The 4 Best Portable Diesel Generators Of 2023

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The 4 Best Portable Diesel Generators Of 2023

With the possibility that power could be disrupted for days at a time, buying a generator is becoming an investment consideration. But as gasoline prices rise steadily, more and more consumers are turning to diesel-powered generators to handle emergency power needs. However, there are a few safety considerations to keep in mind when operating any generator, regardless of the fuel type.

With these precautions in mind, let's take a look at some of the best portable diesel generators on the market that are suitable for powering a few home appliances and keeping your cell phone charged in an emergency. 

Generac has been one of the most trusted names in home and industrial generators for decades, and its XD series 5000E model 6864 diesel generator puts out 5000 watts and is 50-state CARB compliant. It weighs 254 pounds and retails for $4,999 on Amazon.

The 12-gallon diesel tank provides enough fuel to run more than 30 hours, and the Yanmar 435cc engine has a low fuel shutdown failsafe mechanism to protect it.

The 6864 has enough outlets to power most home appliances, including four 120V 20-amp ground fault protected standard outlets, one 120/240V 30-amp twist-lock outlet, one 120V 30A L5-30R twist-lock outlet, and one 120/240V L14-30R twist-lock outlet.

There is also a portability kit available that includes two never-flat wheels and a handle for $177.99, and the model 6864 comes with a two-year warranty. Reviewers note that this generator is relatively noisy, although a precise decibel output rating is not included in the official specs.

Yanmar doesn't only make motors for Generac to put in their generators, the company also produces its own brand of generators, including a model it labels the YDG550W. This model is powered by the same 435cc 9.1 hp engine that runs the Generac 6864 and is rated for a constant 5000 watts of output with a surge capacity of 5500 watts. 

The YDG-5500W is 50-state CARB compliant and has both electric and pull-cord starters. It comes eqipped with one standard three-prong dual GFCI 20-amp 120V outlet, one L5-30 amp 120V outlet, one L14-20 amp 120/240 V outlet, and a pair of 12V/8 amp DC charging terminals. It has a voltmeter to monitor battery charging, but no other diagnostic meters or on-board monitoring systems.  

The YG-5500W is currently available from Absolute Generators at a retail price of $4,930 and comes with a two-year, 2000 hour warranty on both the engine and electrical components.  

Another portable diesel generator option is the Winco W60100KE, which retails for $5,851.20 at Electric Generators Direct and is the exact same price at AP Electric and Generators. It is rated for 5000 watts of continuous output and 6100 watts of surge output and has both electric and pull-cord recoil starters and is powered by an air-cooled, 440cc 9.1 hp Kohler engine.  

The 7-gallon fuel tank provides a run time of 14 hours at 100% load.

The W60100KE is 50-state CARB compliant — meaning it meets air quality and emissions standards — and has one 20-amp dual 3-prong 120V outlet, one NEMA L5 30 Amp 120 V outlet, and one NEMA L14 30 Amp 120/240V outlet. The W60100KE includes meters to monitor load, voltage, frequency, usage, and engine speed. The Winco generator weighs 252 pounds but an optional wheel kit is available for added portability. It is made domestically in the U.S. and comes with a three-year warranty on the engine and electrical components. 

The Gilette Gen-Pro GPED-65EK is a bit of a behemoth at four feet square, but it is also the lightest generator on this list at just 200 pounds. It is relatively easy to move with easy-to-grab handles at each end of the frame. This generator retails for $3,997 at Absolute Generators.

The Gen-Pro comes with a Kohler engine that puts out 8 hp on continuous use and can boost its performance to 9 hp when necessary. That results in a steady power output of 5000 watts and a peak output of 6500 watts. That juice is made available through four 15 amp ground fault protected 120V outlets, a single L5 30 amp twist-lock outlet, and an L14 50 amp twist-lock outlet.

The 4 Best Portable Diesel Generators Of 2023

Konica Minolta Bizhub C280 Toner Cartridge The 4-gallon tank provides enough fuel to run the generator at half load for about 10 hours. The Gen-Pro comes with electric and pull start and a robust set of gauges and meters including a fuel gauge, hour meter, voltmeter, run time meter, and lights indicating when it's time for air filter and oil changes.