Lincoln Electric introduces Excalibur 7018 XMRd | Trailer Body Builders

Lincoln Electric recently introduced the Excalibur 7018 XMR low-hydrogen stick electrode as part of the Excalibur SMAW (stick) electrode series.

The company said the 7018 XMR offers exceptional low-moisture content even after 24 hours of exposure, remaining below the moisture content limit for 15 hours more than required under the American Welding Society’s AWS A5.1. Mixed Flux For E6013 Welding Electrode

Lincoln Electric introduces Excalibur 7018 XMRd | Trailer Body Builders

Electrodes, when exposed to air, pick up moisture over time. The moisture typically increases the hydrogen content of the weld, potentially leading to failure. Low-hydrogen (or basic) electrodes are designed for applications susceptible to hydrogen cracking, a form of failure occurring when moisture causes porosity in the weld.   

Excalibur 7018 XMR is used for general fabrication in many industries, including:

Previously, Lincoln Electric’s Excalibur 7018 MR stick electrode was designed to meet AWS (American Welding Society) standards (AWS A5 limit for nine hours exposure, H4R classification) for moisture resistance, meaning it will resist moisture for a full shift, or nine hours. After that, it is common practice to put electrodes from the opened container in a rod oven to bake the moisture out of the rod coating.

“We know that it is not always easy to keep track of time while on the job,” said Olivier Arnoult, product manager for SMAW. “Many real-world users have longer shifts than the standard nine hours. Sometimes, it is necessary for welders to continue welding after the nine-hour mark or an oven is not available.

“Our customers deserve a solution that corresponds to real-world situations. Excalibur 7018 XMR stick electrode minimizes moisture control risks.”   Key features of

Lincoln Electric recommends users follow guidelines set by regulations and codes, and evaluate the appropriateness of the welding consumable for particular welding applications.

Lincoln Electric introduces Excalibur 7018 XMRd | Trailer Body Builders

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