secure under a lock-and-key.

The prospect of bringing weed—and everything that comes with it—into the wilderness is always a bit weird. Sure, something like that stash bag above this would work, but it doesn't feel substantial enough for an outdoor setting. And though you could use any old thermos, that feels a bit high school.

Thankfully Houseplant, Seth Rogan's budding (hehe) weed accessories brand, has a solution. The 4-in-1 carry case has roll storage, as well as a built in grinder, lighter, and ashtray. Granted, there's not a ton of space for flower, but you could squeeze a gram in there.

This bag is disguised as a pocketable wallet, when in fact, its polyurethane leather and carbon lining hint at a completely different purpose—one that involves a super strong enclosure and odor protection. It's a clutch for your day outdoors or life on the move. No one will notice a thing.

We recommend this to parents with nosy kids or anyone with a handsy roommate. The three-digit combo lock will keep the unsolicited at bay. And it can't be sniffed out either, not with its multi-stage control formula (odor-trapping liner + waterproof zipper + rubber gasket seal). That's the protection your vault deserves.

With a capacity of 42ml, this stash jar is meant for small stowaways. And it gets that job done incredibly well, courtesy of the rubber seal ring that locks what's inside in and keeps what's outside out.

As far as jars go, this one is very jar-ry. Give one thumbs up for its sleek, dark glass build. Two thumbs up for the free purifying humidifier packet that'll take extra care of the goods inside (they need water too). And three thumbs up (if possible) for its quality airtight lid and a versatile range in capacity—from 250ml to 100ml—that fits different stoning needs.

If you're on the go, storing in various places, or just want something cheap, Sackville & Co. makes an affordable, incredibly good stash bag. It's got enough space for your papers, pipe, lighter, and most importantly, flower.

A weed stash box is often meant for short-term storage, but its hard to pass up a system that fits everything you need in one place. This one is XL, compartmentalized, seals well, and has a convertible rolling tray lid.

"What a sleek keychain," they'll say. And you'll smile and nod, knowing better. This narrow storage system is discreet, waterproof, and airtight, thus guaranteeing fresh hash for consumption whenever you're outside. (It's your new travel buddy, basically.)

Mason jars have been around for quite some time for home canning, and it certainly didn't take long for those who partake to first discover that they also work for storing bud. They're dirt cheap, completely airtight, smell-proof, and often boast enormous capacity (this one fits 64oz). Just don't expose them to sunlight.

It looks like a pill bottle a pharmacist might hand you (but black), which is quite fitting for storing medical marijuanas. But even if you're a recreational stoner, this contraption will still come in handy. It's airtight, water-proof, and scent-concealing. But the star goes to its built-in spike-grinder that can mill herbs with no problem.

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15 Best Weed Containers 2024 - Smell-Proof Containers for Weed

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