The 4 Best Soda Makers of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

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We tested 15 top-rated models to find the best picks for making bubbly beverages. Jigger Drink

The 4 Best Soda Makers of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

While store-bought seltzers and other sparkling drinks are convenient in a rush, making carbonated beverages at home saves money and is much more eco-friendly and fun. Whether you want to fill your favorite drinking glass with carbonated water or a fizzy nonalcoholic drink, the best soda makers can get it done with the simple touch of a button.

To help you find the best soda maker, we tested a total of 15 top-rated models and evaluated their performance, design, and finished product. We looked for models that were easy to use, produced strong carbonation, and maintained the fizz level. Ahead, find out more about our favorite soda makers, how we tested them, and why they are a worthy addition to your kitchen appliance collection.

This automatic soda maker features three preset fizz levels (small, medium, or large) and performed best in our tests.

It’s not wireless, so you’ll need to be near an outlet for use. 

This latest SodaStream model improves on earlier iterations we've tested thanks to several user-friendly upgrades. It features three preset levels of fizz — small, medium, and large — offering customization to suit any palate. Since this model is entirely automatic and operates with a simple lever mechanism and the push of a button, we liked that there was no trial and error required to get the right level of carbonation. We did find that the first level was a little flat, but the other two worked best, producing tiny bubbles with strong carbonation. Overall, the results were consistent and refreshing, and we found the fizziness lasted longer than drinks made with other models we tested.

After multiple rounds of lab testing, the SodaStream E-Duo topped our list as the best soda maker. It has a simple design, it's easy to clean, and we appreciate that it's fully automatic to eliminate the guesswork. Every soda maker purchase includes a 60-liter CO2 cylinder and two dishwasher-safe reusable bottles (one BPA-free plastic bottle and one glass bottle). Although this machine isn't wireless, its ease of use cannot be beaten.

Power Source: Electric | Height: 17.25 inches | Bottle Capacity: 28.4 ounces | Bottle Materials: BPA-free plastic and glass

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

This soda maker is slim, lightweight, and easy to use.

This soda maker does not come with an included CO2 cartridge.

During our tests, we found the Philips Sparkling Water Maker to be lightweight, easy to use, and easy to clean. We liked the sleek stainless steel finish as well. We found the carbonation level to be consistently bubbly and also easy to manually control by simply pressing down the button for longer. This manual soda maker produced more consistently carbonated water with 2-3 presses than many of the fancier electric models we tested. We also appreciated the under-$60 price and noted that this machine felt high-end and sturdy.

Though we didn't find any major design flaws, we noted that this model does not include a CO2 canister, unlike some other models included here. Overall, this is a slim, compact, no-frills soda maker at a very reasonable price point.

Power Source: Manual | Height: 18.6 inches | Bottle Capacity: 1 liter | Bottle Material: BPA-free plastic

Food & Wine / Amanda McDonald

Food & Wine / Amanda McDonald

This cordless model is sleek, compact, and produces strong carbonation.

Given the cost, we were disappointed that the CO2 cylinder wasn’t included.

We tested newer generations of the Aarke Carbonator (more on that below) but ultimately recommend this specific model if you're willing to splurge. The third generation of Aarke Carbonator features a polished look with its stainless steel, matte black, and glossy white designs — a stylish addition to any kitchen counter or bar cart that won’t take up much space. 

Don’t let its manual operation turn you away: Its ergonomic handle was easy to push, requiring little to no force. The machine produced water with large, strong bubbles that lasted much longer than other sparkling water produced by other soda makers. This carbonator can only be used with water, but you can add flavor to it after pouring it into your favorite fancy cocktail glass. It doesn’t include a canister, so you must purchase one separately.

Power Source: Manual | Height: 16.34 inches | Bottle Capacity: 0.8 liters | Bottle Material: BPA-free plastic

This tool can be used to carbonate almost any drink, including wine and juices.

It foams up a lot while using, so it can get a little messy.

This is a slim, lightweight, cordless soda machine, and we liked being able to manually control the fizziness of our water. During testing, we found this soda maker to be simple and easy to set up, plus it was easy to pop the included CO2 cartridge into the back of the unit. We also liked that you can carbonate various beverages with Drinkmate’s OmniFizz, including juices, wines, teas, or just a simple glass of water. It’s versatile, easy to use, and easy to clean with no batteries or electricity required. 

When we tested it out with apple juice and wine, the results were very refreshing, featuring the right amount of carbonation, strong yet not aggressive, with lots of tiny bubbles distributed throughout. We were especially impressed with the carbonated wine, as it was almost identical to champagne. Unlike other bottles that just have a maximum fill line, this bottle has several measurement markings to help you make different amounts. Just remember to stop at the fill line, as we found that this machine makes drinks extra foamy at first.

Power Source: Manual | Height: 16 inches | Bottle Capacity: 1 liter | Bottle Material: BPA-free plastic

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

If you love sparkling beverages, investing in a soda maker is a no-brainer. For consistent results with varying bubbly options, we loved the SodaStream E-Duo Sparkling Water Maker. If you’re willing to splurge, we recommend the Aarke Carbonator for its sleek design and ease of use. 

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

To give you the best recommendations, we tested 15 of the most popular soda makers on the market in both our lab and New York test kitchen, evaluating each one based on the following metrics:

We tested each machine with water to see how well it produced seltzer. If the machine allowed for customizable levels of fizz, we tested each level for consistency of bubble size, taste, and longevity. If the machine could carbonate beverages besides water, we tried out apple juice, natural wine, and a fruit mixer with water to mimic a cocktail. In addition to these tests, we took note of the size, volume, special features, and overall value.

Food & Wine / Siobhan Wallace

There are two types of soda machines: manual and electric. We found that both kinds perform well, so it just depends on where you want to use yours. If you have countertop space and access to an electrical outlet, electric soda makers are a good choice. Plus, they might have special features, like adjustable carbonation levels, unlike their counterparts. For a no-fuss, no-frills portable pick, consider one that requires a simple press-down like the Philips Soda Maker.

In order for soda makers to work, they primarily use carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders to pressurize the flat liquid and produce the bubbles you normally see in carbonated beverages. Some machines result in large bubbles, while others finish with tiny, foamy ones. There are even a few that will let you adjust the carbonation levels.

All soda makers can carbonate water, but not all of them have more options. Depending on your personal use, find one that fits your needs. There are soda makers that can carbonate juices, wine, and alcoholic beverages. You can even use certain syrups to make a healthier copycat version of your favorite soda.

Most soda streamers aren’t too wide or lengthy, although one thing to keep in mind is height. They can be pretty tall, so it’s important to find one that can that would fit perfectly on your counter, tabletop, or even that small bar cart in your dining room. In addition to the machine, you’ll also want to make sure that the bottle’s height is suitable for your refrigerator.

Soda makers usually all have a similar design with a bottle to fill with your desired drink that attaches to the soda maker itself. In the machine is a carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder that releases gas into the bottle forming bubbles and adding carbonation to the drink inside. The cylinder needs to be replaced once the CO2 is depleted.

For the machine, simply wipe it down with mild dish soap and a damp cloth whenever you notice any dust or grime. As for the bottles, we suggest cleaning them after each use with dish soap, warm water, and a bottle brush.

If you wanted to re-carbonate your flat soda, you technically can if the machine carbonates more than just water. It isn’t recommended to do so, so act at your own discretion as re-carbonation can be a bit messy. It likely won’t taste the same, but it still gives you some fizz either way.

You can use filtered water or tap water, depending on your own preference. It’s best to use cold water in your soda machine, so if you’re already refrigerating your water, you might as well take the extra step to filter it too.

Some companies give you the chance to return your empty CO2 cylinders for money. For example, Sodastream gives back $1 for every empty CO2 cylinder you give them. These cylinders are also made of metal so they can be recycled or disposed of in the household trash or landfill.

Aarke Carbonator Pro with Glass Bottle (Williams-Sonoma)

We loved the sleek aesthetic of this soda maker, plus how easy it was to set up. We found that creating the right bubble size via manual pressure required quite a bit of trial and error. Additionally, we noticed some water pooling in the drip tray after several carbonation sessions. While it's an aesthetically stunning soda maker, we wouldn't fully recommend this machine over the above Aarke Carbonator III Premium, since the slight improvements don't quite justify its $350 price tag.

OTE Portable Sparkling Water Maker (Amazon)

We found this affordable and compact sparkling water maker very easy to use. There were no spills during testing, and we found that it provides consistent bubbles. The only major drawback we found was that this soda maker requires compatible mini gas cartridges which must be ordered separately after the starter pack runs out. Though it's great for camping and gets points for portability, overall we found this soda maker to be limiting for everyday use at home.

Twenty39 Qarbo Sparkling Water Maker (Amazon)

We loved how the bubbles were very subtle and distributed evenly all around. However, the carbonation did not last long at all and fell flat after sitting out for a few minutes. The bottle is also too tall for storage in an average-sized refrigerator. 

iSi North America Soda Siphon Classic Mesh Sodamaker (Amazon)

Unlike other models that work by attaching a bottle to the machine, a CO2 charger is inserted at the top near the bottle's spout. We loved how easy it was to pour the water out, making it ideal for serving cocktails at dinner parties. However, it isn't the most user-friendly device, as we didn't know how much we needed to shake it. It required some practice, but we eventually got the hang of it.

MySoda Woody Sparkling Water Maker (Amazon)

This affordable model features a lovely design that’s also environmentally friendly since it's made from 100% renewable-based biocomposite. During testing, we found the button to be a bit sensitive, making it difficult to produce consistently carbonated water. Although this soda maker is both affordable and eco-friendly, we didn't find it to be user-friendly and noted that it's hand-wash only.

SodaStream Terra Sparkling Water Maker (Amazon)

This Terra Sparkling Water Maker from SodaStream uses new Quick Connect technology that makes it super easy to change and replace its CO2 cylinder with just “one click.” Unfortunately, we found that the bubbles completely dissipated after removing the bottle from the machine, and we felt almost little to no bubbles when we tasted them. Upon retesting, we still weren't blown away by the consistency of carbonation and therefore wouldn't recommend it over other models.

This one has a design and function very similar to its classic relative but with a look more like the regular soda makers. Users cannot see the liquid inside because of the aluminum casing, making it difficult to see how many bubbles are brewing inside. It produced decently sized bubbles but unfortunately, the longevity didn't match. Eventually, we learned that the key to long-lasting carbonation is shaking it at least 10 times.

CO-Z Sparkling Water Maker (Wayfair)

Since this machine has a manual button to control bubble intensity, we found it difficult to control the consistency of the bubbles. We also found that installing and removing the CO2 tank is fairly awkward and requires removing the entire back panel. In our tests, we also made sure to fill the water to the fill line, but it still overflowed and over-carbonated during two tests. These findings, plus the loud sound this machine makes during the carbonation process, make this a low performer.

We loved the idea of carbonating other beverages like fruit juice. However, this soda maker spilled a bit during our max fizz test with water, as well as with apple juice. Carbonating juice was extra sticky because of the spillage. The extra slim and tall bottles are not dishwasher-friendly and would be a pain to hand-wash. Ultimately, this machine did not consistently carbonate our apple juice, even though it produced a lot of foam.

SodaStream Aqua Fizz Carbonated Water Maker (Amazon)

We found that this water maker is very bulky and was the tallest device out of all the options we tested, requiring more space. We were not a fan of the noise it made while carbonating, and it didn't provide any guidance on how carbonated the drink was getting. It barely retained its bubbles after 5 minutes, and it spilled out a lot of water from the back.

Spärkel Beverage System (Amazon)

The 4 Best Soda Makers of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

Margaret Cup Surprisingly, this was the only soda maker that didn't need a CO2 cylinder or cartridge to work. To obtain that fizz, the machine uses citric acid and baking soda. Despite the lack of CO2 gas, it's still tough to use due to the several steps you have to go through to have it operate correctly. Once testers got it going, it leaked every time and wasted water. It produced bubbles with a nice mouthfeel, but they didn't even last long enough to enjoy.