Milwaukee's new 10,000 psi hydraulic hand pump | Trucks, Parts, Service

Milwaukee Tool has introduced a new M18 Brushless Single Acting 60in3 10,000psi Hydraulic Pump.

A direct replacement for manual hand pumps, Milwaukee says its single-acting hydraulic pump pushes fluid to the connected hydraulic cylinder or tool to lift, push, pull, punch, cut, split, or spread materials. The hydraulic pump delivers improved efficiency on the job, whether lifting equipment to perform maintenance, wedging material or equipment apart to gain clearance, or splitting nuts to replace a flange.  hydraulic motor for concrete mixer

Improving productivity and increasing application speeds on the jobsite, this battery-powered hydraulic pump delivers up to 2.5X faster application speeds than hand pumps. Delivering up to 95% less muscle effort versus a hand pump, Milwaukee says the portable hydraulic pump allows users to simply pull the trigger and go, reducing fatigue caused by the repetitive motion of manually pumping at increasingly higher pressure.

The pump features 60in3 of usable oil to extend a variety of different tonnage and stroke length cylinders to full stroke and is fully compatible with existing 10,000psi single-acting rated hydraulic hoses, cylinders, and tools, the company says.

daikin hydraulic piston pump To control the return flow, a manual valve enables a precise control when releasing pressure, and a bladder window allows users to gauge the fluid level quickly, the company says. When paired with an M18 REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 Battery Pack, the hydraulic pump can complete up to 20 lifts*, 100 splits**, or 175 spreads*** on a single charge.