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If you’re spending long hours behind your desk, a comfortable office chair is a must. Investing in a lackluster chair can cause aches and pains — making it uncomfortable and unhealthy to sit at your desk for more than a few minutes. Instead, consider investing in the best office chairs for long hours in 2024, which are comfortable, supportive, and keep you refreshed until your work is done. Big And Tall Office Chair Clearance

The 5 best office chairs for long hours in 2024 | Digital Trends

Along with comfortable seats and adjustable components, office chairs that are good for long work sessions offer impressive lumbar support, enhanced breathability to prevent heat build-up, and striking designs that make them the focal point of your room. The biggest drawback to these chairs? They tend to be expensive. But if you’re expecting to use them for more than 40 hours a week and want them to last several years, they’re a wise investment.

To help you with your search, here’s a look at the five best office chairs for long hours in 2024. These feature a wide range of prices and styles, and there’s bound to be something that fits your needs. Many can also be customized with different components and colors– giving you remarkable control over their performance.

Herman Miller is responsible for many of the best office chairs on the market, and the Aeron is arguably the best. Available in three sizes and with multiple ways to customize your chair (such as adding leather arm pads, upgrade wheels, and additional back support), it’s easy to build an office chair that fits your needs.

Beyond customization options prior to purchase, you’ll have plenty of adjustable components to tinker with once it arrives at your home. This includes adjustable armrests, a premium tilt and recline system, and (as usual) the option to raise or lower your seat height. Designed to support not just your back but also your arms, shoulders, and hips, it should keep you comfortable during long work sessions.

All that functionality doesn’t come cheap, with the Aeron clocking in at over $1,500. It also looks a bit plain for a chair in this price range, but there’s no denying it’s well-equipped and is one of the most feature-rich chairs of 2024.

It’s hard to find an affordable office chair that’s also supportive, but the Branch Verve somehow pulls it off. Available for right around $600 (depending on your color), it’s remarkably cheaper than most other products on this list — yet offers many of the same features.

Along with a supportive, high-density foam seat, the Verve provides you with six points of adjustment, including adjustable lumbar support. Branch says the chair is specifically built to handle eight-hour workdays, making it ideal for WFH setups. The chair itself is sturdy and durable (clocking in at a solid 40 lbs) and supports up to 275 lbs.

The armrests on the Verve are one of its few sticking points, as they don’t go all the way to the back of the chair. Instead, they float in place and leave a few inches of space between where your elbow rests and the backrest. But if you can get over that small quirk, the Verve is a great way to save a bundle of cash while still giving you a comfortable chair for long hours behind your desk.

The Embody Office Chair is one of the most expensive office chairs in the Herman Miller catalog. It’s not cheap, but it also doesn’t cut any corners, making it great for folks positioned behind their desk for the majority of the day.

Available in a variety of colors for both its frame and upholstery, Herman Miller makes it easy to design something that fits your home office. Regardless of your options, you’re getting an eye-catching piece of furniture, with swooping curves and an elaborate frame that looks like nothing else on the market. If you’re into aesthetics, the styling alone might justify its hefty price.

Beyond looking good, this office chair is packed with luxurious features to help you get through the day without any aches or pains. It uses Herman Miller’s Pixelation Support system to conform to your body and adjusts with each of your movements. It also boasts a narrow backrest to encourage proper form while sitting behind your desk. Bundled with all its adjustable components and a generous 12-year warranty, it’s an easy choice for the discerning shopper.

Mesh chairs are incredibly popular, largely due to the breathability they offer. They’re especially appealing for folks who work long hours, as the mesh prevents heat build-up and regulates your body temperature regardless of how how many hours you’re working.

The X-Chair X1 is a great example of this design, as it’s almost entirely composed of durable mesh fabric. From its seat to its backrest and removable headrest, almost everything on the X1 is a breathable mesh. That helps it whisk away your body heat and keep you comfortable. Along with its mesh, the X1 uses a dynamic lower back support system that adjusts to your body as you move — making it easy to get comfortable without the need to tinker with various levers and knobs.

Because of its mesh construction, the X1 looks understated and more minimalist than other chairs in this price range. But if you like its simple design and love the appeal of its mesh fabric and adjustable components, it’s a great option to keep on your list.

Boasting a modern frame, premium back support, and a seat with flexible edges, the Gesture is the ideal companion for late nights in the office. Unlike some chairs, which come prebuilt or give you limited customization options, you can modify almost all aspects of the Gesture. It’s a bit pricey — and add-on features can make its price truly soar — but its combination of comfort and customization makes it one of the best office chairs around.

Amazon offers eight different models of the Steelcase Gesture, though if you want more options, you’ll want to check out the official Steelcase website. Here, you’ll find dozens of upholstery options, different back styles, an optional headrest, and a few other ways to modify your chair. This makes it a great option for picky shoppers or anyone who hasn’t had luck finding a product that meets their specific needs.

With a contoured backrest, supportive seat cushion, and adjustable armrests, the Gesture makes it easy to find a comfortable working position. Most shoppers will also find it to be one of the best-looking office chairs, with a streamlined profile and minimalist frame helping it mesh with your existing home décor.

A reliable office chair is a necessity if you’re spending long hours behind your desk. Not all office chairs are up to the task, however, as some are built with low-quality materials and lack support for your back. They’re typically also quite expensive, as building a durable, supportive chair requires premium materials and top-notch engineering. Here’s how we put together the list of the best office chairs for long hours in 2024.

Above all else, a good office chair keeps your body feeling exactly the same as it was when you first sat down. This is only possible with supportive seat cushions and backrests. Products with additional lumbar support or other features to improve your health are important to consider if you plan on spending over 40 hours a week in your office chair.

Along with being supportive, you’ll want your office chair to be durable. You’ll be spending a fair chunk of change, and it’s hard to recommend a product that’ll show signs of wear just a year after bringing it into your home. Beyond the stress of having a human occupant, chairs also need to withstand scratches, bumps, spills, and other household hazards.

The best office chairs are highly adjustable, letting you manipulate their height, angle, tension, and more. Since everyone has different preferences and body types, it’s important that your office chair gives you countless ways to optimize your fit.

While not as important as the other factors, you’ll probably want a good-looking chair in your office. They often become the focal point of the room, and if you’re spending over $500, you won’t want a clunky eye sore positioned behind your desk.

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The 5 best office chairs for long hours in 2024 | Digital Trends

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