Folding TVs, Power Cells For Large Family Trips, and More! The Best Of #CES 2024! | RCR News Media

Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone, hundereds of thousands in the tech space got a look at the near and distant future of TVs, appliances, PC, and more. We took in tons of incredible sights and here’s a rundown of the best stuff we saw at the show.

While companies like TCL and Samsung are showing off improvements to picture quality for 2024, C-Seed is selling the high end dream with its new foldable LED television. The company showed off the N1 4K 137 inch indoor TV is a real game changer. You can place it in front of a glass window or a wall, there is no limit. Its easy-to-install and practical design adapts to your needs, and it reshapes your space into a multi-purpose entertainment and social environment, creating “wow” moments for your family and guests. On top of the wow factor of the TV, the presentation is like looking at the LED signs of the Vegas strip themselves. Color processing is above the current industry standard without using A.I integration. Currently, C-Seed states that installation of this indoor N1 requires little to no household construction versus their outdoor in-ground models. Wireless Soundbar

Folding TVs, Power Cells For Large Family Trips, and More! The Best Of #CES 2024! | RCR News Media

Hyundai. No not the car. The tech brand of the same name has established their foothold in the consumer market by developing products in markets others are pulling resources from. Their line of mini-pc is sleek yet packs enough for the families looking for simple home and school use out of it. The company’s PC offerings range from notebooks to larger custom gaming PC’s packing the latest in NVIDIA graphics cards and LED customization. I got a look at several products not available in the U.S. just yet and some that have not come to any market just yet such as their laptop mount expansion screens which turn your laptop into a gaming and design workspace on the go. The LED monitors mount securely to a laptop in either horizontal or vertical format and feature industry standard refresh rates. I also got a look at their smartwatch model only available currently in Mexico. Unlike other would be AppleWatch challengers, the build on it is among the sturdiest I’ve felt. The features worked seamlessly with my phone including message notifications and app controls. If it comes to the U.S, the possible unconfirmed budget friendly price point could make it a contender against even the Galaxy or Apple watches. Hyundai Technologies also has LED TVs not yet available in every market, the 85′ model we saw features a 120hz rate for gaming full 180 angle viewing, and 4k compatibility. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Hyundai Technologies products is the customizability on just about everything. Computers can be spec’d up or down for things such as storage, TV’s have options for frame materials, even their tablets can be customized to suit just about every budget and tech need. Keep an eye at retailers for these products as they’ll be sure to move fast.

Tech in the VR space is still finding its balance between pricing and power. While Pimax’s Crystal VR headset leans more toward the power side, what consumers experience is one of the most powerful and easy to use headsets featuring full glass eyepieces. Crystal features some of the most advanced eye-tracking on the VR market where it can detect eye movement down to millimeters. The headset can also switch between being used in PC mode where it can take full advantage of beefy gaming rigs and XR2 internal processor powered AIO mode where for loss of a bit of processing power VR gamers can use the headset in a kind of standalone mode. Pimax also showed off 60G AirLink wireless module, paired with Pimax’s current flagship product, the Pimax Crystal. The integration of the 60G AirLink with the Crystal’s standard eye-tracking feature elevates it to being the world’s first ultra-high-definition VR headset with full wireless connectivity.

While CES featured tons of advancements in power backups, charging, and solar tech, none were as imaginative as the Yooatom Power Station. Yooatom Origin 800 power station, now available on Indiegogo features a groundbreaking modular design. This design is what truly sets it apart from other power solutions at CES. You’ll start with a tower which resembles the average power bank a home would have in case of emergency or even camping trips. The modules stacked on top are not just for show, these wireless modules each contain their own battery charged through the tower, they can then be separated from the tower and taken to charge things from small electronics to even act as battery backups for laptops. Each module also features magnetic wireless charging and each can charge several devices for a few hours through the USB-C outputs. The tower itself also has A/C and D/C power options meaning the base tower can power small appliances such as mini-fridge or blender. Yooatom also features voice controls to turn the base of its modules into an LED light and the company has developed different kinds of modules for the system as well including an LED torch lamp and stackable cup cooling ones to be used with Yooatom. Those and even more compatible power modules can be added to the system. While 800W may not be the top of the line in portable power, it’s enough to ensure consistent performance and long lasting power use. The system could be a replacement solution for families that travel together who bring multiple spare batteries on trips.

Robot vacuums have been on the market for years now and even vacuum tech itself had not solved some of its most long standing issues. The Narwal Freo X Plus not only showed off advancements in spatial recognition to adaptively avoid house obstacles while cleaning, its cleaning units also featured single joint vacuum rollers. This X shaped roller arm is a life saver for those of us who constantly have to pull fur from pets, hair, or long thread from the bottom of our vacuum cleaners. The Freo X Plus features the ability to compress dust within the robot for up to 60 days, and AI DirtSense technology that maps problem-cleaning areas, these cutting-edge devices set new standards in performance, efficiency, and convenience. This robot vacuum has thought of just about everything, even to its dirt and dust disposal. There’s no tank to clean frequently inside the housing unit. The robot itself features proprietary storage compressed bags to simply unhook from the filter and throw away. When you combine the whisper quietness of the unit with the incredible cleaning power of its rollers and the problem solving that went into it, the Freo X Plus is one of the biggest advancements in independent robot cleaning we’ve seen.

Folding TVs, Power Cells For Large Family Trips, and More! The Best Of #CES 2024! | RCR News Media

Fbt Transformer Datasheet Noise cancelling is the past the future of personal audio is balancing the sound you want in your ears with the world around you. NWM by Sonority is developing what they refer to as Personal Sound Zone tech for headphones and more. When you put on one of these headsets, the audio is crystal clear and as powerful as most of the high end headphones on the market. What separates the brand from competitors is the uses of PSZ. I wore the headphones the entire time the NWM spokespeople talked to me. As I listened to mid-level loud music through the headphones I could still perfectly hear what the other person talking to me was saying without them being able to hear anything coming from my headphones. This kind of tech also eliminates the human instinct to shout at someone trying to communicate with us while listening to music as the balance of the outside world to what’s in your ear is soo good that the brain never thinks it’s in a need to raise your voice. The company is working on incorporating the tech into things such as gaming chairs and more. For now several models of on-ear headphones will hit the market soon with some now available to order through their website.