KSI vs. Tommy Fury summary online, round by round, stats and highlights - AS USA

KSI furious over majority decision

This was supposed to be the boxer vs the windmiller, but it turned out to be anything but. KSI, as the YouTuber, the amateur boxer, shocked the crowd by displaying outstanding fitness. Yes, he made cardinal mistakes that a boxer should have capitalized on. But as a style, it was awkward to the point of distraction. Sack Making Machine

KSI vs. Tommy Fury summary online, round by round, stats and highlights - AS USA

And Tommy Fury, as the boxer, also shocked the crowd in just how far he had fallen in quality since his outing against Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia. He was overzealous, unwilling or unable to time his counter punches despite an opponent whose chin stood begging for a left uppercut all night long, and at times, coming off as the worse for the wear in the exchanges.

KSI would consistently turn his head when they clenched, offering the back of it to Fury, and like a novice, he took the bait. This led to a point deduction in the second round that many saw as the decisive element in the bout.

Apart from the fact that a more experienced boxer would not have taken that bait, the fact that, as a professional boxer, Tommy Fury allowed the fight to be so close as to hinge on a point deduction is telling.

One judge saw the fight as a draw, and while the other two gave it to Tommy Fury; that fact alone should have alarm bells ringing in the Fury camp.

The crowd were certainly divided, with a great many boos ringing out at the announcement of Fury as the winner. Even Fury’s supporters have to feel that he got lucky there.

More than a controversial decision, this event was marred by another fight, the co-main event between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis.

While Danis offered nothing, and that is being generous, for five rounds, Paul clinically boxed his ears off.

And then, just as the fight was coming to an end, Danis, who had already tried to get Paul into a choke hold, decided to go for broke and bring Paul to the ground. When Paul escaped, Danis lashed out with a kick from his back, and when Paul went to a neutral corner, chased him there. Security entered the ring and Danis threw more punches at security than he had at Paul the entire fight. Needless to say, Danis was disqualified.

If there is any justice in the universe, that should be Dillon Danis’ last time ever in a boxing ring, but who knows? Although branding Danis a “coward” (which he most certainly is) Paul hinted that he may be willing to go into the octagon and fight him there.

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As a boxer, Tommy Fury has a lot of work to do. He now has two majority decisions over non-boxers on his record. As someone with his background, with his pedigree, who sees himself as a "true" boxer, that is a blemish, almost as much as a loss would be.

KSI is screaming about how he was robbed. I don't think that he was robbed, by a long stretch. KSI is not a boxer by any stretch of the imagination. But one thing that is true is that a professional boxer should have wiped the floor with him. And Tommy simply did not.

That is the right decision but to be fair to KSI, Tommy Fury got lucky there. KSI's style was so awkward that it was never a clear cut thing.

Tommy Fury wins by majority decision

The judges at ringside saw it 57-57, 57-56, 57-56 in favor of Tommy Fury.

Tommy Fury outboxed KSI by a very long way, but KSI managed to confuse and obfuscated him for so long, by doing so little, that it is much closer than it should have been. Tommy Fury had a point deducted and that could come into play.

Tommy should get the decision, but it is not at all clear that he will. That deducted point could make it close, perhaps even sway it.

The final round and KSI charges in, Tommy is not making him pay for it and that is perhaps his failing.

More clenching and this is becoming tiresome to watch.

In the final minute both fighters let their hands fly and KSI lands a great right hand.

That was one of the worst boxing matches you could ever hope to see.

Both fighters are doing what they have been setting up all fight. There is lots of clenching going on and while KSI is awkward and initiating the clench, perhaps Fury is not doing enough to force the fight to become a boxing match. And that is letting KSI in when he should not be.

KSI tries to set up his uppercut, the one that he always looks for, for the first time, but Fury is out of range.

Fury has KSI timed now, catching him every time he jumps in. The energy levels look to be flagging for KSI and Fury is starting to make headway with his jab.

He catches KSI with a big right hand as he comes in for another clench. KSI is open for a left uppercut, ducking to his right each time. Tommy's corner will surely set that up for him.

The referee calls both fighters to the center of the ring to have a word with both of them before getting started.

You have to give it to KSI, he has shown fantastic physical conditioning, jumping in and out, and his "style" as it were is awkward to the point of distraction.

At some point, you have to feel that keeping his hands down is going to come back to bite him though.

Tommy Fury is turning KSI's momentum on him, catching him in on the way in. He lands a sweeping right and KSI falls back onto the ropes.

KSI tries to rush in as he did in the first round, and Tommy times it well, landing a great counter right just as KSI comes in.

Again KSI turns his head and Fury punches and this time, he has a point deducted.

KSI is trying to throw a gigantic knockout blow, but it is doing no damage to Fury.

KSI comes out jumping around, perhaps in an effort to disorient Fury. Tommy Fury is happy to go inside and clench.

KSI jumps in and out and manages to land a straight right hand on Fury. No damage dome, but this is an awkward opponnent for Fury. KSI is keeping his hands donw by his side and jumping in and out, trying to make this into a brawl rather than a boxing match.

Fury punches KSI in the back of the head and is warned about it. That is difficult because it was KSI who turned his head away from the punch.

KSI is no real boxing talent of any kind, but he is showing outstanding fitness and, for lack of a better word, brawl-ability. He has Tommy Fury all out of sorts.

Hopefully the next event will lift the spirits and raise the fight game back to where it belongs. British YouTuber and influencer KSI will try and take down the youngest fighter in the famous Fury family, Tommy Fury in a six round cruiserweight fight.

Fury is starting out in his boxing career and has defeated Jake Paul in a split decision. Both fighters are undefeated, and while Fury is heavily favored as the more traditional boxer, KSI has a puncher's chance in this.

Again Michael Buffer gets the crowd going and Tommy Fury ringwalks to Thriller, complete with dancers to gee the crowd up.

Not to be outdone, KSI comes out in a green Lamborghini customized with his Prime logo.

This kind of thing brings the entire concept of Misfits boxing into disrepute. It will hard to defend this kind behavior if questions are asked of the boxing governing bodies.

This is the most bizarre thing that you will ever see in a boxing ring.

Logan Paul wins by DQ

Of course he was disqualified. No matter how much leeway you give to a Misfits boxing match, that was just waaaaayyyyy beyond the pale.

Danis did nothing, absolutely nothing in that fight, and his frustration led him to embarrass himself in front of the road.

Logan Paul is trying to end this fight now and is unloading on Danis as if he were a heavy bag. Danis is moving around, but not really landing anything at all.

Dillon Danis decides to revert to MMA and he charges Logan Paul and tries to tackle him! This is insane!

Dillon Danis is embarrassing himself here!

Somehow, Dillon Danis managed to go six rounds without landing anything on a fighter in Logan Paul who is there to be hit. He leads with his face.

Logan Paul hits Dillon Danis and he goes to the matt! It is bizarre, looking as if Danis went willingly to the floor! Danis kicks at Paul. Logan Paul goes to his corner for the count, but Dillon jumps up and chases him, swinging wildly!

Security jumps into the right to keep them apart! This has degenerated into a farce!

Paul is trying to land big punches, pushing Danis iinto the corner and landing a big right hand, and Danis looks to have woken up, throwing a shot back that lands flush.

Paul is having his way with Danis, jabbing around, ducking and moving. Danis is taking big swings but hitting nothing but air.

As the bell sounds, Danis follows Paul to his corner, talking smack.

Both fighters come out swinging and Danis lands two quick right hands to Paul's ear. This is better from both now. Paul is staying out of range and counter punching well.

The referee warns Paul for a low blow but Paul is having success with that jab. Dillon is throwing more shots but he hasn't found the range yet.

Big swatting lefts end the round for Logan Paul and Dillon Danis holds on long after the bell goes.

Dillon Danis now has a cut on his left eye, and his face is starting to swell somewhat. He looks to be a little more willing to fight now, throwing a few backhanded MMA style punches.

Danis lays down on the floor as a way to try and mock Paul, getting ruled as a slip by the referee, but he is losing the crowd.

As the round ends, Logan Paul throws some straight right hands to meet the bell.

Paul is still throwing punches, desperately trying o draw Dillon into a fight. Danis has no intention of being drawn however.

Logan Paul is working hard and landing a few of his shots, but not much is doing any damage. Danis swats at Paul with a right hand just to show that he is in the fight.

Logan Paul is outraged, going in hard, throwing one-twos and non-stop combos. Still Danis won't fight!

Danis gets out of trouble just to show that he is not overwhelmed, more for the referee's sake than anything else. But Logan Paul might have punched himself out.

Logan Paul comes out jabbing and Dillon is sinply keeping his guard high. As the two grapple, both are resorting to illegal punches, but a lot of leeway is given in the Misfits boxing world.

Logan continues to jab and move, snapping Dillon's head back, but drawing only a smile from his opponent. Up to now, Dillon hasn't thrown a punch.

The movement remains the same, and Paul is starting to show signs of frustration, and possibly even tiring. Dillon throws a punch finally and the two clash heads, leaving a cut bleeding on Paul's cheek.

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

This is the meat in the sandwich, the main course of the meal. Influencer, wrestling star, and brother of Jake Paul, Logan Paul will take on MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighter Dillon Danis in a six round contest at cruiserweight.

There is only one Michael Buffer and he takes over to emcee this fight now!


This is a clinical finish by Slim

Salt Papi was easily winning that fight, until he wasn't. Slim cam back from looking confused, all at sea, to being able to land hurtful shots. With this win, Slim wins the vacant Misfits Middleweight World Championship.

Slim comes out with a series of right hands that wobble Salt Papi! He is rocked! Slim stays on the attack and Salt Papi is barely able to stand!

A little more of this and the fight will need to be stopped.

Perhaps the saving grace for Salt Papi is the lack of experience and engine to finish it.

Salt Papi slowly catches his breath, and perhaps Slim punched himself out here.

Two good right hands on the snout send Salt Papi to the matt! He beats the count but Slim stays on the gas pedal and finally the referee can wait no longer. He steps in and stops the fight!

Salt Papi is awkward and while Slim is taking the fight inside, Salt Papi is landing his counter punches. He seems fresher than Slim and while Slim is trying to get the fight inside, the awkwardness of Salt Papi's southpaw stance is keeping him from landing cleanly.

Just as I write that, Slim lands a pair of right hands cleanly. Salt Papi laughts it off but he is starting to look tired as well.

They go back onto the ropes and Salt Papi presses the issue, as he has done the whole fight up to now, but he is a little slower, a little less sharp, and Slim lands good combos right at the bell.

Salt Papi comes out and tries to bully Slim onto the ropes, throwing good combos and applying pressure. Slim gets off the ropes and takes the fight back to the center of the ring. He is the longer fighter, rangier, but Salt Papi is having the better outcome in these exchanges.

They stand and trade and Salt Papi is landing more shots, although neither is hurting the other.

Both fighters come out swinging and Salt Papi lands the heavier shots, pushing Slim into the corner and landing some big body shots.

Slim lands a decent right hook of his own and as the round ends, both have done good work.

Now we have a five round match between Philipine YouTube star and former Love Island contestant Salt Papi and American YouTuber Slim at middleweight for the Misfits Boxing MIddleweight World Championship.

Gypsy King is in the house

This is Manchester. This is Tyson Fury's house.

Deen the Great wins by UD

The judges at ringside saw it: 49-44, 49-44, 48-45 all for your winner, Deen the Great.

This is a solid Deen win but had this been a six or eight round fight, Walid could well have come back and knocked Deen out. Both men were buzzed, both were at the limits of their ability and stamina. But as it stands, this will be a solid Deen the Great points win.

There is no way that Walid can win this fight without a knockout and Deen is open for it, but there is simply no strength left in Walid's punches. He stays on the attack but Deen knows that he has won it and is just holding on, waiting for the bell.

Walid lands a great right hand and Deen is now wobbled. He is holding on for dear life now!

Walid lands a huge right hand and Deen is standing up by sheer willpower alone! The bell goes and that is it!

Walid is perhaps recovered a bit and he comes out on the front foot, jabbing and trying to get back into the bout. Deen lands a great counter punch to stop the attack.

Dean lands a huge right hand! That mouthpiece goes again and Deen stays on him this time, the referee is thinking about stopping it but NO! Deen holds Walid's head as he punches him! You can't do that in boxing! The referee breaks them up, just when Deen needed to stay on him.

Walid is dazed and although he stays on the attack, it is not doing any good. He is completely spent.

Deen is now stalking Walid down, but gets perhaps overconfident and takes a right to the chin. There is not much in it with Walid completely dazed but Deen is allowing Walid to come back into the fight, slowly but surely.

Walid Sharks now has blood pouring from his nose, and he walks onto a left hook that lands flush. He loses his mouthpiece in the process and time is called to let him get it back into his mouth.

The second round sees them settle into a good boxing match. Deen lands a straight right hand and Walid goes down! He beats the cound but looks completely stunned.

He can't get out of the way! Deen lands another right hand, and then another! Walid is wobbled, but Deen is not experienced enough to end this here. He was maybe ten seconds away from a stoppage and he lets Walid breathe.

With 20 seconds in the round, Deen lands a peach of an uppercut! Walid goes down again! He beats the count but my word! Walid has no idea where he is.

Walid comes straight out and lays a big right hand on Deen, rocking him back onto his heels. Deen comes back with a big flush right hand of his own. Quickly both fighters settle into a jab-and-move gameplan. Deen is happy laying on the ropes and Walid lands that right hand again, but Deen lands one coming back!

The fight degenerates into silliness when Deen gets behind Walid and humps him à lá Adrian Broner.

Deen The Great vs. Walid Sharks

Now we have a five round lightweight clash in a rematch between Deen The Great and Walid Sharks. They have history and a true dislike for one another.

In their first fight, Walid was winning when he got caught by a shot and put down. Not fully understanding the rules of boxing, he turned his back to the referee and the fight was waved off. Walid protested but the TKO stood.

Anthony Taylor wins by UD

The judges at ringside saw it: 49-45, 49-45, 49-45 all for Anthony Taylor and he is now the Misfits Boxing Light Heavyweight World Champion.

There is no way that the judges can see that any way other than an Anthony Taylor win. It would be surprising if they gave King Kenny any round at all. He simply looked overwhelmed from start to finish.

Kenny finally showing a little life, letting his hands fly! If he had done this three rounds ago, this would have been a different fight.

Taylor is now on the run, he doesn't want to trade punches. When Kenny throws punches, he is doing well. But now he reverts to form, allowing Taylor to come in and they hold on.

Kenny simply will not let his hands fly with the final seconds ticking by. The bell sounds and that is a Taylor fight all the way around.

Both fighters come out in the fourth with much the same game plan. Kenny is not altering his approach and at the one minute mark, actually has a point deducted for holding.

Taylor is still trying to rush the issue, and Kenny looks adrift.

Kenny is doing a better job of pushing Taylor back, trying to keep him at range, but Taylor is closing the gap at will. Taylor needs to let his hands fly a little to stop this.

Taylor stays on the bullrush, and Kenny is the one being worn down.

Both fighters come out with much the same game plan as the first. Kenny has a great jab, but Taylor is nullifying it by running in, bullying him into an inside fight.

Anthony Taylor runs, literally sprints! out of his corner with the bell. King Kenny grabs on wisely and stops the assault in one go.

Taylor continues to charge in but Kenny is adamant that he will slow this down, grappling and working in the clench.

King Kenny vs. Anthony Taylor

Now we have a five round bout between King Kenny of the Beta Squad YouTube group and MMA fighter Anthony Taylor at light heavyweight.

This is who the crowd came for.

My Mate Nate wins by UD

All three judges scored it unanimously 40-36, giving My Mate Nate all four rounds. That was probably the right call. Whindersson Nunes was in the fight all the way through, and had this been a six or eight round bout, his gameplan would have paid dividends. It was just the wrong tack for a short fight.

This fight was close, much closer than you might imagine. Nate out pointed Nunes, almost from beginning to end, but Nunes was by far the more hurtful puncher. It depends on what the judges like as to which way it goes.

The fourth and final round sees both men noticeably tiring. Nunes is trying to stalk Nate down, but is plodding as he does it. He sticks with his plan of throwing big, heavy punches. Nate is still tapping away but nothign with any real power behind it.

Nate lands a good right hand, but not enough is on it to do anything, both fighters are hanging on now, trying to get to the end of the fight and deliver the final eye catching punch.

It is Nate that finishes stronger, and it could be that he has it.

Nate is noticebly slower and Nunes lands some big shots to his ribs. They trade body shots, but eventually Nate grabs on to slow this assault down.

Nunes looks like he is going all out, putting real force into each of these punches. His head movement slows and Nate is able to land jabs as well.

Nate is more twitchy as the round starts, trying to bait Nunes onto a punch, but it bites him a little as Nunes ducks his jab and lands a nice, hard left to the body. Nate throws back but Nunes blocks all of it. As they clinch, Nunes continues to work the body, doing good work and getting Nate marked up. It is only a matter of time before they have to have an effect on Nate's stamina.

Nunes and Nate come out a little more cagey than the previous bout. These guys have both had a couple of bouts before and it is showing.

Nate has some success with a crisp jab, working it well and getting out of range. His one-two finds its target and Nunes takes the enter of the ring but is unable to impose his will. Nunes has good head movement, making Nate miss a few as the round gos on and landing a very tough body shot on Nate.

The round ends, with neither fighter doing any real damage to the other but Nate scored a ton of points with that jab. You have to give him the round.

Whindersson Nunes vs.My Mate Nate

Now we have a four round light heavyweight bout between Brazilian YouTuber Whindersson Nunes and American YouTuber My Mate Nate, scheduled to go 4 rounds.

Wassabi-Lmao and Pineda-BDave have a split draw

One judge gave it to Pineda-BDave by a score of 39-37. Another judge gave the same score the other way to Wassabi-Lmao. And the third judge saw it as a 38-38 draw. That is as close as you can get!

There were knockdowns both ways, and while both showed skill, both also showed vulnerablity. Each team won a round each to start and then the last two could have gone either way. This is as close as you can get!

The fourth and final round sees NichLmao and Pineda start things off, a bit more standoffish. Both tag out and BDave comes in against Wassabi, laying some hard body punches on his opponent.

Both tag out in the final minute and Pineda and NichLmao grapple. With 30 seconds left, BDave comes in and lands a huge right hand! Great shot, but to his credit NichLmao takes it.

The bell ends it and it is impossible to say who won this fight!

We pick up where we left off, but both fighters are more free with their hands. At the 30 second mark, they both tag out and BDave and Wassabi go to trading. Wassabi gets much the better shots off and while he is getting the better of BDave, he is also warned for punching in the back of the head.

Wassabi tags out at the halfway point and NichLmao starts to lay big blows onto Pineda. At the minute mark, Pineda tags out and BDave comes back in to even the score. These guys are throwing big, spiteful punches.

Wassabi and Pineda start the round off and after 30 seconds, both tag out. BDave and NichLmao come out flailing and BDave lands a huge shot! NichLmao is going down, wobbling around, and grabs on, dragging BDave to the floor as well. This is getting a little spiteful!

Both tag out at the halfway mark and Pineda and Wassabi come in. They both complain about low blows, blows to the back of the head.

At 50 seconds, Wassabi tags out and NichLmao and Pineda square off. Both are a bit more cagey with each other as the round ends.

BDave and Wassabi come out swinging in the first round. There is a lot of windmilling and although BDave lands the heavier shots, he is the first to tag out.

NichLmao tags in at the halfway point and lays a huge right hand onto Pineda and he goes down! He barely beats the count and shows a bit of gamesmanship in spitting out his mounthpiece. He tags out after beating the count.

BDave comes back in and swarms NichLmao, putting him down, much to NichLmao's disgust. He is protesting that he was pushed. He is straight back up and tags out. Wassabi comes back in and they finish the round out cagey.

Alex Wassabi / NichLmao vs.Luis Alcaraz Pineda / BDave

To underline that statement, we now have an event that is absolutley unknown to boxing: a tag team bout.

Alex Wassabi & NichLmao team up to take on Luis Alcaraz Pineda & BDave in a four round tag team match.

One thing that is amazing about this event is the sheer level of fan participation. Whatever your take on crossover boxing, you have to hand it to them, they have tapped into something with the general public. Almost unknown in boxing is the fact that you see all ages, and the place is pretty much packed ever since the first preliminary bout. It feels more like a WWE event than a boxing event.

It is now time for the main card and shortly the ringwalks will begin.

Ed Matthews knock out shot

Not much technique but my oh my! what a punch!

Ed Matthews defeats Swarmz by KO in the first round.

Tempo Arts defeats Chase DeMoor via split decision (39–37, 39–37, 37-39)

We join the action for the Chase DeMoor vs. Tempo Arts preliminary. The fight is in the fourth and final round.

DTG defeated S-X by TKO in the first round

Astrid Wett vs. Alexia Grace

Astrid Wett defeats Alexia Grace via unanimous decision (28-28, 30-26, 30-26)

KSI vs. Tommy Fury, 6 rounds Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis, 6 rounds Salt Papi vs. Slim, 4 rounds Deen The Great vs. Walid Sharks, 5 rounds, lightweights King Kenny vs. Anthony Taylor, 4 rounds Whindersson Nunes vs. My Mate Nate, 4 rounds Wassabi Lmao vs. Los Pineda Coladas, 4 rounds, tag team match Astrid Wett vs. Alexia Grace, 4 rounds Swarmz vs. TBD, 4 rounds S-X vs DTG, 3 rounds

The main card is set to get underway at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT.

KSI Age: 29 Stance: Orthodox Height: 6ft 0in Reach: 76” Record: 5-0-1

Tommy Fury Age: 23 Stance: Orthodox Height: 6ft 0in Reach: 80” Record: 9-0-0

The British social media influencer has decided to go full steam ahead with a boxing career after a huge payday with his two matches against Logan Paul. As a fighter, KSI is 5-0-1 with the first Paul bout ending in a draw.

He has stepped up his game and has been trained by Alexis Demetriades at the London Shootfighters gym. Now he steps into the ring with his first true boxing prospect in Tommy Fury.

The biggest asset that Tommy Fury has, of course, is his name. The youngest member to come out of the Fury fighting clan, Tommy is a young boxing prospect, just at the start of his career. He is 9-0 with 4 KOs and by far his biggest claim to fame is fighting and beating Jake Paul.

Welcome to Diario AS USA’s live coverage of the cruiserweight bout between YouTube boxing sensation KSI and Tommy Fury, youngest member of the Fury fighting clan, from Manchester, England.

Tommy Fury was meant to give bona fides to Jake Paul, being the first "real" boxer that the YouTuber had faced. By defeating him, Paul hoped to be taken seriously as a boxer within the sport's die hard community. As it turned out, Fury was too much for Paul to handle, winning a split decision victory.

British YouTube sensation KSI, who famously has a long-standing rivarly with Jake Paul, has decided to one-up his old nemesis by trying to defeat the same Tommy Fury that Paul could not.

After all, the very first time that KSI stepped into a boxing ring, it was in a grudge match that spilled over from an online feud with Paul's brother Logan. The number of pay-per-view eyes on that match convinced boxing to pay attention and both men have gone on to fight several high-profile matches since then.

KSI vs. Tommy Fury summary online, round by round, stats and highlights - AS USA

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