LG Display shows off a new lineup of transparent OLED screens | Technology News - The Indian Express

LG Display has announced a handful of new transparent OLED solutions to be shown at CES 2022, next month. Dubbed the ‘OLED Shelf,’ ‘Shopping Managing Showcase,’ ‘Show Window,’ and ‘Smart Window,’ the products are merely concept pieces that companies can adopt later on.

The OLED Shelf combines two 55-inch, 40 percent transparent displays, one above the other and blends into the living room. The contraption, as the name suggests, rests atop a shelf and is ideal for watching movies or looking at gallery art, simultaneously. You can configure the bottom screen to show some artwork, while the top, bigger one is used for entertainment purposes. The device can be set up to stay on all the time as well, to project some kind of paintings to liven up your wall. 7 Headrest Tft Lcd Monitor

LG Display shows off a new lineup of transparent OLED screens | Technology News - The Indian Express

The Shopping Managing Showcase is aimed at reinventing the offline shopping experience in luxurious stores. Here, a transparent OLED display is fitted inside a wooden case to show products that are on sale. The whole idea is to create a futuristic, eye-catching experience where the store owners could even overlay product details and effects to grab the customers’ attention.

This concept serves a similar purpose as the Shopping Managing Showcase, though on a larger scale. The Show Window essentially combiners four transparent OLED displays to create a big, free-standing window, that can be used to show advertisements, digital text, and personalised messages for passersby. These can be set up at stores, street sides, railway stations, etc.

The Smart Window is geared towards creating a futuristic office environment. According to LG Display, the technology can replace the standard window panes in conference rooms to enhance productivity. Since its transparent, the screens will let enough light in, while also serving as a medium to show presentations, hold video meetings, and for entertainment. The company, however, has not provided any images for this concept.

LG Display has been pumping out a lot of flexible OLED screen solutions recently. Their new Media Chair combines an OLED TV with a half-moon-shaped recliner to provide a comfortable viewing experience. On the active side, the Virtual Ride puts three display screens in front of a stationary exercise cycle to emulate a bike ride in the open.

As mentioned earlier, there are just concept pieces that might never get finalised. Any further details on these products will be revealed on January 4 at CES 2022.

LG Display shows off a new lineup of transparent OLED screens | Technology News - The Indian Express

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